Are the methods of gang stalking a distraction to conceal its real purpose?

Here I am proposing another speculative theory about the purpose and methods of gang stalking.

Consider this situation. Supposing the “authorities” are behind gang stalking, that is the police and security services, and they wish to monitor and personally and socially “neutralise” a category of people they have no justification in monitoring because those people are not criminals, not mentally unstable and no threat to the public, how could they set about this without drawing attention to what they are doing? That is harassing law abiding members of the public without justification?

The first question naturally is, who would such people be?

This is a speculative theory which is a minority view among Targeted Individuals.

There used to be a page on the UK site targeted-individuals, the site put up by UK Gulf War Veterans, which referred to the historical practice of rulers to employ, presumably also seek out and conscript, “psychics” using whatever term you wish to use to describe them whether witches, magis, mystics, spiritual gurus, etc. From Saul in the Old Testament, to Herod who intercepted the “three wise men” to Rasputin or the Nazi researches into the occult, this practice has a long history and has continued into the present day with the post-war para-normal research carried out both by the Soviets and the Americans. By the way, there is no point in looking for the page. Last time I looked it had been removed.

Some TI’s have commented that people targeted by gang stalkers are often notably virtuous people, people as far from criminals and trouble makers as you are going to get.

Some TI’s have pronounced spiritual tendencies, and complain that their simple practices of peaceful meditation are constantly interrupted by noise and other distractions just as they feel they are about to “make a connection”.

Some TI’s are people of strong religious faith and understanding.

Before I changed my handle to Conartistocracy it was Prayerwarriorpsychicnot. That was because I was a Prayerwarrior. I am not now because I surrendered my gift rather than risk having it be used against its purpose – for evil. Here I am not going to try and explain to you what a Prayerwarrior is or what they do or how they do it. You either have religious beliefs or awareness or you do not. If you don’t you don’t know what I would be talking about. But people who do have religious beliefs and have spiritual awareness will know what I am talking about. And they can understand why a government might wish to search out occult capabilities in order to use them and would also wish to conscript the antidote – the religious prayer people who can counter occult abilities.

As I said, this is a minority theory. But if true it would explain the method of gang stalkers slandering a category of Targets as criminals in order to justify their 24/7 monitoring and on-going harassment in order to make the surveillance activity seem reasonable and distract surrounding people from asking the question – why are the authorities persecuting that law-abiding person?