If you are not paranoid, you should be

Gang stalking targets are subjected to behaviour which would make any normal person paranoid.  When strangers in the street talk about your private life, when domestic and work tools are sabotaged the moment you take your eyes off them, when you meet bureaucratic obstruction at every turn and are conned and cheated repeatedly. You would not be normal if you did not become paranoid in these circumstances. And becoming paranoid your behaviour becomes peculiar which seems to bear witness to the truth of the lies spread about you, that you are some kind of criminal, or mentally unbalanced.

In my case a mental glitch, namely a less than normal fear response or survival reflex, which means I can’t engage in hazardous activities such as driving or looking after children, means I don’t get paranoid.  I might get annoyed, fed up, bored, or disgusted, but the foundation of fear necessary to fuel the emotional state of paranoia seems to be beyond me.  In the gang stalking situation this is an advantage.  Despite the weirdness in my immediate vicinity, (think The Prisoner inthe village) my behaviour carries on as normal.  I am not paranoid where I should be.  But this can be a disadvantage.  It is not my normal outlook to be suspicious of people, nor am I the quick-witted type who can think on their feet.

This morning an odd thing happened.  A gentleman of the road whom I had seen about happened to pass me on the street and asked if I could fasten a necklace he had around his neck.  It was quite unusual.  Some kind of totemic type object,but the chain was clearly even to my ignorant eye, antique gold.  I did as requested wondering if this was to create photo footage of me in close proximity to a tramp for some obscure purpose, but the value of the necklace caused me to think further.

Given as my behaviour remains ‘normal’ despite the gang stalkers antics, my prime suspicion now is that they are trying to frame me for crimes or acts I have not committed.

Being the non-paranoid fool that I am I have just put my fingerprints on a gold necklace.

Ah dear.  All in the life of a gang stalking target.  Even treating other people normally can be used as a weapon against you.