Witness protection – the latest ruse to silence a gang stalked complainer?

One set of lies to one set of people; another set of lies to another set of people; and a third set of lies to a third set of people.

That is the gang stalker/espionage method. And the priority is to keep all the separate parties separate. So they don’t compare stories and realise they have been conned.

Like my tee-shirts?


The problem for the gang stalking target, the gang stalker’s bait, is that while everyone is talking about you, no-one will listen. Why would anyone listen to what a criminal/crazy says, when a “person in authority” has told them that that person is a criminal/crazy.

Until I started wearing my tee-shirts with such slogans as; bait; targeted-individuals (army veterans;  vigilante stalking cults; beware white-collar fraudsters; etcetera, I would be followed in public, in cafes, in the library, on buses, by well-meaning idiots, mostly women clearly not in the Einstein bracket, carrying on  loud and inane conversations including details of my private life which no-one not really close to me would know. Such riveting secrets as I get up really early in the morning (working for the Royal Mail for twenty years does that to you), and place-name dropping about Australia (my late Mum was an aussie), and Tooting, (suburb in London where I used to live).  The dear ladies all engrossed in the adventure of their lives. Who would guess they were playing James Bond.

All this stopped when I started wearing my tee-shirts with the deliberately cognitive dissonance  producing messages.  Aren’t the authorities famously stringent against vigilantes? Do the dupes know what the military/espionage term “targeted individual” means? If not look up the British Army vets site – targeted-individuals – they will tell you. Are you familiar with how cults recruit – with lies. And the victim is the recruit who is reduced to slavery with the use of mind-bending/brain-washing techniques and is then fleeced. So check out “Fair Game” and notice the similarities. But even a good teacher can’t get through to thick pupils (sigh) and the gang stalker recruits are being conned by experts.

So when the dummies stopped following me, they were replaced by rather annoyed looking military/police types.

My latest favourite tee-shirt, “I am also a Russian spy” has set up a spate of “clue-dropping” all over internet sites I frequent. Allusions to “witness protection” and “You have the right to remain silent. Shut up”.

Umm. Witness protection. Haven’t heard of that gang stalker ruse before. Because, obviously, someone who was under witness protection would be acting completely irrationally, (with the implication they might need to be locked up “for their own protection”) by drawing attention to themselves.

Patrick McLaw anyone?



Middle class people are vulnerable to recruitment by gang stalkers because of their mind-set of using information as a social commodity

– as in the cliche “the in-set and the out-set”.

The “in-set” are “people like us”, that is middle-class. If you are working class you can never be “in”.  Not being “in” means being socially excluded. Not as blatant as “No blacks, no Irish”, where at least there is evidence that discrimination is taking place. The working class are just subtly kept out of the social dialogue where it matters. The working class person will the the one talked about, but not talked to. Monitored, but not listened to.  A similar situation is how men treat women. In a work situation where the parties are supposedly equal, working class and women will be kept in the dark. Those on the inside track gain power over those excluded. The insiders have the knowkedge which helps them perform efficiently, but the outsider will be left in ignorance, or even jokingly misinformed – confirming their lower status and maintaining it through control of information.  What you know, what you don’t know, and what people believe rather than what is true. The middle classes are the people always whispering behind their hands.

Of course the people on the inside enjoy their feeling of power over their “inferiors” and the advantages they gain with their special knowledge. If the working class person or woman try to break through these invisible and denied social barriers, many tricks will be used to make them look like fools, or trouble-makers or un-hinged. These methods of maintaining middle class social power is part of the definition and identity of being middle-class. Working class people, especially women, are bewildered by it. They know something is going on, but they don’t understand why. People understand and can identify racism and sexism because it is blatant. But classism is subtle. The middle class are psychologically and socially, conspirators. It is their secret which they never admit. It is how they arrange to keep middle class jobs and promotions among themselves.

This mind-set is a gift to the gang stalking recruiters. They use the individual’s psychology, social norms and prejudices against their target – not the original target bait – but the people recruited using the bait.

When a middle class person is approached by another middle class person but of seeming higher rank, someone who is going to put them on the inside track by imparting secretive information which they must not reveal, they fall over themselves to co-operate. Especially when the person slandered is working class this happily confirms that a working class person couldn’t be intelligent, well-qualified, and a decent person. The stereotype that the human race stops at the boundaries of the middle class and everyone beyond is stupid, immoral and probably criminal is comfortingly confirmed. Someone in authority said so, so it must be true.

