Are the methods of gang stalking a distraction to conceal its real purpose?

Here I am proposing another speculative theory about the purpose and methods of gang stalking.

Consider this situation. Supposing the “authorities” are behind gang stalking, that is the police and security services, and they wish to monitor and personally and socially “neutralise” a category of people they have no justification in monitoring because those people are not criminals, not mentally unstable and no threat to the public, how could they set about this without drawing attention to what they are doing? That is harassing law abiding members of the public without justification?

The first question naturally is, who would such people be?

This is a speculative theory which is a minority view among Targeted Individuals.

There used to be a page on the UK site targeted-individuals, the site put up by UK Gulf War Veterans, which referred to the historical practice of rulers to employ, presumably also seek out and conscript, “psychics” using whatever term you wish to use to describe them whether witches, magis, mystics, spiritual gurus, etc. From Saul in the Old Testament, to Herod who intercepted the “three wise men” to Rasputin or the Nazi researches into the occult, this practice has a long history and has continued into the present day with the post-war para-normal research carried out both by the Soviets and the Americans. By the way, there is no point in looking for the page. Last time I looked it had been removed.

Some TI’s have commented that people targeted by gang stalkers are often notably virtuous people, people as far from criminals and trouble makers as you are going to get.

Some TI’s have pronounced spiritual tendencies, and complain that their simple practices of peaceful meditation are constantly interrupted by noise and other distractions just as they feel they are about to “make a connection”.

Some TI’s are people of strong religious faith and understanding.

Before I changed my handle to Conartistocracy it was Prayerwarriorpsychicnot. That was because I was a Prayerwarrior. I am not now because I surrendered my gift rather than risk having it be used against its purpose – for evil. Here I am not going to try and explain to you what a Prayerwarrior is or what they do or how they do it. You either have religious beliefs or awareness or you do not. If you don’t you don’t know what I would be talking about. But people who do have religious beliefs and have spiritual awareness will know what I am talking about. And they can understand why a government might wish to search out occult capabilities in order to use them and would also wish to conscript the antidote – the religious prayer people who can counter occult abilities.

As I said, this is a minority theory. But if true it would explain the method of gang stalkers slandering a category of Targets as criminals in order to justify their 24/7 monitoring and on-going harassment in order to make the surveillance activity seem reasonable and distract surrounding people from asking the question – why are the authorities persecuting that law-abiding person?



Why do gang stalkers practice luring Targets to isolated places where they are stranded for hours?

The answer is, I don’t know. This is another gang stalking mystery. I have only known about “gang stalking” in the last couple of years, although I knew I was being stalked while at university in the seventies and was puzzled by other odd events at the time which did not make sense.

After I found the gang stalking formula on the web I realised I had been a life long Target, and gang stalking explained many other odd events which have continuously blighted my life – slander, blocked in education and jobs, and endless stream of noisy, anti-social criminal neighbours, who stole, left communal doors open and broke security gates, etc etc.

Looking back over 45 years patterns became obvious. Some I have been able to find some sort of explanation for – persecution such as blacklisting is obvious. Spreading the lie that a woman is a prostitute then making sure all the sex perverts in the area have her address, plus moving rapists, wife batterers and prostitutes into the same address imply trafficking, setting the woman up for attack and conscription into prostitution.

But there is one pattern I cannot find an explanation for. Other than criminal. And that is the pattern of luring the person away to a remote area where they cannot easily get away from if they don’t have personal transport such as a car.

I am a very cautious person. Not because of gang stalking which I did not know about until recently, but it is my character and upbringing. I have always limited my social life on the basis of safety. I am very unwilling to go anywhere especially in the evenings when I am not absolutely sure how I am getting home. My caution is automatic and unthinking. I always stay well within conventional boundaries in every activity. Adventurous I am not.

Yet looking back over my life in the light of gang stalking I was startled to notice on just how many occasions I was lured to remote locations where I could not leave from without the cooperation of the person who lured me there. So how did this happen to a non risk taking perfectly conventional person?

A bus – a completely standard public bus, instead of letting me off at the last stop close to my home (in the countryside) detoured a mile further out into the country completely off its route and just parked. Just sat there. Then after a long wait drove me back to the correct bus stop.

What does this mean? That public transport is not safe?

Similar things happened with my late  husband and I on our many holidays to Malta. I now realise the heading for this is the “phoney coach tour”.

We booked a standard boat trip to the island of Gozo. The trip was supposed to include visits to several places on the island. What happened was the coach took our party to a remote beach – then drove away and left us there for several hours. When it came back it stopped briefly at a church which we could not see because “we had run out of time”.

On another holiday, on another tour we were left at a small village for several hours. On that occasion we had booked the tour the previous day and were supposed to be picked up at our hotel. The coach didn’t come, so we phoned the company and a driver came out and connected us to the coach group – so it appeared, but they were a rum lot whose conversations were a bit strange.

