When gang stalkers take over –


.    Criminals, criminal looking/acting types will move in.   There will be a lot of noise.

.    Neighbours will sell up and move. There will be a lot of building work as the newly changed ownership houses will be extended and renovated.  Bed sits will be upgraded into expensive flats.  Houses changed from bed-sit accommodation into expensive Guest Houses.

.      The original house will change ownership and be upgraded.

Poor people, ordinary working people and retired people will no longer live in the area, having been priced out.



.    The previously high quality, reasonably priced service will gradually deteriorate.

.     Long-term staff will leave. Jobs will be cut. New cheaper staff, often immigrants will be brought in as they can be made to work harder, longer, in worse conditions for lower wages.

.     Previously high standards for food will deteriorate. Customers will complain about the quality and preparation. Broken facilities will be left broken. The place will become dirty.

.     The highest tariff possible will be charged.

Local people who previously worked there will be forced to move away to look for work. Another good value hotel providing a good service to ordinary working and retired people, lost.


.    The business will become corrupted.  An honest, reliable good service can no longer be relied on.  Where the service deals with confidential records, confidentiality will be compromised.  Essential documentation will be “lost” or  information altered.  Communication will be delayed, hampered or break down completely. The customer can no longer depend on the service and complaints will be ignored and fobbed off.  Often the customer will be made out to be the problem.



.   If possible, the shop will be extended and upgraded.

.    Jobs will be cut, and opening hours increased. Long term local employees will often be laid off to be replaced by cheaper, more easily exploited migrants.

Workers will work longer hours, have more duties, will lose any “perks”.

.     Cheap ranges of goods will be abandoned completely or greatly reduced. The shop will stock more high profit items. There will be little good value for the customer.

The end result will be jobs for local workers will be lost and those that remain will find their work conditions greatly deteriorated.   The shop will price out many poor and lower income customers such as pensioners.


The infiltration of accommodation and businesses start when someone posing as or actually being a member of the police or security services, invites the cooperation of the landlord/business owner to cooperate with the surveillance and harassment of an ordinary member of the public whom he slanders with lies that that person is a dangerous criminal/terrorist/drug dealer/prostitute/paedophile.

The recruited person is then completely under the “authority’s” control and cannot tell anyone what is happening because it is “national security”.

Having observed the above consequences of gang stalking infiltration, and being the person lied about, I cannot see what the connection between the above consequences has got with “national security”.




Gang stalking – life sabotage and white collar crime

People not being gang stalked must think Targeted Individuals are a load of hyper-sensitive whingers, who imagine that the common annoyances of 21st century life that affect everybody, is a conspiracy to annoy them. What they overlook is that the entire field of the Target’s experience has been effectively completely land-mined, so whatever direction they go, they experience aggravation or run into trouble.

Common sense advises walk away from trouble, avoid danger-prone situations, always keep the rules, and with a bit of intelligence and foresight problems can be avoided.

Keep the rules – then the authorities have no reason to take an interest in you, and other people are not annoyed and so retaliate. This does not work if you are a Target . You kept the rules, but the authorities decided to meddle with your life anyway. You did nothing to offend anyone else, but other people go out of their way to give you grief. But agreed. This is not a unique experience for TIs. There have always been groups and individuals in society who have been subjected to unprovoked persecution from their communities. Jews, blacks, the poor, old people living on their own, the village idiot. But in the civilised, urbanised West we thought we had outgrown the bigoted gratuitous savagery of small-minded peasants, to a tolerance, respect and compassion for all people. Fairness. Evidently, those who manage gang stalking reject civilised values and respect for law in favour of tribalism, bigotry, and random persecution of the undeserving. The traditional methods of corrupt governments to divert the social tensions they cause onto scapegoats.

Working class people adapted various strategies for living effectively, safely and sometimes successfully in a society which denied them any advantages and left them with no safety margin. Close to subsistence in earnings, thrift and conservation of resources become second nature. Possessions are treated with care as they are too expensive to replace. These values, respect for possessions and other people’s property are instilled in the young. I can still remember my parents harping on about looking after my clothes and being careful with any equipment I used with the refrain, if you break it we cannot fix it and we can’t afford to replace it.