When lies were told about me to employers/prospective employers, the middle class people fell for it every time. When I worked at a university and for different solicitors  my employers and work colleagues accepted without question what they were told. Only at the Royal Mail where I worked for twenty years were the slanders met with scepticism.  Managers carried out their own checks and concluded the rumours were groundless, and work colleagues viewed the lies with derision.

The gang stalking conspiracy of silence


This question appeared on my search engine. It is a fundamental question. The only possible answers suggest state involvement.

Consider these situations. More than forty years ago I listened to conversations among Women’s Aid helpers baffled about how some of their women who had moved across country and severed all former ties to family and friends were still located by stalking ex-husbands or boyfriends who magically turned up outside the shelter, which itself had a concealed address.

Also many women stalked by ex-partners find their stalking by an individual morphs into organised vigilante stalking in their community.

Targets of organised vigilante stalking find moving makes no difference. Even if they move to a different country they are still stalked.

Trade Unionists put on blacklists, (UK) compiled many of them believe with the assistance of police and security services, found they could not get work anywhere in the country, wherever they went. This can only be done with access to confidential records and the existence of a data base, where action against the Target is triggered when their identifying details are located.  In the case of Trade Unionists their blacklisting was triggered when their employer checked their name and National Insurance number with a register of blacklisted workers.  The company that maintained the register, and who were unconcerned whether or not the details on it were correct, collected fees for their information.  That company also included names of environmentalists.

The business which was carried on in secret, meets anyone’s definition of a “conspiracy”.  A conspiracy of employers. Some of the blacklisted Trade Unionists believed the blacklisting business was carried out with the cooperation of the police and security services. The Trade Unionists were not blacklisted on reasonable grounds such as being incompetent or trouble makers. They were usually good workers who took on the role of Trade Union Health and Safety representatives to address dangerous work situations. The construction industry is inherently dangerous with an annual catalogue of fatalities, maimings and long-term health risks (such as exposure to asbestos). It seems strange that a government which has extended Health and Safety legislation in every walk of life is indifferent to real Health and Safety issues in a dangerous industry.

What is going on here?  It is illegal to discriminate  in employment against people on the basis of colour, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation, and as far as I know employers are not allowed to bar ex-criminals (excepting offences of sex or violence from some occupations), yet there is no law which prohibits discrimination against ordinary, law-abiding members of the public, who have been arbitrarily slandered by “somebody”? Such a shame libel and slander are not criminal offences when they can be used to prevent individuals from obtaining employment.

Organised community vigilante stalking must be being carried out in a like manner to blacklisting. That there exists a secret register of targets which is triggered whenever a name appears on official documentation of some kind. Who has access to confidential records in any bureaucracy?

The scale of organised vigilante stalking is such that the only possible candidates for carrying it out are the police, the security services, clandestine companies operating “lists” or organised crime, and any combination of these is also possible.


There are two possible objectives for the targeting. Most targets are women. The second largest category is homosexual men. The result of being denied employment or harassed out of employment is usually financial destitution, which is a major cause in forcing women  into prostitution with or without her consent.  The gang stalkers spread the lie that the woman is a prostitute to help the process along. Some Targets of gang stalking have suggested that surveillance footage of Targets in their own home  is used as pornographic material, made without the consent or knowledge of the Targets, and used to support the lie that the target is a prostitute as well as for financial gain.  And prostitution is a major world-wide criminal racket which supplies an insatiable market raking  in billions – but not for the women.

The other objective appears to be recruiting dupes into the gang stalking cult, where their lives will be controlled and the institutions they work for infiltrated and ultimately controlled by the stalkers. I arrived at the conclusion that Targets are bait when I noticed the large number of people associated with me over a lifetime had suffered huge financial losses, in the case of landlords, lost their houses and in the case of businesses changing their character completely from being well-run businesses offering a good, reliable and reasonably priced service to unreliable, shoddy and expensive. Once the gang stalkers have got their foot in the door they ease out the reliable staff replacing them with their own people. They appear to favour migrants who are more exploitable, accepting harsh working conditions for low pay and are  more accepting of corruption as normal compared with their countries of origin.   The financial bleeding of the individual and business targets is usually carried out very slowly over years. Timing of the final sting is carefully calculated to conceal the process. A lot of attention is paid to disrupting communication between people who might otherwise figure out what is happening.  The end result the landlord loses his houses and the business, after being run into the ground, changes ownership.