On another occasion after visiting friends who lived in Milieha, the friend took us to a bus stop to get back into Bugibba, but there was no bus for several hours. As the friend lived in Milieha, he knew that.

Just a few examples. The pattern is, you are engaged in perfectly conventional activities with reputable businesses – a bus passenger, a holiday tour with a bona fide firm – and you are taken to an area where you are physically isolated – not having a car to drive away in – for several hours.

What is the purpose? What is the objective of practicing this luring to a remote spot and isolating the target? Can you think of any non-criminal purpose in practising this activity? Because the only purposes I can think of in such an activity are all criminal. Women get raped and murdered in isolated locations. Our usual response to this is – what were they doing there? Perhaps they had done nothing unconventional at all. Perhaps they had acted completely normally and safely, just got on a bus or a standard coach tour and they were brought to that location. People disappear, are kidnapped. Seems this taking people to a remote area  does for that too. People get mugged, robbed and murdered.

What lawful reason could there be for luring people to isolated remote areas?

Why would gang stalkers practise this technique?

In other blogs I have noted the similarity between gang stalkers behaviour and human sexual traffickers. Is this a method for kidnapping women and forcing them into prostitution. A woman goes on holiday to an area she believes to be safe – and just disappears?


Why are women more often imprisoned for minor and first offences than men?

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Women commit less crime than men and less serious crimes, so why should they be imprisoned more often than men for minor and first offences?

Many of these women are also mothers, so the disruption to their families, especially if they are the only provider is great.

It makes no sense at all looking at it from a common sense perspective or even that of simple justice in treating women equally to men.

However, there is a perspective where imprisoning women, especially mothers, for minor crimes, makes perfect sense.

Targets of gang stalking say they think one of the objectives is to bring about their imprisonment. They are offered opportunities to commit crime, they are subjected to extreme harassment tailored to their particular triggers which might incite them to commit crime, and failing that they may simply be framed. Add to that that the majority of gang stalking targets are women and a picture is emerging.

What are the likely consequences of a low-income mother being sent to prison? Men who have been in prison may get employment afterwards. There is greater tolerance of males commiting crimes than women. Men are more likely to be forgiven or given another chance. This tolerance is rarely extended to women. Most women who have been in prison even for a first offence or minor crime become unemployable afterwards – so how can they support their children?

Lies gangstalkers spread about their targets include that the woman is a prostitute. This guarantees that all the sex perverts in the area will take an interest in her. Gang stalking targets have also claimed that they have been set up for rape, and some have been raped.

If gang stalking is designed to push a woman into prostitution, imprisoning low-income mothers for minor offences makes perfect sense. Women resorting to prostitution to feed their children is one of the major things that propel women into prostitution of their own accord.

It would be interesting if there was a follow-up study of how low-income mothers manage after imprisonment – if a significant number take to prostitution to support their families.

As corrupt police have figured among the actors of gang stalking, unfair sentencing against women also suggests complicity within the legal establishment, as there is no rational, even plausible reason for the disparity in sentencing.

Gang stalking method – vandalism of Target’s property and work equipment

I only discovered about gang stalking about two years ago. In the light of the information of the methods gang stalkers use, one being vandalism, I reviewed my experience of broken/malfunctioning equipment both at home and at work over the last twenty years. This is my list. The damage starts from 1994 when I moved to London to be with my late-husband.

My husband’s old iron stopped working. He bought a new steam-iron. His son asked to borrow it. When he got it back a tarry substance covered the ironing plate and the steam function never worked properly again. We never managed to clean the plate completely,  so for a long time using the iron risked staining the item ironed.

My husband bought a new vacuum cleaner. The neighbour downstairs asked to borrow it as he was moving out and needed to thoroughly clean his room. When we got the vacuum back it had been used so badly it never worked properly again.

At work in the postman kitchen which I ran, the hot plate for keeping food warm stopped working.

Our landlord’s oven stopped working. We replaced it.

I bought a steam cleaner for cleaning at home and which I could use for sterilising surfaces in the kitchen at work and also to save money in both places on cleaning materials. It stopped working after being used about three times.

At work the oven stopped working. It was replaced with a larger oven with non-standard larger shelves. An oven shelf – not easy to replace due to non-standard size, went “missing”. I had hoped to increase the amount of cooked food available with the larger oven, but with only one shelf could not do so.

The new oven also frequently malfunctioned in an arbitrary way. When cooking the flame would go out and after the time the items were supposed to be ready they would be partly cooked, cold and gassed through – just what you need when there is a queue of people expecting their breakfasts!

