The Gang Stalking Process

1.          Prevent the Target from getting work.

Failing that sabotage the Targets work and try to get them fired .  The method used here is gaslighting. Vandalising employers property that the Target is responsible for .  Harassing another worker, but make it look as if the Target is responsible.   Attempt to have the Targets pay reduced. Sabotage the Targets work.  By spreading lies manipulate other workers to sexually harass, gang up on, abuse or bully the Target (harassment by proxy).

(All the above were done to me at work. These techniques would have worked but for responsible management and work colleagues who rejected being manipulated. I WAS LUCKY.)

2 .           Prevent the Target from getting accommodation.

By spreading lies that the Target is a criminal.  If the Target gets accommodation harass them out with extreme, ongoing noise harassment; putting dangerous, criminal, anti-social neighbours in neighbouring flats; flooding them out; burning them out; pricing them out.

3.              Financial attacks.

Cause the Target to lose money by vandalising their property. If the Target rents, vandalise the landlords property that the Target rents, so that they will lose their bond. Devise ways to cheat the Target out of their money.

Devise ways to prevent the Target receiving their just entitlements – such as Welfare payments or pensions.

Devise ways to steal the Targets assets. Identity Theft can achieve both these objectives. Objective – to reduce Target to destitution.

4.              Criminalise the Target

Encourage the Target to commit a crime, such as making a false insurance claim. If the Target rejects criminal actions despite all encouragement, set them up for a crime they did not commit. Arrange for a crime to be committed and then fabricate evidence to make it look as if the Target is responsible.

5.               Spread the slander that the Target is insane.

Because of the gang stalking activity, odd things are occurring in the Targets vicinity all the time, as the Target is being subjected to gaslighting. The slander that  Target is insane provides a plausible explanation for the weirdness and attaches the blame for the occurrences to the Target .  If a situation is then manipulated to have the Target institutionalised in a mental institution (Patrick McLaw?) people have already been conditioned to think this is a normal event – they were lied to in advance that the Target was insane. This also means that nothing the Target says will be believed.

These cumulative, indirect attacks on the Target can prevent the person from getting work; get them sacked; make them homeless; deny them social support to which they are entitled; steal their assets; cause them to be raped/attacked; cause them to be falsely imprisoned/incarcerated in a mental institution.

Gang stalking Targets have suggested that the tactics used against them might be a form of social experiment – practice. Presumably to be applied on a large scale after the methods have been perfected.

Compare this gang stalking formula to the following article:-image



LIES – How the gang stalker controllers get the gang stalkers to carry out despicable acts


A normal, decent person carries out their work with integrity. Gang stalkers, who corrupt everything they touch need to change people’s normal behaviour into not normal in order to persecute their targets – but the real objective is to corrupt the gang stalking recruit, and bend their will to their controller’s.

How do you get a decent person to act in a despicable manner?  It is remarkably easy to do – just tell them lies. Tell the gang stalker that the Target is a despicable person who deserves such treatment and the normal person, believing the lie, will be prepared to act – especially if they have “official” backing.

A small example. I have just about given up eating out, even having a simple breakfast. I recently ordered a breakfast in a prominent department store. The fried egg arrived too quickly to have been freshly cooked and looked second hand. The bacon was almost raw. And the tea was so weak the tea bag must have been previously used more than once.

Petty, trivial, and a lot of bother to go to to insult one ordinary member of the public. But the harm to me was less than the harm to the puppets who followed orders to carry out this farce. Presumably they believed they were doing something right, or useful. Presumably they had been told some despicable lie about me to justify this bizarre response.

Cult conditioning – group think – and false flag persuasion.

What to say? I am only the bait, the distraction in the situation. The gang stalking recruits are under the direct control of insane, immoral psychopaths. Common sense suggests the outcome for them will not be good.

As I have referred to in other blogs, I suffer the bait’s dilemma. Telling other people what is happening gets me nowhere, as I am not believed, not against the word of someone who appears to represent authority.

