People have got gang stalking back to front

Yes. It is about control. But not primarily the target.

When they – whoever they are – spread their lies about the Target, look at all the people they control by spreading the lie that one person is a criminal (who is not). That person’s family, their social network, their work colleagues and employer, their landlord, their neighbours, where they socialise (gym, social club, church, etc), where they holiday (hotels, etc), all the retailers where they shop. That is a considerable number of people for the sake of a set of outrageous lies about one individual.

At 61 I discovered I had been gang stalked throughout my life since at least University in the seventies. And it appeared to have a police connection as they kept turning up and obstructing me from obtaining employment.

And looking back over my life, what did I notice? That people associated with me suffered huge financial losses. People were swindled out of their life’s savings. Landlords lost their houses. Acquaintances lost their houses. Elderly people had relatives trying to swindle them out of their life’s savings – and houses – and often had to change their Will’s to disinherit a relative suddenly turned predatory. Restaurants and pubs I had visited, sometimes after only one visit, turned from being well-staffed and offering good meals at a reasonable cost, to expensive establishments, under-staffed. Shops reduced staff and increased prices. Likewise good value hotels I had visited, offering a good standard of service at a good price, over time, became under-staffed, bad value but expensive.

Gang stalking is a construct of lies, a con game, a web of control. Looks to me that gang stalkers are in it for the money. And police and likely security forces are involved.

Looks like the perfect con game.