Why do gang stalkers use innocent members of the public as bait? The perfect fall guys?

Discussions about gang stalking revolve endlessly around the question who is doing it.

Some suggest mafia-type gangsters. Others the state espionage agencies. And others, criminal elements in the police.

The Target, the gang stalker’s bait, is an innocent member of the public. Working class, most often a woman, a gay man or member of an ethnic group.

The gang stalk recruiters use this person as bait to recruit other innocent members of the public, with the slander that that person is a serious, morally depraved criminal a terrorist/drug dealer or addict/prostitute/insane/paedophile. Members of the public, fearful of this dangerous person in their community gladly cooperate to practice surveillance and harassment of the target.  They do not realise they have been inducted into a cult where they will be subjected to thought reform, enslaved, and leached of all they possess.

The bait, not only a target, becomes the scapegoat for the gang stalkers activities.

When the target bait moves into a house, the landlord/owner/agents will be approached with the lies and their cooperation requested. Anti-social elements will be moved into the house who will engage in apparently criminal activities; people dressed as prostitutes, and others who look like the stereotype of drug dealers, etc.  There will be extreme noise nuisance. Neighbours will be informed of the new criminal element in their street and neighbours will sell up quickly at a low price, before the value of their property is trashed. Usually, the landlord loses his house.

All the while, people overlook they have been scammed and blame the target bait for their problems.

When you look at the situation this way, it becomes clear why the gang stalkers use an innocent, but low status member of the public as their bait.

If gang stalkers are criminals, their MO is to set people up for their crimes. Someone who cannot defend themselves. The perfect fall guy.

Espionage people, likewise, prefer to use dupes rather than their own people, so as to create a disconnect between an act and their responsibility for it.

Police also have a history of setting people up for crimes they did not commit and maligning the character of those they are setting up.

Mafia type criminals and police also have a long history of despising working class people, ethnic groups and sexploitation of lower class women whom they view with contempt, and whose lives they view as disposable.

A further reason for using an innocent member of the public rather than a real criminal, is that a criminal knows how criminals work and would identify criminal activity very easily. Criminals also have insight into how the police work. A criminal targeted in this way would figure out what was going on very quickly and make a fuss about it. It is against the law to harass someone who has served their sentence and there are some very active charities to protect ex-cons interests.

An unsuspecting member of the public, who has never committed a crime and has no knowledge of how criminals and police work will be baffled by the continuous nuisances occurring in their vicinity, but they will not connect it to criminal activity as they are not criminals, nor police activity, as they have done nothing to merit the attention of the Police.

And even after years of harassment and trying to find out what is going on, they can remain in ignorance due to the mainstream censorship of gang stalking activity.

As the people used for gang stalkers bait are women, gays and ethnics, if it should turn out that it is the state espionage agencies or police who are behind gang stalking, then the state itself is practicing racism, homophobia and sexism, although sexism is not a strong enough word to describe accusing ordinary women of prostitution, setting them up for sexual attack and acting so as to throw them out of normal employment. Telling everyone they are a prostitute won’t help their marriage prospects either .