The fun of being a gang stalking fashion leader


In other articles I have discussed the gang stalking tactic of mimicking the Target’s  appearance.  You wear red, they wear red. You go out in a brown coat, they go out in a brown coat. It seems the tactic is used to manipulate, to frame other people’s perceptions of you. You do not know or have any dealings with criminals (apart from the unwanted ones with gang stalkers). So the stalkers have to work to create criminal-type associations with you. People accept that people who dress alike may well be connected. The stalkers create a group of look-alikes, who also imply criminality. Those people are perceived criminals. They dress like you. Therefore you are part of their group, therefore a criminal.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

If you are a female Target, like myself, the stalkers will have spread the lie that you are a prostitute. This is hard to credit in my case, given my normal appearance is elderly, rural, dressing-down. They tried featuring some prostitute-looking women in adjacent streets, but they just looked very odd for this area. So they had to go back to the drawing board, how could they make my perfectly normal respectable look, look suspicious and they came up with gypsy. No doubt helped by my Irish accent. (No racism there, then, on two counts!). Wrong kind of Irish accent too, but most English would not know that.

I had to think about that. I went for a crew cut, and wore t-shirts with a Union Jack on, with “targeted-individual”, written on. Suddenly I was no longer surrounded by stalkers. I could even go into a cáfe and have a cup of tea in peace. But everywhere I went, the men were either bald, or shorn to an inch of their life. I remember sitting in a pub and having a drink, when something prompted me to look around.  I was surrounded by baldies, as if I had walked into a secret bald-head convention.

I had done my crew cut myself with trimmers, but I haven’t quite mastered the knack of cutting my own hair. Remembering that some of the postmen  at work had shaved their heads completely, I figured if I shaved it all off, presumably it would grow back at the same length. Well, it was fun, but I had to admit the look wasn’t “really me” and nobody told me how cold your head would feel.

Now it is growing back, I am quite happy with the result, it’s looking better every day. Now the issue is, will I let it stay at crew cut length, or let it grow and be plaited into dreadlocks, and set a new fashion trend in Harrogate next year?