Why do gang stalkers practice luring Targets to isolated places where they are stranded for hours?

The answer is, I don’t know. This is another gang stalking mystery. I have only known about “gang stalking” in the last couple of years, although I knew I was being stalked while at university in the seventies and was puzzled by other odd events at the time which did not make sense.

After I found the gang stalking formula on the web I realised I had been a life long Target, and gang stalking explained many other odd events which have continuously blighted my life – slander, blocked in education and jobs, and endless stream of noisy, anti-social criminal neighbours, who stole, left communal doors open and broke security gates, etc etc.

Looking back over 45 years patterns became obvious. Some I have been able to find some sort of explanation for – persecution such as blacklisting is obvious. Spreading the lie that a woman is a prostitute then making sure all the sex perverts in the area have her address, plus moving rapists, wife batterers and prostitutes into the same address imply trafficking, setting the woman up for attack and conscription into prostitution.

But there is one pattern I cannot find an explanation for. Other than criminal. And that is the pattern of luring the person away to a remote area where they cannot easily get away from if they don’t have personal transport such as a car.

I am a very cautious person. Not because of gang stalking which I did not know about until recently, but it is my character and upbringing. I have always limited my social life on the basis of safety. I am very unwilling to go anywhere especially in the evenings when I am not absolutely sure how I am getting home. My caution is automatic and unthinking. I always stay well within conventional boundaries in every activity. Adventurous I am not.

Yet looking back over my life in the light of gang stalking I was startled to notice on just how many occasions I was lured to remote locations where I could not leave from without the cooperation of the person who lured me there. So how did this happen to a non risk taking perfectly conventional person?

A bus – a completely standard public bus, instead of letting me off at the last stop close to my home (in the countryside) detoured a mile further out into the country completely off its route and just parked. Just sat there. Then after a long wait drove me back to the correct bus stop.

What does this mean? That public transport is not safe?

Similar things happened with my late  husband and I on our many holidays to Malta. I now realise the heading for this is the “phoney coach tour”.

We booked a standard boat trip to the island of Gozo. The trip was supposed to include visits to several places on the island. What happened was the coach took our party to a remote beach – then drove away and left us there for several hours. When it came back it stopped briefly at a church which we could not see because “we had run out of time”.

On another holiday, on another tour we were left at a small village for several hours. On that occasion we had booked the tour the previous day and were supposed to be picked up at our hotel. The coach didn’t come, so we phoned the company and a driver came out and connected us to the coach group – so it appeared, but they were a rum lot whose conversations were a bit strange.

On another occasion after visiting friends who lived in Milieha, the friend took us to a bus stop to get back into Bugibba, but there was no bus for several hours. As the friend lived in Milieha, he knew that.

Just a few examples. The pattern is, you are engaged in perfectly conventional activities with reputable businesses – a bus passenger, a holiday tour with a bona fide firm – and you are taken to an area where you are physically isolated – not having a car to drive away in – for several hours.

What is the purpose? What is the objective of practicing this luring to a remote spot and isolating the target? Can you think of any non-criminal purpose in practising this activity? Because the only purposes I can think of in such an activity are all criminal. Women get raped and murdered in isolated locations. Our usual response to this is – what were they doing there? Perhaps they had done nothing unconventional at all. Perhaps they had acted completely normally and safely, just got on a bus or a standard coach tour and they were brought to that location. People disappear, are kidnapped. Seems this taking people to a remote area  does for that too. People get mugged, robbed and murdered.

What lawful reason could there be for luring people to isolated remote areas?

Why would gang stalkers practise this technique?

In other blogs I have noted the similarity between gang stalkers behaviour and human sexual traffickers. Is this a method for kidnapping women and forcing them into prostitution. A woman goes on holiday to an area she believes to be safe – and just disappears?