The joke is on me

OR – Just because you DON’T believe they are after you, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

How would you feel if you’d reached retirement age only to discover you’d been played for a fool your whole life through?

A quick summary of where my tolerance got me, as I explained away persecution as separate, unconnected events.

.          At primary school for no apparent reason I alone was switched out of one teacher’s class to another, which meant I was streamed into an extremely bad (in the emotionally abusive sense) teacher’s class in a later year, and out of the alternative very good teacher’s class. That teacher made me his prime target for bullying that year and even tried to get the rest of the class to gang up against me in the playground.

I didn’t think anything of it. I never assumed a perfect world filled with perfect people and it didn’t occur to me to question what the school was doing. 

.            In one of my first jobs I was sexually harassed into leaving. As in the deputy manager cleared the office so that only myself and he were there, so he could pester me to his hearts content.

Again, it never occurred to me this might be targeted persecution to push me out of work. I put it down to bad luck, there are a lot of sexist men. 

.             At University after a policeman had gone out of his way to make my acquaintance by accosting one of my flat sharers on the grounds she had parked in the wrong place, (she had stopped in front of a shop to buy a pint of milk), the same policeman kept turning up, gave me an (unwanted) pile of porn mags and asked invasive questions about my sex life(which was virtually non-existent) suggesting “I should dress up”.  Soon after my remote terraced cottage was plagued by weird men who would have had to go out of their way frightening the lady on one side who sold up and the old man on the other who bought a guard dog .

A household I baby sat for started getting mysterious phone calls. One of the boys answered the phone and told me he knew who the caller was, a member of an IRA family.

I was turned down for post-graduate BEFORE taking my finals. Up till then I had been getting 1’s and high 2:1’s.

After University I applied for work in the area, but couldn’t get anything. I would go to interviews and there would be a police car parked outside and the prospective employer would act strange and refuse to interview.

When I moved to another area and got a job some policewomen came into the shop and spoke to the owner. After that the owner started asking me peculiar questions, like sometimes I appeared distracted. (I had been recently bereaved).

After I had had trouble finding work and so had spent some time unemployed, a relative I was not close to aggressively questioned me about “people who don’t want to work and spend their life on the dole”.

Working for a charity on a help-line I was on the night shift, when the new recruit came upstairs and jumped on me for sex. I went into a state of mental paralysis, as there was no warning. As I was not in a relationship at that time I was not on contraception and was thinking of the disastrous consequences of unmarried pregnancy in Ireland at that time. Abortion, available in UK was not available in Northern Ireland, and in the early 70’s illegitimacy involved total disgrace which would have extended to my parents also. Fortunately I did not get pregnant.

.        Regarding the police, I just assumed one bad apple. it did not occur to me that there was any reason for  the police to take an interest in me – as there wasn’t any reason to take an interest. I am not a criminal and then I was apolitical with zero interest in Irish politics. Nor was I Catholic, the usual excuse for unwarranted police meddling.

But I was mystified by the stalking. I was too poor to have a social life and didn’t know anybody.  

It did not occur to me to question the University as I supposed they were professionals and knew their job – but I was still mystified as to why I had been turned down.

The phone calls to the baby sitting house was weird and confused everyone – but I couldn’t connect it to anything.

It seemed that the police were preventing me from getting work. I could not think of any reason why they would do this. What has this got to do with policing?  Police visiting the shop where I had got a job was inexplicable. 

When I moved to England for work I had endless problems with neighbours. Good neighbours would move out to be replaced with women-abusing men, rapists and wife batterers. At two separate addresses I was stalked by threatening men who were complete strangers.

After a huge array of problems at two addresses, before we moved into the third, the worst place of all, my husband commented “Why are we so unlucky?”  We had moved from our first address when an IRA man moved in. Moved from the second when the people upstairs gutted the building with fire.

I did not think anything of my husband’s remark. I supposed, you live in London these are the problems you get. 

When my husband and I were priced out of London we moved to North Yorkshire. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer. For the first 9 months his care was exceptional. For the last three, it was the reverse. Medical staff appeared to be ignoring dramatic symptoms of obvious and treatable conditions. In despair I was resorting to a medical diagnostic, and repeatedly put his obvious symptoms in front of them – symptoms indicating heart failure, mini-stroke, etc, which they ignored. Only if I asked for specific treatments, such as a prescription for diuretics did they respond. His extra suffering in his last months was unnecessary.

It was only when the medical failures became obvious I started to question my husband’s treatment. After my husband passed I was subjected to such strange behaviour from one of his relatives I sought for an explanation on Wikipedia questions. I was told the odd behaviour was “gas lighting” and they also suggested I look at “mobbing”. When I checked these out I discovered “gang stalking” and found out a life time of “bad luck” had nothing to do with luck, but was being organised. In this context my problem was not “paranoia” but the absence of it. There was no reason for anyone to bother with me so I assumed I was experiencing random events.

So, how do you feel when you discover in old age you’ve been played for a fool your whole life through?