In the long run, the gang stalking activity will do more damage to those who use it and those on whose behalf it is employed. It is only working now because we have a populace who trust “authority” and respect their “superiors”.  When the truth about gang stalking emerges – and it is only a matter of time – the ruling class will be seen for the despicable criminals that they are, and respect for authority will be lost permanently.

Come to think of it – that could be a good thing.




IF gang stalkers are state spies (financed by the taxpayer) they are fomenting hatred against groups such as blacks, gays and feminists

According to the authorities gang stalking is a myth, but they don’t/can’t deny that all the elements that combined comprise gang stalking do not exist – stalking, bullying, harassment, black listing, slander, vandalism, gaslighting, noise harassment, smear campaigns, lies, cult activities, manipulation, intimidation, police corruption, political corruption, framing, etc.

Also the targets of gang stalking are the same old – working class, especially working class women, black, gay, feminist.

The difference is today our governments have a huge shop window filled with ostentatious displays of  social inclusion, special favours to “minorities” , draconian penalties for unpolitically correct thought and words, and the star of the show “gay marriage” while in the back room the same old persecution is going on as before – only denied. Point this out and you are labelled insane.

Why are our governments fomenting hatred?

They need scapegoats for their bad policies causing destruction to our societies?

They are providing “legitimate” outlets for frustration onto helpless groups”

They are using “harassment by proxy” to get rid of those opposed to, and most likely to be damaged by their policies?

They are following the well trodden fascist agenda of exploiting/eliminating the weakest in society?

They are getting rid of potential opponents before those opponents recognise the need to get rid of THEM?

They are racists and homophobes who wish to eliminate blacks and gays?

Their fascist agenda demands that the working class are pushed into the gutter and kept there?

They want all women confined to domestic, sexual and reproductive roles and denied full adult citizen and socio-economic status? And working clas women reduced to prostitutes?

Perhaps there is no mystery attached to gang stalking at all – called gang stalking or any other name, it is what you get when fascists are in charge.



What I learnt about bullying as a child

It is probably true that parents teach their children how to deal with normal social situations but not not-normal ones. So the easy situations you are told how to deal with, but the difficult ones you are left to work out for yourself.

When you are first presented with a situation of bullying or harassment the natural socialised response is to complain to whoever is supposed to be the authority responsible for the situation. Not to retaliate – not to take the law into your own hands. But instead of that authority doing what you would expect them to do – looking into the situation and warning the perpetrator that their behaviour is unacceptable and to expect detrimental consequences if they continue you are more likely to get one or more of the following responses.

1.      A fob off. Example, “I am busy, I cannot deal with this now”. The implication being your complaint is trivial and YOU are wasting their time.

2.      The listened to in stony silence response, combined with (1).

3.       The implication YOU are the liar/troublemaker, as in “Well, there are two sides to every story. What did you do to provoke him?”

4.      The – I am not responsible for dealing with this problem, as in, “Do you expect me to supervise every disagreement between children?” And “This is not my responsibility”; and “Can’t you work it out yourself?”

5.       The destructive intervention tactic. In this case the complained-to authority DOES act but they do it in such a way as to make the situation worse, for you, the victim. This might be making you stand in front of the class. Telling everyone that you have complained of bullying and bullying is not acceptable, thereby drawing the attention of every bully who hadn’t noticed you before; making you a laughing stock and effectively publicly labelling you as a “snitch” and making everyone feel sympathy for the bullies. Your problem has just got bigger and you have been made a fool of.

6.     Then there is the “putting you in your place” response.  Such as “I can’t believe John ( a headmasters son) would do that to you (an electricians daughter)”. Through which you learn that the bad actions of people of a higher social class are ignored when they target people of a lower social class – and you had better not complain about it.

I learnt the hard way that if I had a problem, generally always manufactured by someone else, I was on my own. Authority would neither protect me in the first place nor help me in the second.

But I did not have a problem with bullying at school because I quickly learnt how to deal with them.  I also seemed to have an in-built sense of what to do.