Gang stalkers vandalise the Target’s property, spoiling clothes with tears or stains, damaging electrical equipment. For years before I knew I was being gang stalked I was baffled why new electrical items would stop working within a short time of purchase. Items that were highly reliable and would not break down with normal use. An oil-fired radiator. A steam cleaner. A washing machine. An iron. An essential part going missing from a new vacuum cleaner.

My late husband who loved classical music spent a long time researching what hi-fi system to buy, looking at cost, performance and reliability. Within a few months of purchase the radio tuner became mal-functioning, and the CD slot stopped working. We were both completely baffled. There were no children in the household to give a normal explanation for the wrecking. He had gone to a lot of trouble to buy a highly reliable item and paid a premium for it. He then had the ongoing nuisance of getting these ongoing problems fixed, gave up listening to the radio out of frustration, and reduced to a minimum the amount of time he listened to music as the aggravation wasn’t worth it. Is it too much to ask, after you have finished a day’s work, you return to a shoe-box located by a noisy road, surrounded by inconsiderate, noisy neighbours, to listen to high quality music on a sound system you have legitimately bought out of honest earnings? What is the excuse for meddling in anyone’s private life in this way? And by the way, if you think, that’s OK, poor people live like that, we weren’t poor. We were two working adults, no dependents, no debts, our joint annual income was £45k plus, and were it not for living in shit-hole London, we would have had a decent quality of life (trapped by my husbands work).

To give an idea of the cost and comparative quality of life in London, against other areas, our rent on a bed-sit converted to flat by putting a wall down the middle, beside a main artery into London, where the traffic was non-stop, 24/7, in a not-nice area, with horrible, noisy, anti-social neighbours, whom the landlord liked because Housing Benefit was paying the rent and he could get £1,000 a month from them, was £635pm. A relative of my late husband in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, one of the most upmarket towns in England, was paying the same amount for her mortgage on a three-bed semi-detached house, with gardens front and back and garage, in a cul-de-sac, in a nice area.


At work, the amount of kitchen equipment that broke down, or developed mal-functions over a 17 year period, is too numerous to mention. When the old, but highly reliable gas oven was replaced, somebody stole one of the shelves, leaving me with only one shelf to cook on. As the oven was of unusual dimensions the shelf couldn’t be replaced. Although the oven was new it had the unusual fault that the gas would somehow turn itself off, turning off the flame, then restart. I would return to find uncooked food, but gassed through, just as the customers were lining up. I would stock the freezer with supplies for the week ahead to find someone had left the door slightly open, even though there was no reason for anyone else to go near the freezer.   Wheels on postmen’s trollies are the area where faults most often develop. The frame on my trolley broke, the only instance of that occurring in the office.

At my husbands work, they would get streams of awkward customers, but as neither my late husband or his boss were the forelock tugging variety, they were given short shrift so that problem abated.

The aggravation is ongoing and affects every area of your life. Life-sabotage. Equipment being vandalised at work is an expense to your employer, undermines your work efficiency, and makes you look like a feckless nutter who can’t look after equipment. Damage to personal property is an ongoing nuisance and destroys the service the equipment was supposed to provide. If you take all your damaged equipment back to the shop you are developing a reputation as a nuisance customer who habitually wrecks equipment. If not you are left with non-working junk which you have to dispose of, or malfunctioning equipment which is frustrating to use, or go to the trouble and expense of buying a new item – and the same thing might happen again.

Plainly such activities serve no National Security purpose. So it must have another purpose.

Thirty-five years ago my first boyfriend was conned out of £40,000.  Previous landlords were afflicted with criminal tenants, welfare fraudsters, prostitutes, noise pests, and ended up losing their houses. Other people connected to my husband or myself lost their businesses and homes. My sister and I lost thousands of pounds in the sale of our late mother’s house due to a housing scam. There are signs to suggest that I am being targeted for Identity Theft. And these are just the things I know about. In addition, there are signs that the history of myself and husband and family are being re-written.  Records are being changed. The house sales which occurred in Glenhugh Park, Ahoghill, where three sellers sold their properties approximately £20,000 below their market value – there exists no record on the net that ANY sales took place, nor any record of what prices the houses were sold for. So you have people who can carry out a housing scam, then conceal the evidence. I noticed while researching that my late mothers house was up for sale. I checked the site as I was curious about the asking price. I got a message saying the post had been removed.

No, gang stalking has got nothing to do with National Security. It has plenty to do with white-collar crime.