The only conclusion I can come to. NEVER TRUST AUTHORITY. Don’t be tolerant. Don’t accept bad apple excuses. When something goes wrong hunt it down to its source. Tell everyone what has happened. Turn a spotlight on the crooks. Find out what has happened to others and listen to them. The black community have borne the brunt of socially orchestrated persecution and they know more about how it works than anyone. Listen to them. They are telling the truth. Our rulers are lying.



When gang stalkers take over –


.    Criminals, criminal looking/acting types will move in.   There will be a lot of noise.

.    Neighbours will sell up and move. There will be a lot of building work as the newly changed ownership houses will be extended and renovated.  Bed sits will be upgraded into expensive flats.  Houses changed from bed-sit accommodation into expensive Guest Houses.

.      The original house will change ownership and be upgraded.

Poor people, ordinary working people and retired people will no longer live in the area, having been priced out.



.    The previously high quality, reasonably priced service will gradually deteriorate.

.     Long-term staff will leave. Jobs will be cut. New cheaper staff, often immigrants will be brought in as they can be made to work harder, longer, in worse conditions for lower wages.

.     Previously high standards for food will deteriorate. Customers will complain about the quality and preparation. Broken facilities will be left broken. The place will become dirty.

.     The highest tariff possible will be charged.

Local people who previously worked there will be forced to move away to look for work. Another good value hotel providing a good service to ordinary working and retired people, lost.


.    The business will become corrupted.  An honest, reliable good service can no longer be relied on.  Where the service deals with confidential records, confidentiality will be compromised.  Essential documentation will be “lost” or  information altered.  Communication will be delayed, hampered or break down completely. The customer can no longer depend on the service and complaints will be ignored and fobbed off.  Often the customer will be made out to be the problem.



.   If possible, the shop will be extended and upgraded.

.    Jobs will be cut, and opening hours increased. Long term local employees will often be laid off to be replaced by cheaper, more easily exploited migrants.

Workers will work longer hours, have more duties, will lose any “perks”.

.     Cheap ranges of goods will be abandoned completely or greatly reduced. The shop will stock more high profit items. There will be little good value for the customer.

The end result will be jobs for local workers will be lost and those that remain will find their work conditions greatly deteriorated.   The shop will price out many poor and lower income customers such as pensioners.


The infiltration of accommodation and businesses start when someone posing as or actually being a member of the police or security services, invites the cooperation of the landlord/business owner to cooperate with the surveillance and harassment of an ordinary member of the public whom he slanders with lies that that person is a dangerous criminal/terrorist/drug dealer/prostitute/paedophile.

The recruited person is then completely under the “authority’s” control and cannot tell anyone what is happening because it is “national security”.

Having observed the above consequences of gang stalking infiltration, and being the person lied about, I cannot see what the connection between the above consequences has got with “national security”.



Why do gang stalkers use innocent members of the public as bait? The perfect fall guys?

Discussions about gang stalking revolve endlessly around the question who is doing it.

Some suggest mafia-type gangsters. Others the state espionage agencies. And others, criminal elements in the police.

The Target, the gang stalker’s bait, is an innocent member of the public. Working class, most often a woman, a gay man or member of an ethnic group.

The gang stalk recruiters use this person as bait to recruit other innocent members of the public, with the slander that that person is a serious, morally depraved criminal a terrorist/drug dealer or addict/prostitute/insane/paedophile. Members of the public, fearful of this dangerous person in their community gladly cooperate to practice surveillance and harassment of the target.  They do not realise they have been inducted into a cult where they will be subjected to thought reform, enslaved, and leached of all they possess.

The bait, not only a target, becomes the scapegoat for the gang stalkers activities.

When the target bait moves into a house, the landlord/owner/agents will be approached with the lies and their cooperation requested. Anti-social elements will be moved into the house who will engage in apparently criminal activities; people dressed as prostitutes, and others who look like the stereotype of drug dealers, etc.  There will be extreme noise nuisance. Neighbours will be informed of the new criminal element in their street and neighbours will sell up quickly at a low price, before the value of their property is trashed. Usually, the landlord loses his house.

All the while, people overlook they have been scammed and blame the target bait for their problems.

When you look at the situation this way, it becomes clear why the gang stalkers use an innocent, but low status member of the public as their bait.

If gang stalkers are criminals, their MO is to set people up for their crimes. Someone who cannot defend themselves. The perfect fall guy.

Espionage people, likewise, prefer to use dupes rather than their own people, so as to create a disconnect between an act and their responsibility for it.

Police also have a history of setting people up for crimes they did not commit and maligning the character of those they are setting up.

Mafia type criminals and police also have a long history of despising working class people, ethnic groups and sexploitation of lower class women whom they view with contempt, and whose lives they view as disposable.

A further reason for using an innocent member of the public rather than a real criminal, is that a criminal knows how criminals work and would identify criminal activity very easily. Criminals also have insight into how the police work. A criminal targeted in this way would figure out what was going on very quickly and make a fuss about it. It is against the law to harass someone who has served their sentence and there are some very active charities to protect ex-cons interests.

An unsuspecting member of the public, who has never committed a crime and has no knowledge of how criminals and police work will be baffled by the continuous nuisances occurring in their vicinity, but they will not connect it to criminal activity as they are not criminals, nor police activity, as they have done nothing to merit the attention of the Police.

