Methods gang stalkers use to drive tenants from their accommodation and householders from their homes

1.   Noise

2.    Installing anti-social or criminal tenants.

3.     Putting prostitutes into the house.

4.      Arson

5.       Flooding tenants out (with overflowing baths).

6.       Raising rents to unaffordable levels.

7.       Putting a gangster into the house.

When the tenants and/or adjacent householders have moved out, the premises are upgraded, extended and charging luxury rents.

Who are gang stalkers working for? The Mafia?


Long-term exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning can cause permanent brain damage.

Might be of interest to Targeted Individuals who fear they are being poisoned.

Citizens, not serfs

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odourless and undetectable to the human senses. It is the leading cause of death by poisoning worldwide.


Long-term exposure at low levels causes many health problems, physical and mental, often confused with other conditions. It increases the likelihood of heart attack, and can permanently damage short term memory.

Carbon monoxide monitors detect when the gas has reached levels where there is a risk of death, but do not detect lower level exposures which can damage health over time. The best protection is to be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning, and the circumstances where it is most likely to happen.

The following two articles are very helpful.



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Are gang stalkers using carbon monoxide poisoning against their targets?

Obviously this is a theory. This is my argument.

Gang stalkers engage in a range of weird, inexplicable behaviours, according to their Targets. These include the following:-

1. Harassing the Target in public places, wherever they go.

2. Noise harassment, both within the house and outside. Some Targets have reported that when they open a window, noise starts outside. When they close it, the noise stops.

3. Poisoning, abducting and killing pets.

4. Targets report that their food is tampered with, and fear poisoning.

5. Financial attacks, causing Targets to lose their homes. Then they are lucky if they can find sub-standard accommodation in a multiple-occupancy address, usually a small room.

6. In multiple-occupancy addresses, stalkers move into the rooms above, below, and beside the Target.

7. Gang stalkers spread rumours about the Target, saying that the Target is a drug addict, or mentally disturbed.

8. Targets report they cannot get doctors to deal with their health complaints. They are often fobbed off by doctors, told they are imagining their symptoms, and need psychiatric advice.

Targets complain that as a result of the continuous harassment they are mentally stressed, and their health is damaged. At times they may become ill and suffer vomiting, which they attribute to their food being poisoned. They believe they are being attacked by some invisible method, suffer aches and pains, dizziness, loss of coordination, black-outs, mental instability and may experience hallucinations. Targets in families report often the whole family suffers.

Most of the health complaints that Targets complain of are characteristics of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of poisoning worldwide. The gas is invisible, odourless, and is undetectable to human senses. The illness it causes mimics so many conditions, doctors rarely suspect it, and often do not detect it. It is likely many deaths by cardiac arrest or stroke have been triggered by carbon monoxide poisoning, and have been counted natural events.

So why do I think gang stalkers may be using carbon monoxide poisoning against their  Targets?

If you wanted to subject someone to carbon monoxide poisoning what would you do?

You would bring about a situation where your Target lives in a small room. You would occupy the surrounding rooms. You would get rid of the Target’s pets, as pets suffer the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning quicker than humans. You would encourage the Target to spend as much time in their room as possible, by harassing the Target every time they go out. Some Targets become virtual recluses as a result of persecution and rarely leave their homes. You would encourage the Target to keep their windows closed by creating noise every time they open them. Or turning off the heating in the house. By tampering with the Target’s food you would create the fear of food poisoning, a condition which resembles carbon monoxide poisoning. The difference is, with food poisoning you have a temperature. With carbon monoxide poisoning, your temperature is normal. By spreading rumours that the Target is a drug dealer or mentally unbalanced, the symptoms of poisoning are explained away, possibly even to the Target’s doctor, as substance abuse or mental illness. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause mental instability. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause hallucinations, the “haunted house phenomenon”.

If gang stalkers are subjecting their Targets to carbon monoxide poisoning, they bring about a situation where the Target can be exposed; they bring about conditions to maximise exposure (rarely leaving the house, closed windows); they remove the canary in the mine – any pets; they undermine correct diagnosis from doctors by slandering the patient as a substance abuser and/or mentally unbalanced; the same rumours spread to every associate of the Target, explains away the Targets health problems and mental instability while giving credence to the rumours; interfering with the Target’s food leads the Target to believe their symptoms are caused by food poisoning.

If you are a Targeted Individual of gang stalking, it might be an idea to familiarise yourself with the facts about carbon monoxide poisoning, and get a CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM, and keep it with you so it won’t be sabotaged.






Brazen Lies – Gang stalking Signature

Brazen lies is how I found out about gang stalking. A year ago I was subjected to bizarre behaviour from a relative. Basically, anything I said, she would assert the opposite, even though the factual evidence declared she was totally wrong. Completely bemused by this odd behaviour I enquired on Wikipedia Reference Desk, who answered the behaviour was “gaslighting”. Researching gaslighting I came across gang stalking, and everything fell into place.

I remembered how, years before, I had purchased a large box of cosmetic products at a multiple residency address. The delivery man had probably assumed it was safe to leave it by the door, which was at the end of an alley accessed through a security door. I noticed when I came in, about mid-day (I worked for the Royal Mail) that something had been moved out of its position by the door as if to make room for a larger object. This was about the time I was expecting the parcel to arrive. At the end of the week I contacted the company enquiring when the parcel was going to arrive. They told me it had been delivered. I told them I had not received it, but they stuck to their guns and I sustained a loss of about £35. Three months later, the box, with the company name on, was discarded in the hall, so I had no doubt not only that the neighbour had stolen it, but they were flaunting that fact in my face.