But why vilify the victims?  To conceal the real crime. It is in part distraction, like a magicians sleight of hand. Like gypsies distraction pick-pocketing and thefts. Create a sea of confusion and while everyone’s attention is focused on non-existent bogey-men, and the bizarre events attached to gang-stalking, make off with the loot. Everyone is looking in the wrong direction. The Target has already had the guilt for the crime they have nothing  to do with, attributed to them. People feel they need look no further. The Target is the fall guy.


Gang stalkers gaslighting – how it works

Divide and control


manipulation of communications and lies

cognitive dissonance

displacement and scapegoating


The gang stalking controller manipulates everybody. The methods used in the gang stalking game are evolved out of police methods for dealing with criminals, but instead being used against the law abiding. In the case of the police dealing with a target criminal, due to criminals expertise in eluding the law, the police developed the tactic of identifying the criminal’s associates – lover, friend, family, social circle and so on, and in order to trap the criminal, encircle him by exerting pressure on those close to him. In this way disrupting the criminal’s social support, isolating him, and by breathing down the neck of his associates, alienating them from giving support.

Somewhere along the line some clever person worked out the same techniques could be even more profitably directed against the law abiding. Profitably because an expertise of criminals is either hiding their ill-gotten gains, or squandering them immediately, so you may catch the criminal but getting hold of his assets is another game entirely. Whereas law-abiding people’s resources can be plainly identified by the associated legitimate paper work. And law abiding people spend most of their waking hours in building up substantial assets, such as buying a home or savings or a pension. Someone who has worked for thirty years and longer is likely to be worth pillaging.

The game starts with the selection of the faux criminal, the central character of the octopus like con. This person is Bait, to snare the gang stalking recruits into the gang stalking cult, within which they will be enslaved and stripped of all their legitimately earned resources. Any con artist cult has the main problem of getting people to join. It is standard cult practice, therefore, to recruit under a false flag. The gang stalking con is selecting an ordinary, non-criminal, member of the public, and then follow up all their social contacts with the invention that that person is a heinous criminal, and the potential recruit is needed to help with surveillance. Your country needs you!

The selection process requires that the Bait, not be a criminal, because for the con to run it requires someone who won’t commit a crime and be sent to jail – that would end the game prematurely. Also a person who was actually dangerous, a real criminal, or a real mentally disturbed person might react violently against his stalkers and this would also finish the game prematurely before the assets had been accessed. Also the Bait cannot be an innately frightening person, as when people are frightened it focuses their attention on the situation. The manipulating controllers cannot afford for their target recruits to think.

The potential gang stalking recruits are the ones being duped, and their prejudices will have been assessed to push their buttons. Middle class people have a smug sense of their own superiority to working class people. Their self-image includes that they alone are honest, trustworthy, have a work ethic, are moral, and are intelligent, well-educated and cultured. They often deny the existence of these qualities in working class people and when they see them, feel threatened by them. Their stereotypes of working class people include laziness, immorality, dishonesty, slovenliness, criminality, fecklessness, and so forth. They are inclined to conflate working class with criminal class.

So there are two sides to the selection process of the Bait. For practical reasons they must be law-abiding, mentally balanced and unlikely to be violent, and innately non-threatening. They must also be people who have limited means to protect themselves from the persecution they will be subjected to. And they must be people that when lies are told about them asserting that they are criminals, those lies will be believed. The Bait are therefore mainly selected from working class and ethnic women, gay men, and people with mental disorders or lower intelligence, who will be least likely to retaliate violently.

Once the gang stalker controllers have selected their Bait, and recruited everyone the Bait has any contact with, they start to play the gang stalker recruits against the Bait. The recruits have only been recruited because they believe the Bait is really a criminal. Cognitive dissonance is exploited here. What is most likely true – that a higher status professional in law enforcement is conning you, or that that low status person, who in your view already is a member of the criminal strata of society, is a criminal? Ordinary, law-abiding people have next to no experience of criminals or police/spies. They respect authority and suppose that police/secret services are there to protect them and to catch criminals. The recruited gang stalkers origins tend to be relatively lower class themselves, although higher than the Bait. They predominantly come from working class or lower middle-class people who have made good. They have been financially successful, often against the odds, but they lack the social rank, and the social knowledge of the higher social classes, which could protect them.

