The Theory that Gang Stalking Targets are Experimental Subjects

One of the theories of  some gang stalking methods is that Targets are experimental subjects. The implications being what is learnt can then be applied to other sections of the populace.

Techniques used against Targeted Individuals include the following.


Every opportunity is taken to expose the Target to as much low level, but continuous stress as possible.

Noise from the neighbours; bullying at work and awkward customers; rudeness from anyone the Target might have anything to do with; casual dismissing of legitimate complaints; bad service; inefficient bureaucracy, such as incorrect billing, but delaying and obstructing dealing with the complaint; and so on.

Any weakness the Target has will be exploited. People are annoyed by different things. The  Targets particular sensitivity will become the focus of aggravation.

At times in any of our lives events can happen which make us more vulnerable. Sometimes we can be driven to the edge and it will only take a feather to put us over the edge. Gang stalkers practice these techniques – both to amplify risk and stress in the Target’s life and also push them over the edge if possible. Driving a person into suicide is invisible murder.

A person ill or recently bereaved can be very upset by something that they could shrug off in normal circumstances.

Take my situation. My husband died last year. We had been together 20 years and it was a happy relationship. In a recent blog I described the interference I had been getting when typing on my computer. Among the random errors was one specific one. Every time I typed the word “bill” it came up with a capital letter. As “Bill” my late-husbands name. (No, it did not upset me. I grew up in  Northern Ireland surrounded by men whose social style was verbally abusing women at every opportunity, so I developed a thick skin from an early age). But it gives an insight into the mind of gang stalkers. On a scale of low life, how would you rate people who make a point of deliberately trying to upset someone recently bereaved?

I am making this point because it looks as if the practices of gang stalking are now being taken mainstream. The recent treatment of ill and disabled people by the DWP, show a formula targets of gang stalking are familiar with.

.       Letters informing of appointments, changing time of appointments, never arrive or arrive too late, either causing the recipient to miss a needed medical appointment or a DWP interview, with serious consequences for the recipient. . Somehow the law that proof of sending is not proof of delivery is being ignored. It is a gang stalking technique to interfere with mail delivery.

.         The consequences of bureaucratic ” mistakes” which are habitually denied, always have detrimental effects for the recipient, but no consequences for the perpetrator. The bureaucracy is rarely held accountable.

.          The bureaucracy denies receiving your letter or documents, or “loses” them.

.          The individual is treated as if they were a criminal or mentally infirm. When they tell the truth they are treated as if they are lying . They are treated like a piece of human garbage. Legitimate complaints are ignored or fobbed off. The bureaucrat may lie brazenly and when you complain accuse you of inventing the problem. You will be treated in an insulting manner to get you upset, then they will claim you are mentally unstable, or get annoyed, in which case they will claim you were threatening them .

One piece of good advice I saw on a blog was never interact with a bureaucrat alone. Always have a witness.

.          Your rights as a citizen will be treated as if they do not exist. They will attempt to deny you the financial help to which you are entitled.

.          Weaknesses will be mocked. Say you have trouble walking. They will employ some method to imply you are faking the problem . They will set up situations which undermine you dealing with your problem. This is a standard gang stalking tactic – deliberately rigging the situation to cause failure.

But back to stressing. Causing stress to elderly or ill people can worsen their problems and promote premature death.


Sensitising is designing a stressor specific to the Target. It is the psychological equivalent of continuously rubbing a raw wound on the same spot. The actual movement in itself is not violent , but it causes harm. Harming while appearing to not harm is a gang stalking tactic. Another word for this is teasing – like every time I type the word ” bill” the computer changes it to “Bill”, my late husband. The aggravation is specific and only meaningful to me.

The gang stalking tactic is to seek out an individuals Achilles heel, then keep kicking it.

Say a DWP claimant is a totally honest person. The person dealing with them persists in treating them as if they were a liar. The more the claimant protests their honesty, the more the bureaucrat insists they are a liar. As there is no way for the recipient of this technique to solve the situation, they become increasingly upset. And the bureaucrat pushes and pushes until they get a response that is so distressed that they can then claim there is something wrong with the claimant. I am saying, expect to be insulted. It is a tactic.

And it is a dirty tactic. Some people are more vulnerable than others.


An extension of sensitisation are nudges. When you have primed someone to be in a sensitised state, where they are very vulnerable and suggestible, you drop a prompt into the situation such as”Why don’t you kill yourself”.

Gang stalking targets have been saying for years that they think the gang stalking tactics employed against them were to force them to commit suicide.


Gang stalking targets have also claimed that they have been subjected to attacks on their finances – being denied welfare they were entitled to, or a pension, and subsequently driven onto the street.

Finally there is an article called “Autogenocide” which you might find of interest.