Gang stalkers methods. Ongoing vandalism of the landlords property.

The landlord co-operates with the gang stalkers once he has believed the lie that the new tenant, the Target Bait, is a criminal/terrorist/prostitute/drug dealer/paedophile/mental case. On this basis he accepts tenants which the gang stalkers send, who over time, vandalise his property incurring ongoing financial losses. Where possible blame for the vandalism will be attached to the Target Bait, who is being gaslighted – somebody else does the damage, the Target gets the blame.

The kinds of damage the landlord can expect once he has co-operated with the gang stalkers are as follows:-

1. Arson

2. Flooding, usually by over-running baths.

3. Security gates vandalised, requiring frequent lock replacements.

4. Communal equipment vandalised, such as taking door off washing machine.

5. Gas boiler vandalised.  This might also provide cover for the “accidental” carbon monoxide poisoning of the Target, carbon monoxide poisoning causing symptoms of mental disturbance.

Subjected to these losses, the landlord compensates by increasing rents, any other charges and cutting services.

The  vandalism will be ongoing, intermittent and continuous. I lost count of how many times a previous landlord had to replace the locks on his security gates. Having been burnt out of one flat, the second place I lived in had one internal fire confined to a room, but also two external fires where the rubbish was stored. One of these fires was so great the neighbouring house, a separate building, was threatened. Those neighbours with young children had recently moved in. One wonders if this fire was also to intimidate the neighbour, perhaps to encourage a cheap sale (along with the rumours that people in this house were dangerous criminals).

One immediate neighbour with an autistic child sold up and moved away when the quiet cafe on the ground floor suddenly became an all-night disco blasting music at high volume from 6pm every evening until 2am, every night, sometimes 6am. The house had a large extension added at the back and was converted from a family home into luxury flats.

Neighbours will sell up, perhaps at a loss, and the house will then be renovated and/or extended, to maximise profit for the new owners.