Baiting – gang stalkers use children, a cult practice

Gangstalkers use staged provocation to make you look bad. In most cases it is best to ignore the bizarre behaviour – don’t respond and move away, otherwise it will look as if you are the “trouble-maker”.

The following are examples from my own experience.


An infant, aged about 4, but a precocious type, advances on me in a supermarket aisle, as I stand in front of the meat section.  His father/guardian is with him and looks and has the mannerisms of a social worker or teacher. The aisle is the wrapped meat counter and the child is sitting on the display. Gets up moves a couple of steps and sits again. This is repeated continuously as he advances towards me. His father says nothing, but is watching me. It seems he is being trained to provoke adults. I don’t respond. When he reaches me he plainly expects me to move out of his way. I remain standing in place. He looks at his father for guidance who just nods at him to walk around me.

You can see any response I might have made could have been manipulated in a number of ways. It could have been used to escalate a situation. Once the situation started the other party could lie to his heart’s content about what happened  and he would have been believed as he was obviously middle class and I am working class. Or what if I complained to a member of staff who did not witness the incident and the father denied that any such thing had happened? This could have been turned into a gaslighting situation where I would look like a weirdo suggesting that such bizarre behaviour had happened while the perfectly respectable seeming father denied it.

It was also a beautifully framed double bind. What kind of person does not find it offensive for a child to keep putting his bottom on products that other customers are going to buy afterwards, in ignorance of the child’s behaviour? But the bottom line is (sorry, couldn’t resist it) a child with a parent is the parent’s responsibility, and after that the shop staff. The days are long gone when any adult could correct any child’s aberrant behaviour. And it has never been acceptable to correct a child whose parent is present. That is their responsibility.

A different occasion a different shop. As before an adult with a child, this time an older child. This time I am in the patisserie section where the cakes displayed are uncovered. The child pushes in front of me and with his father immediately beside him proceeds to push his finger into each cake, one after another. Again the father is silent. I say nothing and walk away.

Even though on both occasions I adopted a course of action likely to lead to least harm, even that response could be used against me. Gang stalkers spread rumours and lies. They could still lie to bystanders/members of staff that I was the wife of those men, and how disgusting that I did not stop the children’s bad behaviour making me seem to be responsible for behaviour that had nothing to do with me and was staged. A clever gaslighting situation where any response of mine could be used to make me look bad.

I am in the library and a mother pushing a pram and with two young children comes and stands immediately behind me. The children start shrieking and stampeding up and down immediately behind me. This happened on two occasions in different parts of the library, different woman, different children.   In both cases my situation in the library – I was working on a computer – there was no reason for the children to position there. The mother was not talking to anyone. She wasn’t using a computer and they weren ‘t near any books. Also the librarians desk was a few feet away and the librarian ignored them. This library has a superlative children’s section in a separate room.  It was the mother’s job to see her children behaved properly in a library setting, or failing that, the librarian. Any reaction on my part could either have been used to escalate a situation or make it seem there was some connection between myself and those people.

Again in the library working on a computer, a young woman with a girl about 7, sits at the computer beside me. The girl sits on the desk virtually in my lap. Not a lot I could do about it. Perhaps I should carry thumb tacks to spread on my desk or sticky fly tape.

Children, usually boys aged about 10, in school hours and in term time sit beside me at the computers in the library, even though there are many empty seats elsewhere. As I mentioned, this library has an excellent childrens room, also equipped with computers. What can you do to keep children away? As a result of this nonsense with children in the library I bought an ipad with a cheap contract and now work from home.

Gang stalker controllers make their recruits engage in bizarre and anti-social behaviour.  Truancy is harshly dealt with these days but not when gang stalkers take children out of school as actors in their charades. Not only are gang stalkers   happy to exploit children, and train children to be pests and anti-social but you can see in the situations I have described, that other innocent members of the public are subjected to filthy and annoying behaviour too. Brought to you by people in “authority”. It demonstrates clearly the total contempt our elite have for anyone in society, including middle class, who do not belong to their elite group. That they readily treat people and our children as pawns in their sick and perverted games.