Gang stalking – the conspiracy theory that dare not speak its name.

A Word in Your Ear

At least as far as the MSM is concerned. This item has been successfully excluded from the Orwellian dictionary, and every other dictionary.

Even where gang stalking or organised community harassment occurs and is reported in the media, using the term “gang stalking” is completely verboten.

Why? If gang stalking is a conspiracy theory, why does it not receive the same public airing as all the other conspiracy theories – UFO’s, chem trails, Illuminati, NWO, aliens, 9/11, and so on?

Since when has there NOT been ample coverage of every conspiracy theory imaginable?

Consider.  A short time ago the Mafia were said to be a conspiracy theory.

Fact.  Scientology, viewed as a mind-control money making cult in most of Europe, established a practice of “Fair  Game” very similar to gang stalking.

Fact.  Whistleblowers from Karen Silkwood on have been known to be subjected to orchestrated campaigns of vandalism,  slander and…

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