What women targets of gang stalking may experience

Firstly, the woman target will often be working class, ethnic, poor, single and interested in getting an education and career. Heterosexual or gay, makes no difference.

The lies told about her, told to her neighbours, employers, teachers (at tertiary level), colleagues, and prospective boyfriends, will include that she is a prostitute,  drug taker or dealer, lesbian, mentally unbalanced, and paedophile. Some of these lies may also be spread to her relatives.

Naturally this will result in social shunning; prospective relationship stopped in its tracks or broken; termination of educational career;  blocked in getting employment or promotion;  friends “dropping” her and family keeping its distance. On the other hand, every sex pervert in the neighbourhood will make a bee-line to her door, the address conveniently supplied by the stalkers. She may attract vigilantes.

Meanwhile male wife-batterers and rapists will be moved in next door.

If living in a multiple-occupancy house, gang stalkers will come and live in the house and make a habit of leaving the front door open.

The woman target will have her privacy violated, in that surveillance in her home will be used as pornographic material to be used as “evidence” of the lies told about her, and to incite perverts to seek her out.

Attempts will be made to have her raped.

This looks like a formula for human traffickers to coerce women vulnerable due to low social status,  into prostitution.

But the question remains unanswered.  WHO ARE THE GANG STALKERS?