Gang stalkers War of Attrition

Gang stalkers surround-sound harassment, and infiltration and sabotage of every part of the Target’s life, amounts to a War of Attrition against the target.

No human being is perfect. We all have incomplete knowledge, weaknesses, areas of ignorance, physical failings and mental quirks, lack of expertise and a tendency to make mistakes. And we all have to go through the condition of being children and being young, mistake-prone stages of our lives. But in normal life, we all muddle through. We make minor mistakes often, but we also  correct and cover for them.  Also we experience mutual assistance  with others. We turn a blind eye to other people’s small mistakes and they do the same for us. By the time we are adults a normally socialised adult has too much self-respect to commit crimes, even minor ones, and we have developed procedures for preventing big problems. So we muddle through.

But a Target lives in a Murphy’s Law Universe, where the normal fuzzy logic which allows not quite perfect performance to be effective, applies. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And if there is more than one way for something to go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst possible way.  Gang stalkers are the people who compel their Targets to live in a Murphy’s Law universe.

The core of gang stalkings persecution of the Target  is social sabotage. Have you ever watched a parent trying to prepare a meal with a child harassing them? A task of reasonable difficulty becomes extremely difficult while the parent’s attention is distracted from what they are doing to warn the child to stay away from the hot cooker, or the sharp knife or the hot tap, while the parent is simultaneously concentrating on a particular task, remembering the sequence of events, remembering which ingredients to use, staying aware of timing, and trying not to drop anything while the child gets under their feet. All accompanied by listening to the child’s brainless attempts at conversation and interspersed with asking when is dinner going to be ready.

In such circumstances, mistakes are likely to be made and accidents ranging from the minor to the serious can happen.

I avoided having children because I found  the prospect of living in the permanent environment of chaos which children manufacture, intolerable. But never mind. I didn’t get to miss out on the experience because adult gang stalkers manufacture the same conditions.

Imagine living in a world where you are permitted no margin for error, even unimportant ones which are standard in life. Where you are expected to be perfect at all times. You, of course, don’t get perfection from others. In time what you give out to people is good, but in return you get unapologetic rubbish. You keep the rules in school, you are a good student and get victimised by the teachers. You go into a shop to buy something, not steal, and for your money you are fobbed off with stale or defective goods.  You treat others with respect and courtesy. In return they exclude you, insult you and lie about you. You play by the rules, but everyone in your vicinity is breaking them “and blaming it on you”. Every mistake, from childhood on, is spotlighted and is never forgotten. Anything good, useful, constructive, successful that you do, is ignored. The truth about you is derided but lies about you are believed. It is like living in a school playground your whole life through. The people around you if they ever reached adult maturity and civilised standards, don’t act as if they have, not when they are around you.

Everybody makes mistakes.  People can be set up for making mistakes by the actions of others. Being overloaded at work. Being denied customary support. Being subjected to harassment by problem people such as noisy neighbours and confrontational people. When that does not bring about that person’s failure direct sabotage can be employed, vandalising the Target’s equipment in the workplace, and their rented accommodation so that they look like an anti-social tenant. The Target’s reputation can be smeared. But a Target who continues to give good work performance despite the sabotage, and lives down the smears can be set up for a crime they did not commit, and if all else fails committed to a mental asylum on trumped up charges.

Of course it is not accidental. It is a war of attrition directed at working class people, women and ethnic groups who show the potential to succeed. People who play by the rules and could win if the rules were upheld can only be made to lose by those around them breaking the rules. To keep you “in your place” they don’t play fair. There are a lot of vested interests supported by prejudice and discrimination in society. Men are protected from competition from women with social exclusion, social marginalising, sexism, bullying and stalking. The middle class are protected from competition from the working class by stigmatising all working class people as criminals (whereas middle class white collar crime makes the middle class society’s major thieves). Also social exclusion, social marginalisation, bullying and open patronage and mockery. Ethnic groups also experience all of these, but the social sabotage is primarily directed at the best people within these groups, not the groups in general. When you target the whole group the  group will develop a collective reality appraisal of their situation and band together and help each other. If you don’t target the whole group you can pretend that discrimination is not occurring and the individuals who complain of it are “deluded”. So you have isolated them from group protection and can pick them off as individuals.

To keep an entire group/class oppressed you only need to destroy the relatively small number of intelligent, talented and those with leadership potential.

The strategy of taking out the competition before it becomes competition.


A site with many insights on state persecution, the establishment  and classism is created by British first Gulf War veterans.