First thing in the morning I would find someone had left the freezer door open overnight, thawing the contents. I put a sign on the door to be careful to close it properly but it kept happening. There was no reason for anyone else to go near the freezer. In the end I would close the door with sealing tape when I left work and only then did it stop happening.

Someone complained that I had locked them out of the kitchen. I explained that I didn’t have a key but the door handle sometimes worked in a peculiar way which meant you had to move the handle in reverse direction, otherwise the door would appear to be locked.

The water boiler broke down. Management said they weren’t going to replace it so I used kettles. The kettles kept breaking down. In less than 12 months 3 kettles stopped working in the office downstairs. I had provided them with the first kettle when theirs broke down out of courtesy. After that I told them it was not the kitchen’s job to provide them with kettles. They replaced that last one themselves and it lasted for years.

The frame of the trolley I used for deliveries broke. Wheels coming off delivery trolleys is a common occurrence and easily repaired. Frame damage is very unusual and repairing is often not worth the effort. To my knowledge no-one else in the office experienced frame damage.

Locks on my trolley were vandalised requiring frequent replacement.

Storage food cupboards in the kitchen were broken. They were fixed but it kept happening. In the end it was not possible to close the cupboards properly.

A locked steel cabinet in the kitchen also used for storing food was disabled from being locked when a postman borrowed the key and broke the key in the lock.

My husband spent a lot of time researching which hi-fi equipment to buy. He loved music, opera in particular. The brand-new  equipment kept breaking down. This caused him immense distress and frustration as he had bought highly rated equipment from a reliable dealer and we couldn’t figure out how the damage was happening.

When my husband contracted cancer for the first time I bought a small oil-fired heater to warm the room. I had had to travel to another suburb to the shop and had difficulty bringing it home on public transport, as my arthritis was a problem at the time. It stopped working after a few weeks.

When the nearest laundrette closed I bought a small caravan-type washing machine. It broke down after a few weeks. Although the shop was nearby I had had great difficulty with arthritis carrying it home, bringing the defective machine back to the shop where they told me this machine rarely broke down, and carrying the replacement home.

My mother gave us her very efficient vacuum cleaner as it had become too heavy for her to manage. A necessary attachment just “disappeared”. With great difficulty my husband found a replacement part.

We moved to North Yorkshire when we were priced-out of London in 2011. Within 9 months my husband’s cancer returned and he died within a year. I moved to my current bed-sit address.

I bought a keyboard to use with my IPad so I could type normally rather than finger type. It stopped working.

Someone kept tampering with the brakes on my bike screwing them so tight that the brakes were always on the wheels, so that the wheels would not turn until the brakes were loosened. I don’t have any tools and also my hands were weak with arthritis at the time. As I now lived close to the town centre and couldn’t deal with the hills anyway, I gave the bike away.

In order to get exercise I bought a brand-new exercise bike last Christmas. It seems as if the joint where the pedal screws into the bike, the threads have been filed down. As I said, I don’t have any tools. I gave my late husband’s tools away after his death. I managed to fix the pedal with super-glue but now the gap between the two parts is so great even superglue won’t hold the pedal. Until I can find a solution to this the exercise bike is unusable.


Also I have ongoing, tremendous problems with my iPad. I soon found that upgrades turned working services into unuseable ones. I had a subscription to a newspaper. When I installed the upgrade the service became unuseable. Pages would take ages to load, only half a page would appear, and then the app would close. I stopped installing upgrades. Then one day my main email, photos and camera disappeared. I took the iPad back to the shop and they recovered them but also installed all the upgrades I had avoided. Everything has been a shambles since.

The copy function does not work. The spell checker would change correct words into completely different ones, making sentences nonsense. I disengaged the spell checker. But correctly typed words continue to be changed as if typed incorrectly. Letters are systematically swapped for other letters. The caps key comes on arbitrarily. Spaces, letters and words disappear. The space bar disappears. The keyboard switches causing typing errors. The response time to keystrokes keeps varying, sometimes going so slowly that the letters are typed long after the keys have been pressed. With the iPad function of the keys typed being highlighted this makes using the keyboard very distracting. The brightness on my iPad varies of its own accord. I usually have it set low as I am light sensitive but the setting frequently alters of its own accord  so I have to keep going back into settings to reduce it interrupting whatever I am doing.

Links between my email accounts have been broken with my WordPress blog. I no longer receive email notifications and I cannot access the WordPress settings to see what tampering has occurred. As I am not computer-savvy I never meddle with settings on working systems. My settings are frequently reset in ways I don’t want.

About 6 months ago I disabled my Facebook as it seemed to not be under my control. Articles I had no interest in were appearing and were impossible to delete. Recently I went back to Facebook deciding to only use it for games and discovered it had already been reinstated.

