Is the gang stalking tactic of interfering with the mail being applied to other sections of the populace?

Citizens, not serfs

One of the tactics gang stalkers use against Targeted Individuals is interfering with the mail. Letters you send don’t arrive or they arrive very late. Letters sent to you don’t arrive at all or also arrive late. You cannot avoid the problem by using Recorded or Registered. The same happens.

All of us must interact with bureaucracies and interfering with the mail can create havoc in an individual’s life.

I only discovered I was a target of gang stalkers last year. When I found out about the tactics gang stalkers use I realised it was likely myself and my husband had had our mail DELIBERATELY interfered with.

We have experienced the following.

When my husband had cancer letters advising him of hospital appointments would arrive the day after the appointment was scheduled. This caused delays in treatment as he then had to make another appointment and was accused of wasting…

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