How gang stalkers conceal their housing scams – noise

This idea is based on the theory that gang stalkers are engaged in property scams. When the Target Bait moves into a neighbourhood the gang stalkers follow and approach the landlord and neighbours telling them that the Bait is a dangerous criminal – drug dealer/prostitute/paedophile etc. To add credibility to their story they install people who look like, and behave like and maybe are criminals at the address where the Target Bait lives.

Of course the neighbours are immediately thrown into a panic because they fear for their personal safety and the safety of their families, and soon realise what effect this will have on the value of their house. The gang stalkers then offer to buy up the property.

So when a Target Bait moves into an area a lot of houses in the immediate neighbourhood of the address change ownership, sometimes have change of use, and a lot of building work follows as the gang stalkers maximise the value of the properties with extensions and improvements.

We all know from experience that building works, especially in suburban areas are a major noise nuisance and the cause of complaints from neighbours. So you would expect the gang stalkers activity to be exposed by neighbours complaining to the authorities, alongwith enquiring into why the renovations are taking place. But it does not happen. Why not? Because most of the long standing owners have moved away and those that remain have been told the noise is part of a deliberate campaign of harassment with the intention of driving the Target Bait (the person the gang stalkers are pretending is a criminal) out of the area.

So the gang stalkers can disrupt the neighbourhood and make all the noise they want without anyone complaining or drawing the attention of any authority to the situation.