When I couldn’t access my 3 account to know how much mbs I had used – I had unexpectedly run out in the last two months, I took the iPad back to the shop. They took 3 hours to sort out all the glitches. I saw they had everything functioning again in the shop. But when I returned home all the faults were back again. Links in emails don’t work. Connections don’t work. Screen areas go dead on otherwise responsive screens – most notably when I press the  Twitter share button, there is no response. Some sites are impossible to access. The page freezes and then goes down, repeatedly. But there is no problem accessing other sites. “The Militant Negro” is the site I have most problems  accessing. The page usually goes down immediately.


All what you might call petty vandalism, except the vandalism is precise and directed. It does not take large damage to render an electrical or mechanical item unuseable. You can still use an iron with tar on the ironing plate – but what is the point? With the bikes, tampering with a vital component is all that is needed to render the machine unuseable. Removing a small component without which the machine cannot work is a favoured tactic.

Breaking locks appears to be a gang stalker favourite. Breaking locks and losing keys. While this was happening at work other tenants at our multiple-occupancy address were continuously breaking the locks on the security gates and leaving the communal door open. It seems gang stalkers have a thing about being able to access any place and access any locked cupboard. They want everything open and accessible.

Disruption on the internet is par for the course.

Criminal vandalism worthy of the feral gutter class. So who are the gangstalkers? Their methods place them squarely among the worst of society’s detritus. Are they just organised criminals? If so how can they infiltrate respectable businesses such as the  Royal Mail and be given free rein to their anti-social activities? If these people are acting with permission and under instruction by some “authority” then which authority and what is their purpose and how do they explain their methods?

They act as if they are above the law, as if they are in charge. Do you want people in charge whose values and behaviour are the same as the most despicable gutter yobs?


A life of retreats

It was how I was raised – to be risk averse. Don’t make trouble, don’t hang out with trouble-makers/trouble venues, when trouble presents walk away.

At school, bullies tried it on. I retaliated immediately, forcefully. Immediately the teacher would appear and the bullies said I started it and I got the blame.

Next time it happened I didn’t retaliate. I waited for the bullies to do something they couldn’t wiggle out of.  I waited. The bullies waited. No teacher arrived. The bullies in the end walked away. Their game was to start something then make their victim take the blame.

In my teens, in peasant Northern Ireland the street harassment from men started. You couldn’t go through a week without being harassed for simply walking down the street. When I was feeling low I thought very seriously about going out.

As a teen when I started to experiment with dressing up, the harassment amplified, and men started to follow me. I back-tracked quickly, not bothering with my appearance. That stopped the stalking and minimised the street verbal abuse.

I went out with my first boyfriend aged 16. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. I tried to figure out what was the culturalky accepted method to politely indicate to a male to respect minimal personal boundaries. I couldn’t think of any. I realised if you go out with boys that is what they expect. If anything happens, I am the one who bears the consequences and gets the blame. I never sought to go out on a date again.

Out of the blue a friend asked me if I had been sleeping with a different boy. I was shocked. He was someone I was friendly with, that was it. But in Northern Ireland at that time, in common with all peasant societies, if a woman is viewed as “loose” she becomes fair game. A male had been enhancing his own reputation on the basis of lies and putting me at risk in the process, and damaging my reputation in any case. I became cautious about any social interaction with men. After all, I had only talked to him.

In one of my first jobs a superviser arranged for everyone in the small office to be away and spent the entire afternoon pestering me for sex. After that I was cautious about where I worked, avoiding situations where I would be alone with a man.

When I went to university I was stalked by strangers. This was a mystery as I was too poor to socialise and met very few students. In addition where I lived was out of the way and not easy to find.

Often when I found a suitable place with good neighbours, other working or retired people, a disruptive person would move in and drive the good neighbours away with noise, vandalism and bringing numerous shady characters to the house.

So, this pattern recurred. Attack – retreat. I retreated at school, in the community, at work, yet still got intimidated in my own home.

When women are harassed, abused, attacked, raped and murdered there is always this undercurrent. Was she “looking for trouble”?  Was she dressed like a pro? Did she hang out in venues where sexual predators hunt? Was she naive in her social associations?

So this is my experience. Male bullies, older and total strangers, sought me out at school, and the teachers didn’t act against them. The social norms of North Irish peasant society does not condemn men for misogyny and abusing women in public. Male sexual pests at work are protected. I am not pretty and have never done anything to enhance my attractiveness. I avoided pick up joints. I chose carefully where I lived – yet from childhood, through teens, through adult life in every setting – the street, at university, at work and in my own home I have been stalked, hounded and persecuted by men – mostly total strangers.

Women are not attacked because they did anything wrong. My experience proves to me that men are the problem. Society has no interest in the problem. Women are abused, socially excluded and attacked for no other reason than they are women.

Why is this not included under Hate Crime?