I started school aged 4. I could read but I virtually didn’t speak. A pair of girls several years older started following me around in the playground. This made me very nervous. One day I spotted them balanced on the small kerb which separated the playground from a grassy ditch which dropped about 2-3 feet. I torpedoed them pitching them backwards off the kerb into the ditch. I remember the conversation with the teacher afterwards, that is her side of the conversation, as I was my usual inarticulate self.  She was trying to find out why I did it. Even if I had had the words to explain, I couldn’t have done it. As this was the only occasion my behaviour varied from the norm I expect the teachers wrote it off as children’s inexplicable, impulsive behaviour. So I got off to a good start. After that no girl nor group of girls of any age, ever tried to bully me again.

Later older boys tried to bully me. As I loved fighting  I was not bothered by the invitation, but when I retaliated a teacher would instantly appear and the bullies would claim I started it and I would get the blame. Next time it happened I figured I would have to give the teacher time to arrive. And you know what? They didn’t. I waited. The bully waited. I waited for the bully to do something that crossed the line, something he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t responsible for. As we waited the bully became increasingly nervous. He couldn’t figure out my game. Eventually he walked away and after that no male bullies ever tried it on. Now I realise the bully’s game was to attack someone so that they would retaliate and then get in trouble with the teachers.

But that was in the fifties. It was possible then for children to protect themselves from bullies, but in modern schools what chance have children got? A child who reacted as I did and successfully deterred other children from bullying them, using the methods which I used, which worked, would likely find themselves facing a school psychiatrist, while the bully walks free. Laying the foundation for a lifetime of bureaucratic harassment. People who can defend themselves are now being classed as mentally ill.

Children are now facing problems which it is not reasonable to expect them to solve alone.

Why is this happening? For some children schools are like prisons, where they are locked in with psychos and nutters who can attack, persecute and humiliate with impunity, while the teachers and school administration turns a blind eye, or blames the victim.

I do not believe this is happening by accident. I believe the bullying others attempted to subject me to at school occurred with the tacit consent of the teachers. But in the circumstances that pertained then I had room for manoeuvre to deal with the problem myself, without suffering damage from the bullies or the school authorities. Over the years the situation has been manipulated so that no child targeted by bullies can escape. They must either suffer the damage that the bullies do to them or suffer the often worse consequences of the school authorities stigmatising them on any number of spurious grounds.

Modern schools more than ever resemble training grounds for breaking the minds of normal children so that they will passively accept slavery. To control a slave you have to break their mind first.

And the children targeted for bullying? The intelligent, creative or talented ones (such as sports), who are not higher social class origin, often female, often ethnic groups.

Bullying used as a means to retain social class dominance?

Modern schools in many cases are institutional child abuse.


Why do residents keep breaking locks on security gates and communal doors?

1.    There are prostitutes at your multiple -occupancy address, and they want their customers to be able to access the residence as easily as possible .

2.    There are drug dealers at your multiple occupancy address and they want their customers to be able to access the residence as easily as possible .

3.     There are gang stalkers at your multiple occupancy address. They may or may not be committing the above crimes, but the story will have been spread to the neighbours that they are .

This may be in order to induce the neighbours to sell up at a bargain basement price to the gang stalkers.

If you are a female resident it may be to set you up to be raped .

One theory is that the gang stalkers are the police and/or security services. An innocent resident in the house may be being used as bait – lies are spread that they are a prostitute/drug dealer/paedophile, along with their address. Gang stalkers in the house leave the doors open so that potential customers/vigilantes can get in.

The probable intention is not to identify criminals but to recruit them to gang stalking .



The Theory that Gang Stalking Targets are Experimental Subjects

One of the theories of  some gang stalking methods is that Targets are experimental subjects. The implications being what is learnt can then be applied to other sections of the populace.

Techniques used against Targeted Individuals include the following.


Every opportunity is taken to expose the Target to as much low level, but continuous stress as possible.

