1. Joe · November 27, 2015

    Is there a way to directly speak with you I am also targeted.

    • conartistocracy · November 28, 2015

      I had a lot of problems when I last gave me email out so I no longer do. What I usually do is ask if you have your own blog – that is the best way to get your story out and become known to other targets. By all means use this comment space for exposing what is happening to you.

  2. Messenger · August 27, 2017
    • conartistocracy · August 29, 2017

      Your angle on who gets gang stalked I have never soon so lucidly expressed before, namely women fleeing abusive relationships. Perhaps this particular angle might suggest that one of the objectives of gang stalking is the sexual exploitation of women, namely trafficking and conscription into prostitution? (My theory). I only discovered about gang stalking a few years ago. I am a pensioner. I now realise that from when I was stalked by strangers when a student at university, through being defamed as a criminal and a prostitute to everyone I met, through prostitutes being located at the same multiple resident address, through being stalked by strangers at several addresses, through rapists and wife batterers moving in next door, and a young woman that I worked for in a charity shop being defamed to her family, and raped – that these events over a period of 40 years were not coincidental – unless society is totally saturated with sex perverts. Alongwith attempts to prevent me getting work, and being sexually harassed and having my work sabotaged. The pattern which you have identified rings true. And, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

  3. JD · October 15, 2017

    Do you hear what seems like really low voices of people that are not helpful? Email me if you can plz, jd20179900@gmail.com.

    • conartistocracy · October 17, 2017

      Hi, JD, I don’t do email replies. I believe the technology to transmit if that is the right word – thoughts? – exist. There is not a lot of info about it on the web. Might still be an experimental area? Many TI’s believe, with some justification that they are used as test subjects for various things. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I will keep a look out for any solid science in the area and put it on my site if I find it.
      Regarding you might think you are suffering this, I am assuming you have not been diagnosed with a medical problem – the usual excuse. I once came across a book in the religious/occult section in a library about hearing voices. The author suggested they mean you harm and to ignore them. Unfortunately I did not read the book, and later when I thought there might be some point in reading it, I couldn’t find the book.
      And the other possibility of course is no one has come up with a satisfactory explanation for how all of us think We all hear an internal voice, as if of our own thoughts (but how do we know they are our own?). But if the voices are different – such as a different sex – perhaps being TI’s and being aware that mind games are played against us, we should exercise extreme scepticism and caution.
      If I find anything relevant to this topic, I will reblog it.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Targeted · March 25

    Your blog is eye opening. The symptoms of CO poisoning were spot on. I shared a link to your blog on my post here –

    We are experiencing weird things in our new rented place where as luck would have it landlord kind of nailed the windows shut so they are just window frames that won’t open.

    I hope that is alright. Thank you for sharing all this. Every other source talks about laser beams coming out of the sky and brain implants. I thought I was going to lose my mind looking for one sane voice.

    • conartistocracy · March 29

      Hi. Thanks for comment. Talking about creepy events, I wondered why at several addresses the landlord created a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. ? Reminded me of the caravan burglars who gassed the residents into unconsciousness in order to rob them.

  5. Targeted · April 5

    Yes, upon further research it seems like that happens a lot in the UK where you are I guess. Where I live such methods are less common. But it’s a great way to fool the TIs into thinking they are being attacked by impossible science fiction technologies.

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