Mr Flibble Rules – NOT OK

One statistic you will not find however hard you search is the percentage of people involved in espionage who end up permanently insane. But what is concealed is often the information you most need to know.

Criminals, con artists and tyrannies have this in common – they disrupt people’s perception of reality in order to con, dupe, get away with their crimes, or oppress others better. All engage in mind games, lies, muddying the water, concealing evidence, gagging their victims, and in the process of distorting reality to suit themselves, leave their victims mentally damaged.

Madness and despotism are joined at the hip.

You have only to think of Hitler to see how one man’s insanity infected an entire nation and co-opted others to his insane agenda.

The creeping insanity in our society could almost be a measure of the spread of gang stalking – one by one our institutions reflect the spread of this social sickness. Mickey Mouse news; hospitals who neglect the elderly and helpless patients to death; Keystone Cop police; judges who ignore evidence; defence lawyers who act for the prosecution; the law-abiding and sane in prison and mental hospitals while the criminals and insane wander loose; education turned into a game where nobody knows the rules but will be punished for breaking them; bureaucracies which alter, replace, conceal and destroy essential records; rumours, lies, slander –

Mr Flibble rules – not OK