The evil of gang stalkers is the evil of human nature

Or another way of putting it – all human evil of human nature rolled into one package and directed at the target.

One Target (stoporganstalking) made the comment that being gang stalked was like being married to an abusive husband when you didn’t marry one.

For me it is like living with a nagging, unreasonable child when you didn’t have one because you know what they are like. Other people forget childhood and what children are like. I didn’t. But never mind, via gang stalkers I get the experience anyway.

Abusive husbands are malign and deliberate in what they do. Children can’t help being obnoxious, it is their natural state until they grow out of it and are trained into socialised adults.

The other category of conveying mental damage to people in their vicinity are the other innocent category of the mentally ill or brain damaged. The normal people usually damaged are those closest to them, the carers, most often women.

And the gang stalkers acts are criminal, and criminals are the major category of causing damage.

Nice species! So some clever people got together and collated all the damaging experiences that different categories of people cause others – abusive men, children, unsocialised and mentally damaged and criminals, and wrapped it all up in one package to be directed at targets – the majority of whom are low-status women.

You know what this looks like?  It looks like someone has defined the female role as being the garbage bin for all society’s rubbish and if a woman should dare to avoid being married to an abusive man; decline to take on the huge social and total handicap of having children; have the good fortune to not be required to be a carer or take every precaution to avoid abusive, stalking, sexually exploitive and criminal men, these “someones” will see to it she gets the handicap anyway, courtesy of gang stalking.

In other words, gang stalkers have taken it on themselves to define every woman’s role into one or another slave category. That women are being prevented from defining themselves, particularly working class women, from being self-determining and controlling their own lives. Women’s role (as defined by men) kitchen, bed and children. Or the Nazi version, “Kinder, Kuche and Kirche”,  (children, kitchen and church) which coincidentally could be shortened to KKK.

As the prevailing theory of gang stalking is that it is government sponsored – it couldn’t happen otherwise – this suggests that regardless of government rhetoric on human rights and equal opportunity, the reality is an underlying fascism, and women are the prime targets. Lower class women are now the Jews of Nazi Germany, the “niggers of the world”.


On a slightly different tack I have complained in an earlier blog about WordPress capitalising my category “taxes” into “Taxes”.  They have also done the same with the words “fascism” and “social engineering”, neither of which I want capitalised. Capitalisation if not at the beginning of a sentence implies deference – as in “God” as opposed to “god”. WordPress may have deference to “Taxes” and “Fascism” and “Social engineering”. For the record I wish to make clear, I do not, and WordPress or someone has altered my script.