This is what gang stalkers do. They not only lie, but their lies are outrageous, on a level of declaring night is day, and making out that you are in the wrong for sticking to the facts. They deny reality. And accuse you of being mad.

How this pans out, when you are dealing with a bureaucracy, you will be stonewalled and fobbed off with lies. Against such obstruction, when you insist, you will be accused of being mistaken, being abusive and accused of being mentally unbalanced, even though your position is backed by the facts and you have the evidence to prove it. And by the way, evidence. Gang stalkers steal, lose and destroy evidence if they can get their hands on it and this is a major problem for gang stalking targets. Any essential document you send through the post, even by Registered or Recorded, can go missing.

About 7 years ago, the Royal Mail had a huge culling of its long term staff, encouraging mass voluntary redundancies. In London a very large number of long-standing postmen and mail sorters left, to be replaced by migrants, a very large number from African countries. Have you ever posted anything to an African country? Most people use an expensive private carrier, such as DHL, because if it goes by normal mail, and enters the postal system of the receiving country, it is a common occurrence for not all the contents to arrive. In many African countries the wages of a postman are so low that skimming off part of the post is considered a perk of the job. In the year of the mass redundancies of the long-term staff, and the influx of mainly African migrants , and also East European migrants into the central sorting offices, there was a huge surge in parcel thefts. I remember the year clearly. Our men were outraged by the number of packets and parcels coming to our delivery office which had been tampered with, in some the contents entirely removed. The increase in thefts of Mail was a direct result of a Royal Mail policy to shore off large numbers of reliable long-term staff, replacing them with people whose reliability they were in no position to check.  This is not a criticism of migrants, only criminal elements. In the last five years I worked in a London delivery office, only migrants were allocated to our office, and they were mainly African, and you would not have found better workers or men anywhere.

If you hand the documents in at an office, somehow they will “lose’ them. And documents will be stolen from your home. And do not assume that any documents held by a bureaucracy have not been altered. Such as medical records. Perhaps, unknown to you, your medical records now show that you are a drug user. Gang stalkers recruit doctors, bank staff and office personnel for a reason.

This tactic, obviously, is grossly aggravating. Not just that the gang stalker lies, but they make no pretence about it. There is no attempt at concealment. I do not know enough about psychology to deconstruct this mind-bending tactic and what it is supposed to achieve. But it is such a bizarre tactic that if you are subjected to it, this is a strong indicator that you are being gang stalked.

Gang stalkers charity’s “money laundering” scam.

Gang stalkers seek to infiltrate and control every institution in society, including charities.

Most Targets of gang stalking are unaware they are targets. So they are unaware how every interaction they have with others are used for corruption.

What could be more harmless than making a charitable donation? However, a donation is just the “foot in the door” for the gang stalkers.

A Target makes a donation to a charity. This is immediately followed up by the gang stalkers who present their fabricated evidence that the Target is a criminal/terrorist/paedophile – whatever, and lie that the donation is a money laundering exercise, and the person in receipt of the donation is now a collaborator in “money laundering”.

This, of course, will send any normal, honest person into a panic, and they will bend over backwards to comply with the gang stalkers requests. For the price of a lie , the gang stalkers now have that person under their thumb, and they are now on the inside of that charity, which they will proceed to manipulate for their own purposes.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Some Targets assert that they are being poisoned.

Immediately they are accused of paranoia, however some things connected to the gang stalking tactics are suggestive.

Targets complain that they cannot get appropriate treatment from doctors. I have experienced this in that in the last months of my late-husband’s life, as he died of cancer, I believe correct medical diagnosis of his conditions was withheld, alongwith with the treatment which would have alleviated his suffering.

Several months ago I had an unusual incident of illness in my room, shortly after I had got up. I was sitting down, my heart fluttered, I experienced severe vertigo so that I could hardly stand, I vomited and then fell into a deep sleep which lasted for 8 hours. Before I fell asleep, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face had a very healthy colour, unusual in me as I normally have a pasty complexion.

Over the next weeks I suffered dramatic bloating and virtually stopped peeing. So I supposed water retention was the cause of the bloating. I went to the hospital who ran a number of tests and told me everything was normal. I drank cranberry juice for a couple of weeks which restored my peeing to normal. Over the same period I started to get bad tinnitus for hours at a time. On a couple of occasions in my room I experienced that distinctive tickling in the nostrils that you get from sulphuric acid (I remember from chemistry class at school).

When you look at the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, they match my symptoms, both at the time I was ill, and subsequently. I should mention that I am very rarely ill. Apart from problems with arthritis for the last 6 years, I cannot remember the last occasion when I was sick, and it was also my first experience of vertigo.

My room is next to the boiler and the boiler has been broken and not working for the last two months. One advantage of my room is that it is on the corner of the house and has two windows.

Targets have described the gang stalking tactic of noise outside matching when they open windows. I have experienced this too. I open a window, somebody in a neighbouring garden starts using a noisy piece of garden equipment. Close the window, the noise stops.

While the heating was on in the house I usually kept my windows open. But now the heating is off, the room drops to the temperature outside with the windows open.

So, if the theory of gang stalking Targets is correct – that there is an attempt to poison them, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, this would explain creating noise when the Target opens their windows, to induce them to close them. And in my case, removing the heating so that it is too cold to keep the windows open.

Long-term carbon monoxide poisoning at a low level alters mental functioning, affecting memory, mental sharpness, causes confusion, and can cause unstable behaviour.

Well, maybe. I don’t know. I like fresh air anyway, and I am adjusted to a cold climate. I guess I’ll keep the windows open, wear ear plugs and get my woolly jumpers out.