Gang stalking  resembles a mafia-run racket more than anything else, exploiting access to confidential records to identify targets to fleece and the means to do it.

Gang stalkers corrupt everything they touch.

Everyone with exploitable resources is the gang stalkers’ potential target.


Whether “authorities” are involved, authorities steadfastly deny gang stalking is occurring. This does not make sense that anyone can categorically claim that a wide-ranging collection of criminal and anti-social behaviours which everyone knows occurs, are not happening, when they are all happening together. Wholesale, unified denial across all authorities, all institutions could not happen without overall control.

It is open to conjecture whether or not “gang stalking” is happening. What is not open to conjecture is the conspiracy of silence.





People have got gang stalking back to front

Yes. It is about control. But not primarily the target.

When they – whoever they are – spread their lies about the Target, look at all the people they control by spreading the lie that one person is a criminal (who is not). That person’s family, their social network, their work colleagues and employer, their landlord, their neighbours, where they socialise (gym, social club, church, etc), where they holiday (hotels, etc), all the retailers where they shop. That is a considerable number of people for the sake of a set of outrageous lies about one individual.

At 61 I discovered I had been gang stalked throughout my life since at least University in the seventies. And it appeared to have a police connection as they kept turning up and obstructing me from obtaining employment.

And looking back over my life, what did I notice? That people associated with me suffered huge financial losses. People were swindled out of their life’s savings. Landlords lost their houses. Acquaintances lost their houses. Elderly people had relatives trying to swindle them out of their life’s savings – and houses – and often had to change their Will’s to disinherit a relative suddenly turned predatory. Restaurants and pubs I had visited, sometimes after only one visit, turned from being well-staffed and offering good meals at a reasonable cost, to expensive establishments, under-staffed. Shops reduced staff and increased prices. Likewise good value hotels I had visited, offering a good standard of service at a good price, over time, became under-staffed, bad value but expensive.

Gang stalking is a construct of lies, a con game, a web of control. Looks to me that gang stalkers are in it for the money. And police and likely security forces are involved.

Looks like the perfect con game.

Targeted Individuals are the canaries in the mine

Believe or disbelieve targets of gang stalking – and yes, I know, 90 percent of gang stalking sites are hyped up balderdash, which is interesting as no other “conspiracy theory” has an equivalent volume of discrediting material attached to it – believe or disbelieve, but listen.

Victims of gaslighting are discredited the moment they open their mouths as a result of the way the situation is framed around them. And Targeted Individuals are victims of a major gaslighting strategy. Look what you are up against when you try to tell anyone the truth about what is happening. Unknown to you, often for years, you have been the target of a slander campaign. Isn’t slander against the law? Yes. But not for the police. So who is going to believe anything a criminal/prostitute/drug dealer or user/sexual pervert/paedophile/mentally deranged person says. After that when the stalkers engage in their weird behaviour and you recount it, your account simply seems to be confirming evidence that you are a nut.

So we are all the targets of con artists. The targets, the dupes recruited to act against them and the wider audience who still believe in the just world fallacy and serious political corruption and conspiracies only occurred in other places and other times, like Nazi Germany, soviet Russia or Korea. But not here. Not now. Not in the democratic, respecting rule of law, freedom-loving West.

The common reponse of anyone listening to a Targeted Individual relating what is happening to them is to ask “But why go to all that trouble over you? You are unimportant”. Some Targets theorised that they were being targeted for security services to practice their skills. Others that they were being used as experimental subjects. That the majority of targets are women and gay men would suggest a motivation for sexual exploitation. Security services are notorious for their sexual obsession and using sex as a trap to blackmail people they wish to control. The easiest place to recruit honey pots with an invisible social identity is from the working class and lower middle class – especially those with the intelligence and personality needed to rise socially.

But here I want to consider the suggestion that gang stalking targets are being used as practice for methods of social control.

Methods of social control include

social exclusion,

creating a pariah status,




obstruction in obtaining the means of livelihood, such as black listing or sabotage in the workplace,

denial of service (the classical “No Blacks”),

bad service,

denuding Target’s financial resources through theft,


identity theft,



con artist tricks,

altering Will’s,

refusal to pay legitimate insurance claims,

refusing to insure,

falsified records,

lost records,

theft of essential documents,

refusal of entitled welfare benefits,

theft of pension,

interference with mail,


and e-mail communications.

