Gang stalkers charity’s “money laundering” scam.

Gang stalkers seek to infiltrate and control every institution in society, including charities.

Most Targets of gang stalking are unaware they are targets. So they are unaware how every interaction they have with others are used for corruption.

What could be more harmless than making a charitable donation? However, a donation is just the “foot in the door” for the gang stalkers.

A Target makes a donation to a charity. This is immediately followed up by the gang stalkers who present their fabricated evidence that the Target is a criminal/terrorist/paedophile – whatever, and lie that the donation is a money laundering exercise, and the person in receipt of the donation is now a collaborator in “money laundering”.

This, of course, will send any normal, honest person into a panic, and they will bend over backwards to comply with the gang stalkers requests. For the price of a lie , the gang stalkers now have that person under their thumb, and they are now on the inside of that charity, which they will proceed to manipulate for their own purposes.