Warning to landlords, owners who let residential properties, letting agents and estate agents

Up to this point you have good tenants, working people, retired and unemployed, and nobody is any trouble.  One day a new tenant moves in and you are approached by someone who represents themself as police or some branch of the security services. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but the next thing they tell you IS a lie. That the new tenant, usually a woman or a member of an ethnic group is a serious criminal, and they ask for your cooperation.

The following is what happens when you cooperate.

You allow them to send you a tenant. This tenant will usually be an extreme noise pest, very anti-social and may steal from the other tenants. Some tenants will be harassed into leaving. There might be so much noise that the neighbouring houses sell up. Then more tenants will be sent to replace your good tenants who moved out.

You will get people who engage in weird behaviour and who appear threatening. Some female tenants will appear to be prostitutes. Some of these tenants will be engaged in Welfare scams. There may  be a portable baby who comes and goes. These tenants will continually change every few months so you won’t know who is in the house. Drugs may be posted to the premises. There will be vandalism of the property, fires in or around the premises; flats destroyed by flooding by over-run baths or showers; doors broken down, communal doors and security gates and their locks continually broken.

The end result of a house being taken over by gang stalkers is that the house will be renovated, up-graded, and command luxury rents – but by that time you will no longer be the owner.

I really don’t know how to advise  how you can protect yourself from this. Perhaps if there was some way you could independently verify that the original tenant – the one slandered as a criminal – is not, then that could prove before you get hooked  that you are dealing with con artists. But what you can do then to protect yourself, I have no idea.


Gang stalkers try to get their Targets to move from safe accommodation to unsafe accommodation where they can more easily be harassed/attacked




The following is from my own experience. I only recently discovered that I was a Target of gang stalking, but all through my life (I am in my sixties) I have had problem neighbours. When I found out about gang stalking I discovered why.


This house was a large old English mansion in a quiet street.  I shared with two other girls. It was peaceful – at first. Then a guy moved in. He took up carpentry as a hobby and he would wake the household in the middle of the night with hammering. One of the girls who was in a steady relationship, developed a “following” on top of that. Weird, strange guys would hang around in the kitchen waiting for her. When you went into the kitchen to make a meal they evidently expected you to make one for them too. The male never did any housework. His attitude was there were women in the house so they could clear up. I went down to breakfast one morning and every plate, bowl, cup, pan, were piled high in the sink, crawling with ants!

Did not feel safe there so I moved.

Shortly after the house was pulled down and a block of flats built on the site.


No longer sharing I needed a cheaper address. I found a tiny terrace beside a shop. It was on a main road and the traffic never stopped. Whenever there was a lull in the traffic the guy in the shop put his offensive music on at high blast. Continuous noise! You couldn’t think. The cottage kept getting infestations of insects. Ants. you would spray, get rid of the ants. then hordes of cockroaches. Spray, and the smell of the spray makes you feel sick – then the ants, and so on. Ants, cockroaches, ants, cockroaches.


The rent was double the terrace but it was worth it. A large flat in a quiet block in a quiet neighbourhood.


Lived with my parents prior to going to University. They moved house when they saw a man hanging around the fields at the back with a rifle.


Another quiet, safe house on a quiet street. The landlady was at the property most of the time as she was a keen gardener. A student moved in who was a non-stop babbler. I was going out to the pub every night just to get away from her. I couldn’t afford this extra expense so moved to a smaller place.


Very safe and quiet until – in a cul-de-sac on the edge of town, in the middle of the terrace with the landlord living next door and an alert neighbour on the other side. Then weird guys started hanging around the place. The neighbour became very fearful,  but the men stopped hanging around when the neighbour nearly shot a policeman climbing over his back fence.  Moved when the landlord died.


Rented a renovated attic room from a landlady. There was no lock on my flat. One night her boyfriend just appeared in my room. Left.


Large mansion type house again, in its own grounds, on a quiet street. Felt safe there, but after I had been there a local student moved in who gave the Warden a lot of trouble with noise. He also – I had very little to do with this person – took me aside to show me some curried kebabs he had made and put in the freezer. A week later he made a great fuss claiming someone had stolen his food. This was divisive. I was the only working class person in the hostel. All the foreign students were middle class. It was like he was saying -if something goes missing you know who to suspect. She’s not the same as us (not middle class).