Noise from the neighbours; bullying at work and awkward customers; rudeness from anyone the Target might have anything to do with; casual dismissing of legitimate complaints; bad service; inefficient bureaucracy, such as incorrect billing, but delaying and obstructing dealing with the complaint; and so on.

Any weakness the Target has will be exploited. People are annoyed by different things. The  Targets particular sensitivity will become the focus of aggravation.

At times in any of our lives events can happen which make us more vulnerable. Sometimes we can be driven to the edge and it will only take a feather to put us over the edge. Gang stalkers practice these techniques – both to amplify risk and stress in the Target’s life and also push them over the edge if possible. Driving a person into suicide is invisible murder.

A person ill or recently bereaved can be very upset by something that they could shrug off in normal circumstances.

Take my situation. My husband died last year. We had been together 20 years and it was a happy relationship. In a recent blog I described the interference I had been getting when typing on my computer. Among the random errors was one specific one. Every time I typed the word “bill” it came up with a capital letter. As “Bill” my late-husbands name. (No, it did not upset me. I grew up in  Northern Ireland surrounded by men whose social style was verbally abusing women at every opportunity, so I developed a thick skin from an early age). But it gives an insight into the mind of gang stalkers. On a scale of low life, how would you rate people who make a point of deliberately trying to upset someone recently bereaved?

I am making this point because it looks as if the practices of gang stalking are now being taken mainstream. The recent treatment of ill and disabled people by the DWP, show a formula targets of gang stalking are familiar with.

.       Letters informing of appointments, changing time of appointments, never arrive or arrive too late, either causing the recipient to miss a needed medical appointment or a DWP interview, with serious consequences for the recipient. . Somehow the law that proof of sending is not proof of delivery is being ignored. It is a gang stalking technique to interfere with mail delivery.

.         The consequences of bureaucratic ” mistakes” which are habitually denied, always have detrimental effects for the recipient, but no consequences for the perpetrator. The bureaucracy is rarely held accountable.

.          The bureaucracy denies receiving your letter or documents, or “loses” them.

.          The individual is treated as if they were a criminal or mentally infirm. When they tell the truth they are treated as if they are lying . They are treated like a piece of human garbage. Legitimate complaints are ignored or fobbed off. The bureaucrat may lie brazenly and when you complain accuse you of inventing the problem. You will be treated in an insulting manner to get you upset, then they will claim you are mentally unstable, or get annoyed, in which case they will claim you were threatening them .

One piece of good advice I saw on a blog was never interact with a bureaucrat alone. Always have a witness.

.          Your rights as a citizen will be treated as if they do not exist. They will attempt to deny you the financial help to which you are entitled.

.          Weaknesses will be mocked. Say you have trouble walking. They will employ some method to imply you are faking the problem . They will set up situations which undermine you dealing with your problem. This is a standard gang stalking tactic – deliberately rigging the situation to cause failure.

But back to stressing. Causing stress to elderly or ill people can worsen their problems and promote premature death.


Sensitising is designing a stressor specific to the Target. It is the psychological equivalent of continuously rubbing a raw wound on the same spot. The actual movement in itself is not violent , but it causes harm. Harming while appearing to not harm is a gang stalking tactic. Another word for this is teasing – like every time I type the word ” bill” the computer changes it to “Bill”, my late husband. The aggravation is specific and only meaningful to me.

The gang stalking tactic is to seek out an individuals Achilles heel, then keep kicking it.

Say a DWP claimant is a totally honest person. The person dealing with them persists in treating them as if they were a liar. The more the claimant protests their honesty, the more the bureaucrat insists they are a liar. As there is no way for the recipient of this technique to solve the situation, they become increasingly upset. And the bureaucrat pushes and pushes until they get a response that is so distressed that they can then claim there is something wrong with the claimant. I am saying, expect to be insulted. It is a tactic.

And it is a dirty tactic. Some people are more vulnerable than others.


An extension of sensitisation are nudges. When you have primed someone to be in a sensitised state, where they are very vulnerable and suggestible, you drop a prompt into the situation such as”Why don’t you kill yourself”.

