Are the authorities, the police and the security services paranoid and obsessed with the “gang stalking conspiracy”?

The reason I ask is this.

If I wanted to access information on the conspiracy theories of aliens, UFO’s, 9/11, etcetera, not only is there no shortage of material which remains available year after year, but a constant deluge of news material is in continuous production.

What’s more there is a dramatic ABSENCE of any kind of censorship, suppression, denial that any such things exist, or accusations that any who believe such things are urgent candidates for inclusion in a secretive state funny farm.

Contrast this with gang stalking. The methods of gang stalking have the historical precedents of Soviet Russia, the STASI, Nazi Germany, the KKK, COINTELPRO, Scientology’s “Fair Game”, and the Mafia. And the Mafia which has existed since the middle of the 19th century and was a major player during Prohibition, was claimed to be a conspiracy theory up to the 1990’s.

A bit more evidence than exists for aliens.

And most of these state or cult actors denied until they were blue in the face, that what they were doing was happening, preferring to accuse their victims of being delusional or insane, and where possible incarcerating them in mental institutions.

So if gang stalking is a conspiracy theory, why would the authorities feel compelled to deny it, any more than UFO’s?

Credible gang stalking sites rarely last long. If the author is anonymous, the site may vanish in a matter of months. If the author has “outed” himself as a targeted individual, the sites usually last a bit longer, but as one Target has noted – gang stalking sites either disappear or start talking nonsense.

A few months ago I found a writer from the Indian sub-continent who clearly was ignorant of the concept of gang stalking, but in a novelette described perfectly the gang stalking formula, and true to type for a target who is unaware of “gang stalking” was asking many puzzled questions as to why people were acting so malevolently and strangely. He also passed some interesting comments about witchcraft, corrupt police and espionage methods, although he plainly had not joined the dots.  This morning I looked the site up – and it had vanished. This writer was not proclaiming himself as a gang stalking target. He clearly did not know of it. But his description of gang stalking was accurate – his family and work colleagues treating him strangely presumably because of slander, bullying at work, vandalism and sabotage of his property, caused to make financial losses, pet attacked, and so on.

If this was a one off it could reasonably be put down to coincidence, but it happens consistently, strongly suggesting censorship is occurring. If gang stalking is a delusion, alongwith UFO’s, why bother?

The above case was interesting because the gang stalking method was described, but the person did not know what he was describing. Yet the site disappeared.

The clearly loony gang stalking sites NEVER go down, but go from strength to strength.

So are the authorities, the police and the security services paranoid?

I think so. They have reason to be after all.