Sharing a cheap flat in a quiet cul-de-sac. Again, at first quiet. Then coming back from shopping I saw a weird looking guy hopping over a neighbour’s wall. Went on to my flat. As my hands were full with shopping I rang my bell. When my flat mate answered he said “Hullo”. The weird guy was standing directly behind me, I had not heard him following.

When the flatmate moved out and I was on my own in the flat some  migrants moved into the flat underneath. They raped a local girl that they lured to their flat. When they moved out a couple moved in. The guy was evidently an abuser. He spent a lot of time screaming at his girlfriend and yelling at me when I moved around my flat. (I am light-footed). Did not feel safe.


Now in London shared a bedsit in a quiet house in a quiet street. The landlord was a relative and friend of my husband. There were 6 bedsits in the house and we neither heard nor saw our neighbours. The perfect neighbours! Then the situation changed. A weird guy moved in who would sharpen a large knife on the gate post at night. He left for a time and let some friends stay in his room, two prostitutes. The house had a continuous stream of freaks until the landlord ejected them and the original tenant.

A noise pest moved in who drove his immediate neighbour crazy with obnoxious, loud music for hours on end. Then he brought in a noise sensitive girlfriend who complained my husband slammed the front door when he went out. Not true.

A psychiatric nurse moved into the flat above and he would bring his work home – a patient/ex-patient who would cry and moan all night until the guy got fed up with him and put him out into the hall. When this wasn’t happening he was stamping around all night, banging cupboard doors and turning taps on and off.

Somebody attempted to post drugs to the house.

When an IRA man moved into the house all the tenants moved out. The landlord turned the reasonably priced bed-sits into luxury flats, and shortly after his wife left him taking the house.


This should have been a quiet, safe flat. But for the noise pest neighbours upstairs. They played their music so loud we couldn’t hear our television even at top volume. They took turns over filling their bath so that the water poured through the ceiling. When a fire started in their flat the building became unliveable. The building was renovated into modern flats with the insurance.


In retrospect it looks like my husband and I were forced to move from accommodation that was relatively safe and quiet and difficult to harass us in, to a property where our environment could be completely controlled and we could be harassed on all sides.

The flat was on a direct artery into London and the traffic NEVER stopped. At first the neighbours were lovely. A  quiet Portuguese restaurant underneath. The flat above empty. The previous tenant had died. A working man at the top of the house at work all day and a very quiet man beside, a Caribbean pensioner. The house on one side were quiet Indian neighbours.

Then it changed. The Portuguese restaurant closed and was taken over by people running an all-night disco. the music blasting at high volume started at  six pm and went on regularly to  two am, sometimes all night.

The quiet Indian neighbours sold up and moved away and their house was extended and renovated into pricey flats.

The noise pest from hell moved into the flat above. She seemed hyperactive and it was non-stop stamping about, banging cupboard doors, slamming objects onto tables or floors. Continuous intermittent percussive noise.

A woman with an abusive boyfriend moved into the other neighbouring house. He would break down the security door, and vandalise her property.  He could access our flat over an adjacent roof.  I complained to the letting agents about the cigarette ends which kept appearing on the roof outside our window. I thought the guy upstairs was dropping them from his window – a fire risk as a bitumen roof and summers are hot in London. They denied all knowledge. I only found out later about the abusive boyfriend.

Migrants moved in. They left the communal door open at nights and kept breaking the security gates. They would stay for a few months then there would be new faces. You never knew who was in the house.  The police kept calling but they denied knowing anything about the person enquired about. They used the address as a mail drop for people who did not live at the address. They used every variation on their names possible.

They drove another tenant from her flat by repeatedly flooding her with over filled baths.


When we were priced out of London we moved to Harrogate, North Yorksire. A quiet country town where the residents do not view the appalling behaviour you get in big cities as normal. Where odd behaviour stands out.

The stalking has continued, but the noise nuisance and appalling neighbours is not a problem.




Gang stalkers are yobs, pervs, thieves, vandals and liars (their Targets aren’t)

Only judge a person by their acts – it is the most reliable thing to go on.

Gang stalkers are yobs, noise nuisances, stalkers, anti-social, vandals, thieves, liars, slanderers, peeping toms, perverts and crooks.  Probably also paranoid and delusional.

If they are working for intelligence agencies or police as some suppose we are overdue for an overhaul of government.

