Home Harassment – the Deliberate Targeting and Harassment of People in Their Own Homes

Low earners have great difficulty finding safe, affordable, decent accommodation. Women are the largest component of low earners. Women are also the greatest category of gang stalking victims. The following are tactics gang stalkers use to harass (mainly) women, in their own homes.

The sequence of events is this. You have finally found accommodation that is reasonable, affordable and the neighbours are normal, decent, working or retired people. You feel safe here.

1.    A near neighbour moves out and the noise pest from hell moves in. You, and all the other tenants are subjected to loud music for hours at a time at unsocial hours. The neighbour stamps about continuously, slamming doors and banging cupboards and dropping heavy objects on the floor. They run taps all hours of the night.

The noise is on-going, continuous and intermittent, so you are being subject to the startle response many times a day. Many nights you cannot get a good nights sleep. You cannot enjoy watching the television, listening to music, reading a book, or even thinking quietly. Your peace in your own home (the rent taking the major part of your income) is totally destroyed.

You complain to the landlord, who smiles, says they are trying to deal with the problem and does nothing.

You complain to the Council and the police but the noise magically stops before they arrive.

One by one your good neighbours move out.

2.     The neighbour that moves in are a dysfunctional couple. At any time of the day or night, for hours at a time, you will hear shouting and screaming. Furniture is thrown round the room.  Doors are broken down, and the security door to all the flats constantly broken.

The neighbour will shout at you through the walls for making any normal household noise, such as watching the television at low volume. You do not feel safe in your own home.

Another neighbour moves.

3.      Another obvious criminal type moves in. He moves prostitutes into the house. Security gates and communal doors are constantly open due to vandalism. The prostitutes doors are always open. All the unsavoury characters in the neighbourhood are now calling at your address. You are constantly passing strangers in the corridor. You never know who is in the house.

Another neighbour moves out.

4.      A migrant moves into the house. Suddenly a lot of correspondence is arriving at the house for people who don’t live there. The person who is living there uses every variation of their name possible – changing Mr to Miss, reversing Christian and surname, altering the spelling. They stay for 3 months then are replaced by another migrant. When challenged by the landlord/letting agent they claim that person is their girl/boyfriend, mother/daughter, sister/cousin. The rule against sub-letting is never applied. After 3 months that person moves out to be replaced by someone else. This is ongoing. Eventually the original tenant comes back and the cycle starts again. Clearly they are part of a group who are living at a multiple addresses and constantly switching about. The police frequently call looking for someone, but the one in residence has never heard of the person looked for.

5.      Baths are over-filled flooding the flats of tenants below, so they move out.

6.       The landlord increases the rent and utility charges.

Now you are living at an address, which was normal when you moved in but has since been populated by obvious anti-social residents and criminal types.  But despite everything, you hang on. A place you can afford is enormously difficult to find, and with your experience of the constantly rotating tenants you suspect moving to another address would come with the same problems, possibly even the same people.

But eventually you are forced to move. The building is gutted by fire. A gangster moves in. The rent is increased to a level you cannot afford (equivalent to your entire income).

You find another place to live with good neighbours, other working or retired people like yourself, but the same thing happens.

The house changes ownership.

After you have moved out, the landlord upgrades the premises into yuppie flats charging luxury level rents.


Everything I have described, I have personally experienced, living in London and other places.