The next problem for the gang stalking controllers is to keep the stalkers convinced of the lie that the Bait is a criminal, when they are not, and are also most often a very inoffensive person. This is where gaslighting is employed. Gaslighting is the tactic of committing a criminal, anti-social or immoral act, and then manipulating the situation to make it look as if your Target was responsible. For instance, the Baits landlord has been told the bait is a criminal, but the Target never does anything wrong. So it is arranged that someone enters the bait’s accommodation when the bait is out, and vandalises the property, or leaves filth. This provides confirming evidence that the Bait is a feckless, anti-social person who does not conform to normal behaviour. If the Bait has a job, their work equipment will be vandalised. The Target Bait, meanwhile, will be continuously harassed to try and get them to act out. Someone will be in the vicinity with a camera to make a record of this. This will be used as “evidence” that the bait is violent and/or mentally unstable.

Some Target Baits have expressed bewilderment at the hatred which gang stalkers express towards them. But the stalkers have been captured. They believe it is because of the bait, that their lives have been ruined. In fact it is the con artist controllers who have ruined their lives, but they are higher status and untouchable. Meanwhile the stalkers can harass the Bait to their hearts content. Gaslighting. The controllers are the problem, but the Target Bait gets the blame – the resentment is deflected onto the Bait who are made scapegoats for the controllers acts.



Gang stalker Housing Scams

Gang stalkers have an objective of getting control of housing. Their first move is when the (unconsenting and often unwitting) Target Bait moves into premises, those premises become a target for the gang stalkers acquisition.

Move one, is “the foot in the door”. Once the Target Bait has moved into the premises, the gang stalkers approach the owner and tell lies about the Target. The owner is then duped into cooperating with the gang stalkers whose next move is to place criminal tenants into the accommodation. These are a special category of criminal. Your real criminal, a burglar , thief, shop lifter, is likely to be quite discreet, blending in, not drawing attention to himself. These criminals are as high profile and as visible as possible. Often migrants are used as they are more visible. These tenants go out of their way to ensure everyone in their vicinity know about them (the opposite of normal criminal behaviour).

In one place I lived in, after the perfectly normal tenants down stairs had moved out, Turkish migrants moved in. They raped a local girl of limited intelligence. Her brother came to the flat and when they wouldn’t answer the door he stood outside and screamed at them “Why did you do it?”. They also kept a dog which they just abandoned leaving it to run round the area. When they moved out a partner who beat his girlfriend moved in, who would yell at me from below, when I moved around my flat (I am not noisy).

When I moved to join my husband in London, at first the other tenants were normal. We neither saw them nor heard them. Then there was a change of tenant on the ground floor. Late at night he would go to the front of the house and sharpen a large knife on the stone gate post. He left for a short period of time and lent his room to friends, who were prostitutes.

Drugs were posted to the house and the police investigated. . After the landlord turfed them out, a new tenant moved into a room at the top of the house. He was a major noise pest. He played loud music for hours at a time at top volume until he had driven his adjacent neighbour out. The house next door must have been affected too. He also had a noise sensitive girlfriend who complained that my husband slammed the front door when he went out. (not true). When the normal tenant upstairs had been driven out by the noise harassment a psychiatric nurse moved into his room, and he brought his work home with him. You could hear the poor critter moaning and whining non-stop upstairs. When the nurse got tired of him, he would just push him out into the hall to moan all night . When he wasn’t bringing his work home he was stamping around his room all night, running taps and banging cupboard doors.

Our landlord had to cut down a mature tree in his back garden because of complaints from a neighbouring house. The house was not near the tree, and there were lots of other trees in adjacent gardens which were not felled.

When an IRA man moved into the house, what was left of the normal tenants left. The landlord immediately converted the bed-sits to flats, at a huge increase in rent. Later his wife ran off with someone else – and took the house. The noise pest, who didn’t work and had no visible means of support then bought a flat for £75k.

In order to move quickly we took the first place we could find, while we looked for a permanent place. There were only two flats and we were downstairs, but the people above played their music for hours on end, and so loud that we could not hear our tv even at top volume. They also took turns over-running their bath so that water poured through our kitchen ceiling. Then I came home from work to find there had been a fire in the flat upstairs. The firemen had carefully heaped all our belongings under a taurpaulin to protect from the water which was still dripping through the ceiling. Then that landlord offered us to claim for our damaged possessions on his insurance. We declined pointing out we had not lost anything.  The flats were beautifully renovated with the insurance money.

