“Blake’s Seven” – Prophetic Sci-fi

Various creative works have predicted gang stalking, most notably Patrick Magoohan’s “The Prisoner” and Sandra Bullock’s “The Net”. One you might have missed is another BBC Science Fiction drama from the seventies “Blake’s Seven”, concentrating on media and mind control and a very corrupt world government.

Citizens, not serfs

Among creative works, apparently prophetic, you might have missed the BBC tv drama, “Blake’s Seven”, a political science fiction series which came out in 1978 (before computers and wholesale surveillance).

You will feel immediately at home with the opening scene, a surveillance camera, overlooking strangely tranquillised pedestrians (the imagined future has a medicated water supply), against a background of hypnotic Muzak.

I don’t wish to spoil the story for you, and accepting that it was a typically creaky BBC Sci-fi production, which does indeed look dated, it was remarkably accurate in some of its predictions.

The black-clad militarised police who shoot first and make excuses later look like clones of the USA riot police or SWAT teams.

The ubiquity of computers and computer records, although the sophistication of our present computers was missed. The series accurately predicted the ease with which computer records and other kinds of evidence could be…

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