Carbon monoxide poisoning

Some Targets assert that they are being poisoned.

Immediately they are accused of paranoia, however some things connected to the gang stalking tactics are suggestive.

Targets complain that they cannot get appropriate treatment from doctors. I have experienced this in that in the last months of my late-husband’s life, as he died of cancer, I believe correct medical diagnosis of his conditions was withheld, alongwith with the treatment which would have alleviated his suffering.

Several months ago I had an unusual incident of illness in my room, shortly after I had got up. I was sitting down, my heart fluttered, I experienced severe vertigo so that I could hardly stand, I vomited and then fell into a deep sleep which lasted for 8 hours. Before I fell asleep, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face had a very healthy colour, unusual in me as I normally have a pasty complexion.

Over the next weeks I suffered dramatic bloating and virtually stopped peeing. So I supposed water retention was the cause of the bloating. I went to the hospital who ran a number of tests and told me everything was normal. I drank cranberry juice for a couple of weeks which restored my peeing to normal. Over the same period I started to get bad tinnitus for hours at a time. On a couple of occasions in my room I experienced that distinctive tickling in the nostrils that you get from sulphuric acid (I remember from chemistry class at school).

When you look at the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, they match my symptoms, both at the time I was ill, and subsequently. I should mention that I am very rarely ill. Apart from problems with arthritis for the last 6 years, I cannot remember the last occasion when I was sick, and it was also my first experience of vertigo.

My room is next to the boiler and the boiler has been broken and not working for the last two months. One advantage of my room is that it is on the corner of the house and has two windows.

Targets have described the gang stalking tactic of noise outside matching when they open windows. I have experienced this too. I open a window, somebody in a neighbouring garden starts using a noisy piece of garden equipment. Close the window, the noise stops.

While the heating was on in the house I usually kept my windows open. But now the heating is off, the room drops to the temperature outside with the windows open.

So, if the theory of gang stalking Targets is correct – that there is an attempt to poison them, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, this would explain creating noise when the Target opens their windows, to induce them to close them. And in my case, removing the heating so that it is too cold to keep the windows open.

Long-term carbon monoxide poisoning at a low level alters mental functioning, affecting memory, mental sharpness, causes confusion, and can cause unstable behaviour.

Well, maybe. I don’t know. I like fresh air anyway, and I am adjusted to a cold climate. I guess I’ll keep the windows open, wear ear plugs and get my woolly jumpers out.