We moved back to a bed sit, again with normal tenants. Within a couple of months of moving in an extreme noise pest moved in above, and the other tenants started to make plans to move out. At the same time the quiet cafe directly beneath us changed ownership to people who were running an all night disco, 6 nights a week. The high volume music would start at 6pm and usually went on to between 2-3am, sometimes 6am. I could not see how a 9-5 cafe, unlicensed, could become an overnight disco. I wrote to the Council enquiring what hours the place was licensed to sell alcohol, as obviously they were not selling orange juice at 2am. I received a fob-off answer. The house next door which was also affected by the noise was sold and immediately extended and renovated into expensive flats. At the same time a mature tree at the back of our flats next to that neighbours wall was felled.

When one of the normal tenants moved out, he was replaced by an African migrant. The house started to get a huge amount of post to people with African names who did not live there. Post arriving for tenants who did live there came with many variations on the names – Christian and surname reversed, mr to Miss, variations in spelling. When another flat became vacant another African moved in. She did not have any possessions, her door and the communal door was always left open, and someone kept breaking the outside security gate to the accommodation. Every few months these tenants kept changing, so they must have been living at other addresses. The police kept coming to the house looking for people with an African name, but the residents always denied knowing them. After several changes of tenant the original African lady came back. After a few months she stopped us in the hall and told us she had just had a baby. Our jaws dropped. She was a small slight woman who hadn ‘t looked the slightest bit pregnant. Later I passed another African woman of mature years, who seemed quite low in intelligence, telling the staff of the restaurant downstairs that she had just had a baby, but she didn’t have it anymore. The baby came and went. These same tenants overflowed the baths on several occasions flooding out the tenant beneath. She moved away.

I received a letter demanding I pay a fine for driving through a red light late at night in a neighbouring suburb. I don’t have a car and can’t drive. My medical records were mysteriously sent to the other side of London. My post was interfered with and packets stolen.

The house at the back of the flats was sold. A mature tree in his back garden was felled. Shortly after the new owner moved in the rubbish for all our flats, adjacent to his premises, caught fire. It was a huge blaze and looked as if it could spread to the adjacent properties. Fortunately it didn ‘t. A fire was started in the room adjacent to us. All the tenants had to leave the house. The tenant of the room where the fire started walked past me, she appeared to be wearing assorted bootlaces.

The owner of the house converted the bedsits into flats ( rents between £800 – £1,000 pcm. Housing Benefit paying – still African tenants). He had another business which he sold. Part of his previous shop became an advertising wall for an Estate Agents.


To summarise. When a Targeted Individual/Target Bait moves into a property, the gang stalkers follow. They lie to the owner in order to get access to the property, then they move criminals in engaged in high visibility crime/anti-social behaviour. The owner will be beset with problems caused by the problem tenants. His property will be vandalised, flats flooded by overflowing baths, noise complaints and arson events. Lies are also told to the owners of the adjacent properties. If the owners are resistant to persuasion a few arson events will be employed. The property owners sell at a discount and their properties are then extended, renovated and redeployed for maximum profit.

Note about trees

That gang stalkers like cutting down trees is a bit of a puzzle. One could suppose this is in support of their lie that the Target is a dangerous criminal and cutting down a tree is to provide a line of sight to the house. In the first house we lived at the front, the tree was in the back garden without public access. In the second house we were again at the front and the trees were at the back. It is more likely that the removal of the trees, from houses that the gangstalkers anticipate they will control, is to provide clear sight to spy on neighbouring houses.



Gang stalkers weird behaviour explained

1.     Replacing your clothing with identical items, but too small or too large.

Theory.         Framing perceptions. The stalkers have spread the lie that you are a drug user. You are not, so they have to provide “evidence” to back up their lie. Drug users often lose weight/gain weight. As a result their clothes do not fit.

2.      Replacing good quality clothing with a cheap copy.  Damaging/staining your clothes.

Theory.         Framing Perceptions. This is to invalidate your status as a mentally balanced, respectable working person. As well as financial attrition. This is to make your appearance fit whatever slander the stalkers have spread about you.  Appearance has a lot to do with credibility and social respect.

