Gang stalkers provide their targets with dyslexic computers

Have a gander at this copy.


Somebody just learning to type? Dyslexic? Drinking something other than tea?

Actually, I typed it, or rather my computer did.

When I left school I worked for a number of years as a copy typist, and I was good at it. Fast and accurate. Then I trained to be a Code Desk Operator with the Royal Mail. 200 key strokes per minute, 98% accuracy, or you got a visit from your supervisor.  So, yes. I can type.

The sample above is typical of the garbage I get EVERYTIME I set finger to keyboard. (Fortunately I have also worked as a Proofreader and I was good at that too. )

Anybody hear of a computer fault which scrambles completely accurate typing to exchange correct words with random words, inserts letters, spaces, punctuation and capital letters at random, deletes words, inserts extra syllables (stutters), alters correct grammar for incorrect grammar (randomises prepositions, and alters tenses)?

Obviously typing becomes slow, laborious, and I must carefully proofread everything.

You can read the corrected story on “Tales of Unwise Paths” titled “The Secret of Their Success”.


Right, this is interesting. I put a copy of the link for the story from the story edit page, so you can see the link is accurate. But when you use it, you get “Not Found”. Could it be someone doesn’t want you to read the story? Why? It is fiction. The “true” story of Cinderella.

Nor does it show on Google search.

OK, as it seems you might have problems accessing the story, here it is.