Just because you are not interested in war does not mean that war is not interested in you.

For some people playing by the rules gets you precisely nowhere. You are taught, these are the rules, these are the moral boundaries, don’t be a nuisance to other people, get an education, work hard and everything will turn out right. But this formula is wrong. It is not the key to success because it omits a crucial element – the hostility of other people.

I can only write this from my own perspective, my own experience as a working class white woman. I have experience enough to know that most and all and then some of what I have experienced is also the experience for black people and ethnic women .  The common ground is a kind of caste system being applied to all of us which is next to impossible to escape.

You might not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Just because you have been raised to respect others and treat others equally, to be honest and not cheat, does not guarantee that those around you are operating on the same principles. Why should a man respect the honour of a woman lower status to himself when that gets in the way of him having sex? Why should a middle class man or woman treat a working class woman on the basis of her work and education when doing so means she might compete them out of a job or a promotion?  Some prejudice is just simple minded bigotry. Sometimes it is just human nature. It is more convenient to get rid of the competition rather than compete with it.

Playing by the rules often means your qualifications are ignored, you are expected to work harder than anyone else on the lowest rank for the lowest pay, often with contempt and you will never get promoted whatever you do. Your lowly ambition to just get off the bottom rung threatens everyone on the rungs above. It is in everybody’s interests to keep you where you are. In addition being a woman is a huge incentive to all those males in society who see you as a money-making opportunity for them. Criminals are greedy, lazy, immoral, opportunist egotists and you, their “inferior” by the situation of being female are a potential gold mine.

So there you are. Starting out in life from a good background with good parents who  have done all they can to teach you the right way to live and how to get on in society. But they didn’t tell you professional advancement is not walking up steps, but scaling a wall topped with barbed wire and watchtowers with sentries with floodlights. They didn’t tell you that many of the predators and parasites in society have got you at the top of their list of fair game. And the establishment protects them but couldn’t care less about you. And nobody will help. Nobody will even admit that there is a problem. After all, it is not a problem for them. That not being prejudiced against others provides no defence against their prejudice against you .  And not being paranoid is no guarantee that they will not come after you .

All women know that being a woman causes problems that men don’t have. You have extra problems, extra vulnerabilities and extra obstacles to overcome to achieve your objectives. But if my experience is anything to go by, getting an education, and working harder is counter productive. The more you try to get ahead the more power is exercised against you to push you back, and the same social forces that do not allow you to increase your status whatever you do,  are unrelenting in  working to push you down further .

When I was young I viewed young radicals with bemusement. I really didn ‘t understand. I thought they were wrong.

I was wrong.

If you belong to certain classes of people society’s rules don’t work. You will never get credit for your education or respect for your character or work . You are not on the bottom rung of the ladder from where you can climb higher. You are not on the ladder at all. All that will be offered to you is slave work for slave pay  and conditions and slave contempt.  If you have children their destiny is the same and you have produced a hostage and a slave driver.

What can you do when society decides to become your enemy?

At the very least withdraw support from all your oppressors. Withdraw respect.


Have nothing worth taking and defend it like Fort Knox.  And as a woman never forget that there are sexual predators among the men and you have not been equipped with a reliable tool to determine who the predators are. If you trust any of them, you are gambling and the cost of losing can be high. Nine times out of ten the risk is not worth taking.

If you are a woman cultivate distrust of your sexual and reproductive instincts. They are your enemy. . They have been designed for the good of the race, not your well-being. They will probably betray you. Women who have followed their instincts have ended up dead , very physically damaged, abused and enslaved. Face facts. Your feelings lie. If you are aware of this, but cannot get the monkey off your back, some women find hormonal contraception quells their sex and broody drive. Depo-provera correctly taken will guarantee no “accidental” pregnancies . Depo-provera prevents ovulation, so nothing is being killed.

Don’t knock yourself out, it will get you nowhere . Anything you have of value, and that includes personal qualities there are people eager to take it from you . It is safer to not have anything of value for anyone else to exploit . Become suspicious. Most people you meet will only be there to exploit you. Become self-sufficient in every way possible, including emotionally. But avoid becoming excellent at anything as that will make you a target for exploitation.  Be alert to others damaging your interests, and if they are more socially powerful look for ways you can weaken them. Your experience is other people’s strength will be used against you.  Learn from their methods and play them back. Identify your enemy, the people who are a danger and detriment to you . You have been put into a situation where you cannot win. So change the game. The objective is to make those who won ‘t allow you to win, to lose. There is satisfaction in that .