And even after years of harassment and trying to find out what is going on, they can remain in ignorance due to the mainstream censorship of gang stalking activity.

As the people used for gang stalkers bait are women, gays and ethnics, if it should turn out that it is the state espionage agencies or police who are behind gang stalking, then the state itself is practicing racism, homophobia and sexism, although sexism is not a strong enough word to describe accusing ordinary women of prostitution, setting them up for sexual attack and acting so as to throw them out of normal employment. Telling everyone they are a prostitute won’t help their marriage prospects either .


Gang stalkers charity’s “money laundering” scam.

Gang stalkers seek to infiltrate and control every institution in society, including charities.

Most Targets of gang stalking are unaware they are targets. So they are unaware how every interaction they have with others are used for corruption.

What could be more harmless than making a charitable donation? However, a donation is just the “foot in the door” for the gang stalkers.

A Target makes a donation to a charity. This is immediately followed up by the gang stalkers who present their fabricated evidence that the Target is a criminal/terrorist/paedophile – whatever, and lie that the donation is a money laundering exercise, and the person in receipt of the donation is now a collaborator in “money laundering”.

This, of course, will send any normal, honest person into a panic, and they will bend over backwards to comply with the gang stalkers requests. For the price of a lie , the gang stalkers now have that person under their thumb, and they are now on the inside of that charity, which they will proceed to manipulate for their own purposes.

Stigmatising the entire population as criminals to legally steal their assets and justify totalitarian rule – is that the game?


Pretend, just for the sake of argument, that we are being ruled by criminals whose ambition is to commit the Grand Theft of stealing EVERYTHING that everyone owns, and reduce everyone to slavery.

In a democratic country, under rule of law, how could that be accomplished?

Our laws protect us. As citizens we have rights. Institutions such as banks, pension providers, taxation, employment and other official records and bureaucracies are run honestly, legally and with professional integrity by people of integrity who can be trusted.

Who is best placed to corrupt an entire society? Who knows how everything works and can pull strings in every area of society?

The first safeguard of a citizen is that he is law-abiding. In a rule of law society the only justification that the state has to interfere in a citizen’s life is criminal behaviour. Against criminals the state has the right to pry, set aside privacy, practice surveillance, accuse, arrest using direct force and confine to prison or a mental institution.

All the state has to do to justify direct force against a citizen is to class the citizen as a criminal. An entire country of law-abiding people can be made out to be criminal by creating such a plethora of nit-picking laws that a person who jay-walks or drops a cigarette butt is put into the same category as murderers, racketeers or embezzlers and treated with draconian penalties.

But there will still be many people who avoid even accidentally breaking any of society’s rules. To trap such the judiciary itself needs to be corrupted. Judges who pass perverse sentences. Defence lawyers who act for the prosecution. Corrupt police who fabricate and conceal evidence. Administrators who “lose” records. And if all else fails psychiatrists who are prepared to declare anybody insane and needing urgently to be confined to a mental institution.

But still there are large areas of social activity where records of fact are maintained as a matter of course. Records which prove a person’s identity, prove their education and health, reveal a lifetime of honest work and fulfilling all social obligations. To be able to discredit and criminalise anyone in society, all these social institutions, bureaucracies and records have to be infiltrated.

Corruption in high places is a staple of human history and every country in the world. Ruling elites are noted for their duplicity, venality and personal moral corruption. They have skeletons in the cupboard which can be used to guarantee their total compliance.

But the generally honest middle class, with their class ethic of high professional and personal standards have since their emergence subsequent to the Black Death, been a strong counter force to the corrupt ruling class.  Corrupting this mainstay of social justice, fairness, rationality and stability requires planning.

The middle class mind-set has three Achilles heels. The first is their own honesty, with the resultant difficulty in understanding criminality in others. The second is their desire to better themselves which leads to irrational deference to the social class above, which generally does NOT share their ethical values. The third is their fear of losing status to working class people with greater ability. The middle class is hypocritical in that they say they wish people to be judged and promoted on their merit, where it applies to middle class people such as themselves so that they can be promoted, but they do not wish working class people to be included in the competition.

So the middle classes naivety can be exploited, alongwith their hopeful and trusting deference to their “social superiors”. All that a “superior” has to do to gain a middle class persons cooperation is to tell them what they want to believe – that that working class/black person they dealt with in the course of their work as an employer/doctor/landlord/estate agent/bank employee etc, is a dangerous criminal and the state needs their help in surveillance of that person in the interests of national security. Once recruited their lives will be trawled for any criminal behaviour however minor to be used against them. And this comprehensive trawl will be extended to their family and nearest associates. Knowledge is power indeed.

Now the corrupt tools of a corrupt state has access to medical records, bank records, housing provision, employment provision, and legitimate confidential records of all kinds on everyone in the country which can be scrutinised for wealth to be appropriated whenever convenient at some time in the future when crucial records have been “lost” or altered.

The middle classes in harness to corrupt rulers, the working class harassed, stone walled and attacked at every turn, control is complete.