Gang stalking controllers = hate filled xenophobes. The Fourth Reich?

Like the great man said, “By their deeds ye shall know them”.

And who do gang stalkers hate? You have only to look at their targets. The first apparent targets – women, predominantly working class and ethnic women. Homosexuals. Ethnic groups. These people are the target bait for trapping the main targets, small business people, landlords, businesses of all sizes and professionals such as lawyers and medical staff.

So when you consider ALL the targets, it appears to be everybody who is not a member of the ruling elite – which leaves only one group who can be responsible for gang stalking.

Their agenda then is patently obvious. The process of gang stalking results in obtaining power over people and resources, which coincidentally, are the same over-riding objectives of the ruling class. Taking all power and wealth in society to themselves.

Along with their power and wealth grab their attitude to the people they exploit is reflected in their methods. These are the prime xenophobes in society. the greatest repository of irrational hatred directed at women, homosexuals, working class, ethnic groups, middle class, business class. So gang stalkers are not only misogynist, homophobes, racist and classist, they possess a bigotry unique to themselves – elitist.

Gang stalkers possess a feudal overlord mind-set. In more recent history the Nazi superman mind set. Anyone who is not part of their elite super-class are viewed as legitimate prey. Sub-humans.

Think of the Nazis. Only 3 classes in the world. Themselves, the over-lords. The people they tolerate as slaves. And the remainder – dead – after being robbed, experimented on and worked to death.

The absence of any ethics in gang stalking is a clear indicator. Gang stalkers not only mock people, they mock every value that sustains human life. Trust, honour, decency, honesty, innocence, affiliation, professional integrity, protection, support, parental values.

Many gang stalking target-baits have commented on the gang stalkers exploitation of children. How parents using their own children in a gang stalking spoof will be putting those children at risk of harm. Don’t they realise what this means? A parent who puts their child in harms way in an outrageous sketch can only be doing so because they fear worse harm is guaranteed to the child if they don’t.

Looks to me that the Fourth Reich is on the way.

All those history books are suddenly very relevant.