3.        Work colleagues follow you to the loo. Landlords walk into your flat without knocking.

Theory.    They have been told you are a drug user and advised to act this way in order to “catch you out”.  This is an indoctrination tactic. Those who have been duped into acting in these peculiar ways have to justify it to themselves by believing you are actually a drug user. Their own actions provide the “evidence” that this is true.

4.      Behaviour designed to “spook” you in public. Staring, trying to get a response to various “triggers”, conversations containing references to your private life.

Theory.     It is hard to behave in a normal way when the people around you don’t act in a normal way. These are all tricks to alter your behaviour to something that looks not normal or implies guilt. What is triggering your reaction is not visible to bystanders. Your reaction is. This can provide “evidence” that you are mentally unbalanced. Paranoid. And what word association do you have to the word “paranoid”? Schizophrenia. Alternatively, nervousness can be interpreted as guilt.

5.     Vandalising, misplacing and stealing your work tools.

Theory.     Sabotaging your work environment to destroy your credibility as a competent worker. To harass, put pressure on your manager/employer.

6.       Committing a crime or gaslighting behaviour at your place of work, and manipulating the situation to make you look responsible.

Theory.    Fabricating “evidence” that you are a criminal/crackpot, to back up slanders already spread about you.

7.       When you go out, women dressed like prostitutes will appear in your vicinity.

Theory.    Framing Perceptions. To provide visible “evidence” to support the slander that you are a prostitute (if female), pimp (if male).

8.      When you go out people who look “gay” will be in your vicinity, to support the lie that you are gay.

9.     When you go out children will be in your vicinity, to provide ” evidence” to support the slander that you are a paedophile.

10.     After you have moved into a multiple-occupancy address, prostitutes will take up residence at the same address.

Theory.    Framing Perceptions. To support the slander that you are a prostitute.

11.     After you have moved into a multiple-occupancy address, an extreme noise pest will move in driving out the other (normal) tenants. At the same time there might also be a noise-sensitive resident who complains about any noise you make, even though you are quiet. . They will be replaced with anti-social tenants who will be engaged in a variety of criminal behaviour, will behave in outrageous ways visible to the neighbours, will steal from you, attempt to intimidate you, engage in vandalism, flood the premises, and arson. Someone who is clearly insane may also take up residence.

Theory.    To destroy your peace in your home. To create an harassing and unpredictable and unstable environment. To socially isolate you. To discredit you by association. And to intimidate and put pressure on your landlord and neighbours.

12.      If you are in a relationship, you and/or your partner will be offered attractive alternatives.

Theory.    To break your relationship. To cause emotional distress which can disrupt your education or career. To isolate you and possibly set you up for a destructive/abusive relationship. To access you to swindle you out of your savings/home.

13.     Opportunities to commit crimes will be placed in front of you.

Theory.    To criminalise you and make you vulnerable to blackmail.

14.     Theft of personal photographs.

Theory.    To edit your history. To remove or fabricate evidence. To support Identity Theft.

15.     You attend the Doctor’s, but the receptionist tells you you are not registered, even though you have been their patient for 10 years. And your records have been sent to the other side of London.

Theory.    Altering medical records to support slanders made about you (drug taking, STDs, psychiatric problems). Identity Theft.

16.     An ethnic person will ask you for money on the street.

Theory.    If you give them something, this will be “evidence” that a drug deal took place.

17.     An ethnic person will blatantly queue jump you.

Theory.    If you remonstrate with them this will be made out to be “evidence” that you are racist.

18.     Documents will be stolen from your flat.

Theory.    Identity Theft.

19.     Your spouse/lover/closest friend/relative will be lured into committing an illegal act.

Theory.    For blackmail purposes either against them or you.

20.     You, your spouse/lover/closest friend/relative is swindled out of their house/business/savings.

Theory.    This is my theory, which a few other Targeted Individuals support, but most don’t – that gang stalking is a cult, for the primary purpose of swindling honest people out of all they possess. The Targeted Individual is the unconsenting Bait and scapegoat  and the vigilante harassment is a red herring to keep everyone distracted while the confidence game is played out over time.



I have been gang stalked since attending Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s, but I only discovered the term “gang stalking” last year. When I looked up gang stalking sites I found listed all the above activities which gang stalkers do, and I had experienced all of them.