Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life

A Targeted Individual made the comment that being gang stalked was like having an abusive husband without having married one.

There is a curious coincidence between the tactics of abuse of coercive control and the gang stalking formula.

1.   The abuser chooses his target and infiltrates into his victim’ life.

2.     He isolates the victim and immediately sets to breaking all her social ties/poisons her social relationships. He causes the victim to be stigmatised by spreading  lies so as to discredit her.

3.      He is a financial parasite/ predator attacking the victims ability to earn an income and wasting her resources.

4.      He attacks/ undermines the victim’s personality by undermining her interests whether intellectual/artistic/musical etc, by preventing or obstructing her from participation or demanding she re-prioritises her life according to her manipulator’s agenda. He destroys her autonomy and micro-manages her life.

5.      He attempts to reduce the victim to a domestic/sexual slave, dictating her appearance and behaviour.

6.     The victim is at risk of sexual assault/rape/physical attack and murder by her persecutor.

These methods are also used by cults, brainwashers, pimps, traffickers and owners of slaves. A common purpose is sexual exploitation often accompanied by great financial rewards for the perpetrator.  The majority of targets are women.

As the methods of coercive control and the gang stalking formula are identical, perhaps it is significant that women cannot simply avoid abuse from men by avoiding relating to them. Single, independent women are a major category of gang stalking target .  The end result is like racism, applied by men to women in general, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Battered Mothers - A Human Rights Issue

Coercive ControlDespite its great achievements, the domestic violence revolution is stalled, Evan Stark argues, a provocative conclusion he documents by showing that interventions have failed to improve womens long-term safety in relationships or to hold perpetrators accountable.

Stark traces this failure to a startling paradox, that the singular focus on violence against women masks an even more devastating reality. In millions of abusive relationships, men use a largely unidentified form of subjugation that more closely resembles kidnapping or indentured servitude than assault. He calls this pattern coercive control. Drawing on sources that range from FBI statistics and film to dozens of actual cases from his thirty years of experience as an award-winning researcher, advocate, and forensic expert, Stark shows in terrifying detail how men can use coercive control to extend their dominance over time and through social space in ways that subvert womens autonomy, isolate them, and infiltrate…

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