Witness protection – the latest ruse to silence a gang stalked complainer?

One set of lies to one set of people; another set of lies to another set of people; and a third set of lies to a third set of people.

That is the gang stalker/espionage method. And the priority is to keep all the separate parties separate. So they don’t compare stories and realise they have been conned.

Like my tee-shirts?


The problem for the gang stalking target, the gang stalker’s bait, is that while everyone is talking about you, no-one will listen. Why would anyone listen to what a criminal/crazy says, when a “person in authority” has told them that that person is a criminal/crazy.

Until I started wearing my tee-shirts with such slogans as; bait; targeted-individuals (army veterans;  vigilante stalking cults; beware white-collar fraudsters; etcetera, I would be followed in public, in cafes, in the library, on buses, by well-meaning idiots, mostly women clearly not in the Einstein bracket, carrying on  loud and inane conversations including details of my private life which no-one not really close to me would know. Such riveting secrets as I get up really early in the morning (working for the Royal Mail for twenty years does that to you), and place-name dropping about Australia (my late Mum was an aussie), and Tooting, (suburb in London where I used to live).  The dear ladies all engrossed in the adventure of their lives. Who would guess they were playing James Bond.

All this stopped when I started wearing my tee-shirts with the deliberately cognitive dissonance  producing messages.  Aren’t the authorities famously stringent against vigilantes? Do the dupes know what the military/espionage term “targeted individual” means? If not look up the British Army vets site – targeted-individuals – they will tell you. Are you familiar with how cults recruit – with lies. And the victim is the recruit who is reduced to slavery with the use of mind-bending/brain-washing techniques and is then fleeced. So check out “Fair Game” and notice the similarities. But even a good teacher can’t get through to thick pupils (sigh) and the gang stalker recruits are being conned by experts.

So when the dummies stopped following me, they were replaced by rather annoyed looking military/police types.

My latest favourite tee-shirt, “I am also a Russian spy” has set up a spate of “clue-dropping” all over internet sites I frequent. Allusions to “witness protection” and “You have the right to remain silent. Shut up”.

Umm. Witness protection. Haven’t heard of that gang stalker ruse before. Because, obviously, someone who was under witness protection would be acting completely irrationally, (with the implication they might need to be locked up “for their own protection”) by drawing attention to themselves.

Patrick McLaw anyone?