Gang stalker’s Bait – counter tactic

In an earlier blog I told how I discouraged the street theatre by crowds of idiots, by wearing t-shirts with some of the following written on:- BAIT, GANG STALKERS BAIT, CON ARTISTS, PROFESSIONAL LIARS, TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, CULTS.  The recruits don’t realise THEY are the Targets. We, the people falsely slandered as criminals are only the BAIT to recruit them. All the listed concepts the gang stalking recruiters really DON’T want their recruits to think about. They might realise they’re being gulled.

Some TI’s believe that along with the staging of events in public to support the various lies told about the Target Bait, the Targets are photographed and these photographs may be presented to others to reflect the TI in a bad light.

So do you think the stalker controllers will want to show your photo to someone they are trying to dupe with GANGSTALKERS BAIT written in large letters across your chest?


How gang stalkers conceal their housing scams – noise

This idea is based on the theory that gang stalkers are engaged in property scams. When the Target Bait moves into a neighbourhood the gang stalkers follow and approach the landlord and neighbours telling them that the Bait is a dangerous criminal – drug dealer/prostitute/paedophile etc. To add credibility to their story they install people who look like, and behave like and maybe are criminals at the address where the Target Bait lives.

Of course the neighbours are immediately thrown into a panic because they fear for their personal safety and the safety of their families, and soon realise what effect this will have on the value of their house. The gang stalkers then offer to buy up the property.

So when a Target Bait moves into an area a lot of houses in the immediate neighbourhood of the address change ownership, sometimes have change of use, and a lot of building work follows as the gang stalkers maximise the value of the properties with extensions and improvements.

We all know from experience that building works, especially in suburban areas are a major noise nuisance and the cause of complaints from neighbours. So you would expect the gang stalkers activity to be exposed by neighbours complaining to the authorities, alongwith enquiring into why the renovations are taking place. But it does not happen. Why not? Because most of the long standing owners have moved away and those that remain have been told the noise is part of a deliberate campaign of harassment with the intention of driving the Target Bait (the person the gang stalkers are pretending is a criminal) out of the area.

So the gang stalkers can disrupt the neighbourhood and make all the noise they want without anyone complaining or drawing the attention of any authority to the situation.

Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life

A Targeted Individual made the comment that being gang stalked was like having an abusive husband without having married one.

There is a curious coincidence between the tactics of abuse of coercive control and the gang stalking formula.

1.   The abuser chooses his target and infiltrates into his victim’ life.

2.     He isolates the victim and immediately sets to breaking all her social ties/poisons her social relationships. He causes the victim to be stigmatised by spreading  lies so as to discredit her.

3.      He is a financial parasite/ predator attacking the victims ability to earn an income and wasting her resources.

4.      He attacks/ undermines the victim’s personality by undermining her interests whether intellectual/artistic/musical etc, by preventing or obstructing her from participation or demanding she re-prioritises her life according to her manipulator’s agenda. He destroys her autonomy and micro-manages her life.

5.      He attempts to reduce the victim to a domestic/sexual slave, dictating her appearance and behaviour.

6.     The victim is at risk of sexual assault/rape/physical attack and murder by her persecutor.

These methods are also used by cults, brainwashers, pimps, traffickers and owners of slaves. A common purpose is sexual exploitation often accompanied by great financial rewards for the perpetrator.  The majority of targets are women.

As the methods of coercive control and the gang stalking formula are identical, perhaps it is significant that women cannot simply avoid abuse from men by avoiding relating to them. Single, independent women are a major category of gang stalking target .  The end result is like racism, applied by men to women in general, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Battered Mothers - A Human Rights Issue

Coercive ControlDespite its great achievements, the domestic violence revolution is stalled, Evan Stark argues, a provocative conclusion he documents by showing that interventions have failed to improve womens long-term safety in relationships or to hold perpetrators accountable.

Stark traces this failure to a startling paradox, that the singular focus on violence against women masks an even more devastating reality. In millions of abusive relationships, men use a largely unidentified form of subjugation that more closely resembles kidnapping or indentured servitude than assault. He calls this pattern coercive control. Drawing on sources that range from FBI statistics and film to dozens of actual cases from his thirty years of experience as an award-winning researcher, advocate, and forensic expert, Stark shows in terrifying detail how men can use coercive control to extend their dominance over time and through social space in ways that subvert womens autonomy, isolate them, and infiltrate…

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