Living under seige. Self-help for gang stalking targets.

I have been blogging about gang stalking for over a year now. In that time I have been deluged with nonsense which characterises any gang stalking site. But amidst the nonsense several people who came across as genuine victims asked – what can I do about it?

This article, which is going to be ongoing as I add to it, will be an attempt to suggest ideas which might help.


As the authorities deny the existence of gang stalking and there appears to be a media black-out on the subject, and anyone who complains – to any authority – is immediately told they are suffering a delusion, are paranoid, self- help is the only help you are going to get.

It is easier to identify the crime than the criminals behind it, but the scope and scale of gang stalking suggests wholesale corruption, which may well implicate the police and security services. The motives are power and money and might not only be organised crime, but may include political motivations.

Whatever. Your problem is figuring out how to live when it appears that society is being turned into your enemy.

You are living under siege.

The methods employed against you are the methods used by organised crime, Mafia, mind-control cults, corrupt police, and all the dirty tricks of espionage. Plus you can throw in the mind bending tactics of  bullies, stalkers, wife batterers, pimps, slavers and human traffickers. And every anti-social behaviour you can think of.

Anything and everything you can learn about these subjects will help you identify the problems and show the best way you can protect yourself.


&.        Never mention “gang stalking”. The term has apparently been flagged so that anyone who hears it will immediately claim that you are insane. When you have a complaint, whether noise harassment, workplace bullying, stick to the event and get evidence. And keep hold of it. Otherwise your evidence will certainly be stolen.  And ignore distractions when the people you are complaining to try to get you to say the g s word, so they can fob you off as a nutter.

&.        You must remain legal, and that includes everyone close to you – partner, children and closest friends especially. Any crime, however trivial, will be used against you to maximum effect.

If you are an honest person, don’t be surprised at being offered the opportunity to commit a crime which appears undetectable.  It will be a trap. You need to get this point across to those closest to you. The people whose “mistakes” could be used to blackmail you into compliance.

&.          You will find books on bullying and whistleblowing have good advice. It’s a grim subject and tedious to research so you can lighten up your research with watching films on the subject, some fiction, some based on real events.  Books on bullying and whistleblowing must be at the top of your research, but books on organised crime, cults, con artists and espionage are a close second. Decent information on espionage methods are very difficult to get hold of, I’ve found, and they might be the most relevant.

Historical information on Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, the STASI,  COINTELPRO, KKK, will also be illuminating.

Basically you need to learn how criminals work, how they think, and how to counter crime. Alongwith counter-espionage.

&.         If you can, move out of a big city to a smaller country town. Try and find one that is civilised and not full of bigots. Big cities are so full of crap these days that many will just shrug off your problems with – well, you live in London, you expect to be surrounded by noise, anti-social probably criminal neighbours, queues, rude people in shops, vandals, thieves, out of control children and nut cases of all descriptions.

If you move to an area where such behaviour is not viewed as normal, it is harder for the stalkers to harass you, as they become more visible.

&.        You will get noise harassment. Get ear plugs. The wax ones are best.

&.          Turn the gang stalker tactic of drawing public attention to you, against them. I found when I started to wear t-shirts with words such as – targeted-individual; exposegangstalking; mafia; cults; fair game; white collar crime; on (I have a lot of t-shirts, and fabric pens are cheap) I wasn’t being surrounded when I went out. These are all concepts the gang stalkers DO NOT want brought to everyone’s attention.

Consider putting a similar sign in your window if you think you can avoid trouble with your landlord.

&.        Start blogging. How you approach this is up to you. Gang stalking blogs cover the spectrum from impersonal, objective accounts of gang stalking methods, to personal diaries giving an account of the persecution the individual is suffering.

There are two main reasons for writing a blog. The first is survival. A gang stalking target who has “outed” themself is harder to “disappear”.

The second is to expose gang stalking and draw attention to those activities that indicate that gang stalkers are working an area. Such as a visible increase in noise, anti-social behaviour and odd people acting in odd ways.

As your attackers are trying to make out you are insane, be careful what you write. We are not dealing with honest people who play fair. Telling the whole truth could be turned against you, and, annoyingly, while you are being slandered right, left and centre, remember libel laws can be applied to you, especially in the UK.

&.        If you are a carer, be very careful and DON’T TRUST YOUR DOCTOR. Gang stalkers infiltrate medical personnel to avoid giving correct diagnosis. Double-check everything that any medical personnel advises. Gang stalkers will try to fit you up as an abuser, and they use denial of correct medical treatment to worsen the condition of the person being cared for, to provide “evidence”.  You need to keep a diary for your own information to record the care of your dependent and access to the best quality medical dictionary, preferably with a diagnostic, that is available to you.

&.         Don’t get upset. This is really hard. Gang stalkers (like wife batterers, like pimps, like anti-social individuals) destroy normal life for their targets. Every social contact will be corrupted by the gang stalkers activities. Become self-sufficient. All you will get from other people will be trouble. So downplay the social in your life and make the most of whatever else gives you pleasure. And if you can, (difficult if you have family/dependents), put yourself first. Your society is waging war against you. In my book this frees me of any obligation to others.

And if you do not have children or pets, it might be a good idea to decide not to have any. You are just giving your attackers a hostage and you have more than enough problems.