As a Target of gang stalkers I have experienced most of the above list. (And note. Most of the above are white-collar crimes).

You can add to this, and there may be an experimental side to it, denial of needed medical services. Failure to diagnose can lead to the death of the person thereby denied the needed medical intervention. And allow other conditions to worsen. In addition stress can kill and hasten the deaths of elderly and seriously ill people.


In the last three months of my husband’s life I believe the medical staff dealing with him ignored obvious and extreme symptoms which resulted in him not receiving the appropriate medical treatment. It is unlikely that in his case that caused his death, as he had terminal cancer with tumours at multiple sites including in the brain and the bones, but it certainly contributed to unnecessary additional suffering. (I believe they withheld treatment for one flooded lung and heart failure as lack of oxygen to the brain creates very unstable behaviour, as in a person who is extremely intoxicated. As I believe the slander was being spread that I was an abusive carer, perhaps they hoped I would not be able to cope with his bouts of extreme, irrational behaviour, thankfully infrequent. He was a very strong man and normally very self-disciplined. They withheld oxygen to promote irrational behaviour hoping to create “evidence” supporting their lies. In the last weeks of my husband’s life he must have felt as if he was slowly suffocating. Insufficient oxygen also causes exhaustion. I only found out about gang stalking AFTER my husband’s death. And then the suspicions I had had at the time about his medical treatment led me to research in detail his symptoms, the consequences and the appropriate treatments. I have no medical background. I only put the picture together months after his death.


The most obvious problem is interference with communications.

Letters for my husband’s hospital appointments arrived the day after the appointment. This happened even when the letters were sent out in good time. Even the Royal Mail should be able to deliver a local letter in a rural town  and a distance of about two miles – in four days.

In general, over the years letters did not arrive or were very delayed. Unimportant letters were never interfered with, only essential communications, which caused problems.

Sending or receiving letters by Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery made no difference. I have had documents lost in the post using both these methods. I no longer allow original documents out of my hands.

Using the phone is generally a great waste of time and money. You are put on hold for ever, often on premium rates, and then fobbed off. The person who can deal with the problem is on holiday. It’s not this department, Hold while I put you through. Or you are passed from department to department in a circle arriving at your starting point. It’s a great game for someone. I gave up using the phone years ago.

Avoiding the phone, letters not arriving, I turned to the internet. Same pattern. My e-mail provider tells me that a correct e-mail address (as written on the bottom of a letter I have just received) does not exist. Or the message fails to send. Or the message is scrambled. Or the message is apparently sent normally but I never receive a reply. It must seem to a lot of agencies that I am deliberately incommunicado. But short of arriving in person on everyone’s doorstep, modern methods of communication appear to have been made off-limits to me. Denial of service and causing huge disruption.

A wedge is driven between you and the larger community. It becomes a monumental struggle to obtain normal service from anyone. You have to cover your tracks. Keep records and not lose them or allow them to be stolen. I have had documents and personal papers stolen from my flat. Nothing else was touched.  As far as possible get written records, as people will lie to your face.

So what’s my bone? What has happened to me is now happening to a lot of people – not necessarily Targets of gang stalking. I see four classes of people affected. The elderly, the ill/handicapped, unemployed and working class. All these groups are finding they are stigmatised on no grounds, being deliberately categorised with the criminal class. They are set up for social abuse. They are denied their entitlements at the same time as being insulted, provoked, fobbed off, lied to and about, misled, and generally obstructed. Gang stalking targets have protested for years that the intention of the stalkers was to render them financially destitute and homeless. This is now happening on a large scale. The groups mentioned are finding increasingly that they cannot rely on any institution to render them an honest, professional, reliable service. Their complaints are ignored or the situation is twisted and they are accused of being the trouble-makers.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You will find a clear account of gang stalkers methods at:-



The Section of interest is in purple “Summary – Gang-Stalking in 11 Min

You might find you are experiencing some of these methods. It does not necessarily mean you are a Target of gang stalkers. But that the methods which the stalkers have practiced against Targets have gone main-stream and are now tactics used by various institutions against selected sections of the populace. I draw attention to the article so you will be aware of  tactics that might be being used against you.