Gang stalking targets have been saying for years that they think the gang stalking tactics employed against them were to force them to commit suicide.


Gang stalking targets have also claimed that they have been subjected to attacks on their finances – being denied welfare they were entitled to, or a pension, and subsequently driven onto the street.

Finally there is an article called “Autogenocide” which you might find of interest.



When you are a target of gang stalkers EVERYTHING is a trap

The world as it really is is far distant from the world that I was brought up to believe.

I was raised to the belief that I was living in a civilised Western democracy, where everyone lived under Rule of Law and those in charge were the custodians and guardians of the values that I and everyone I knew, held dear.

That feudalism only existed in history books and disgusting 3rd world anarchic-fascist dictatorships.

I thought we, by “we” meaning our leaders, were different.

It seems I, and my parents, and their parents, who handed their values on to me and which I totally agreed with, were wrong.

The values my parents passed on to me and which I accepted as true, were simple . It was taken for granted that you lived a law-abiding, moral life. You minded your own business, supported yourself with your work and avoided being a source of complaint to others.  Avoiding crime was easy. You did not commit any and you made a point of avoiding crime venues and disreputable people.

However this perspective on life is only correct providing those in charge are NOT criminals. When they are, everything you do, they simply undo, tarring you with the blame for the crimes that THEY commit.

It works like this.  Say you are a normal, working class woman as I am. When you are young you start out expecting to socialise normally with other people. You do not discriminate against men, you have no opinion about them either way. You go to a normal social venue, such as a pub, with or without friends and some men there either try to pick you up or subject you to some other kind of harassment – verbal harassment or being over familiar.

This causes you to think and you hear stories of girls and women being raped going to such venues, so you change your social style.

You select other venues which by definition should not be an invitation for harassment. Lectures on subjects of interest, night classes. The same thing happens. On the one hand the men either act as if you do not exist, socially excluding you or they pay attention to you and again, it is either to try and pick you up or subject you to unprovoked verbal abuse.

As you are not a masochist and see no entertainment value in being subjected to arbitrary abuse from total strangers, you back off again.

But you still have to work to support yourself. You have to live somewhere.

You go to work and you like your job, and then you get sexual harassment at work. A married supervisor manipulates the situation so as to make sure only you and he are in the office and then comes onto you very strong, combined with verbal insults. So you have to leave a job you liked and were good at because of somebody else’s behaviour. What’s more, you now have to lie about why you left that job when seeking another job. You become very cautious about future work environments, assessing them for the potential risk of something similar happening.

Meanwhile you have found a reasonably decent, affordable, safe place to live with good neighbours. The next thing weirdos are hanging around the house and it appears someone has evidently intentionally spread the false rumour that you are a prostitute, when you are not and a criminal when you are not. Naturally, this has the effect that decent people avoid you and every pervert in the vicinity makes a bee-line to your door. Someone has thoughtfully provided them with your address.

Meanwhile the decent people move out of the place you are living – harassed out by noise and the behaviour of anti-social neighbours, so that you end up living with, or appearing to live with,  the very people you have put a lot of effort in avoiding having anything to do with. – Criminals, nutters, rapists , wife batterers – people who are a danger to you.

Do you see what is happening here? First you are harassed out of ordinary social venues on the basis of sexual threat and abuse. Then safer venues. You virtually give up ALL social venues, and trouble makers are channelled to your door, and if you are living at a multiple occupancy address, into the same address.

You move away they come after you.

And the same thing happens at work. When I lived in London I worked in a Royal Mail Sorting and  Delivery Office.  A separate office employed the staff and allocated them to us.  Over time the proportion of migrants employed in the office grew, including a large group from Middle Eastern countries. At one point one of them with reference to my Irish accent took me aside and enquired what I thought about the  English. Many Irish do not like the English. I told him I liked the English.  End of conversation.

I believe it is likely that some of those men had Muslim terrorist connections.  When I discussed this possibility with a friend years later he said “It looks as if you were being used as bait”.