Gang stalkers weird behaviour explained

1.     Replacing your clothing with identical items, but too small or too large.

Theory.         Framing perceptions. The stalkers have spread the lie that you are a drug user. You are not, so they have to provide “evidence” to back up their lie. Drug users often lose weight/gain weight. As a result their clothes do not fit.

2.      Replacing good quality clothing with a cheap copy.  Damaging/staining your clothes.

Theory.         Framing Perceptions. This is to invalidate your status as a mentally balanced, respectable working person. As well as financial attrition. This is to make your appearance fit whatever slander the stalkers have spread about you.  Appearance has a lot to do with credibility and social respect.

3.        Work colleagues follow you to the loo. Landlords walk into your flat without knocking.

Theory.    They have been told you are a drug user and advised to act this way in order to “catch you out”.  This is an indoctrination tactic. Those who have been duped into acting in these peculiar ways have to justify it to themselves by believing you are actually a drug user. Their own actions provide the “evidence” that this is true.

4.      Behaviour designed to “spook” you in public. Staring, trying to get a response to various “triggers”, conversations containing references to your private life.

Theory.     It is hard to behave in a normal way when the people around you don’t act in a normal way. These are all tricks to alter your behaviour to something that looks not normal or implies guilt. What is triggering your reaction is not visible to bystanders. Your reaction is. This can provide “evidence” that you are mentally unbalanced. Paranoid. And what word association do you have to the word “paranoid”? Schizophrenia. Alternatively, nervousness can be interpreted as guilt.

5.     Vandalising, misplacing and stealing your work tools.

Theory.     Sabotaging your work environment to destroy your credibility as a competent worker. To harass, put pressure on your manager/employer.

6.       Committing a crime or gaslighting behaviour at your place of work, and manipulating the situation to make you look responsible.

Theory.    Fabricating “evidence” that you are a criminal/crackpot, to back up slanders already spread about you.

7.       When you go out, women dressed like prostitutes will appear in your vicinity.

Theory.    Framing Perceptions. To provide visible “evidence” to support the slander that you are a prostitute (if female), pimp (if male).

8.      When you go out people who look “gay” will be in your vicinity, to support the lie that you are gay.

9.     When you go out children will be in your vicinity, to provide ” evidence” to support the slander that you are a paedophile.

10.     After you have moved into a multiple-occupancy address, prostitutes will take up residence at the same address.

Theory.    Framing Perceptions. To support the slander that you are a prostitute.

11.     After you have moved into a multiple-occupancy address, an extreme noise pest will move in driving out the other (normal) tenants. At the same time there might also be a noise-sensitive resident who complains about any noise you make, even though you are quiet. . They will be replaced with anti-social tenants who will be engaged in a variety of criminal behaviour, will behave in outrageous ways visible to the neighbours, will steal from you, attempt to intimidate you, engage in vandalism, flood the premises, and arson. Someone who is clearly insane may also take up residence.

Theory.    To destroy your peace in your home. To create an harassing and unpredictable and unstable environment. To socially isolate you. To discredit you by association. And to intimidate and put pressure on your landlord and neighbours.

12.      If you are in a relationship, you and/or your partner will be offered attractive alternatives.

Theory.    To break your relationship. To cause emotional distress which can disrupt your education or career. To isolate you and possibly set you up for a destructive/abusive relationship. To access you to swindle you out of your savings/home.

13.     Opportunities to commit crimes will be placed in front of you.

Theory.    To criminalise you and make you vulnerable to blackmail.

14.     Theft of personal photographs.

Theory.    To edit your history. To remove or fabricate evidence. To support Identity Theft.

15.     You attend the Doctor’s, but the receptionist tells you you are not registered, even though you have been their patient for 10 years. And your records have been sent to the other side of London.

Theory.    Altering medical records to support slanders made about you (drug taking, STDs, psychiatric problems). Identity Theft.

16.     An ethnic person will ask you for money on the street.

Theory.    If you give them something, this will be “evidence” that a drug deal took place.

17.     An ethnic person will blatantly queue jump you.

Theory.    If you remonstrate with them this will be made out to be “evidence” that you are racist.

18.     Documents will be stolen from your flat.

Theory.    Identity Theft.

19.     Your spouse/lover/closest friend/relative will be lured into committing an illegal act.

Theory.    For blackmail purposes either against them or you.

20.     You, your spouse/lover/closest friend/relative is swindled out of their house/business/savings.

Theory.    This is my theory, which a few other Targeted Individuals support, but most don’t – that gang stalking is a cult, for the primary purpose of swindling honest people out of all they possess. The Targeted Individual is the unconsenting Bait and scapegoat  and the vigilante harassment is a red herring to keep everyone distracted while the confidence game is played out over time.



I have been gang stalked since attending Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s, but I only discovered the term “gang stalking” last year. When I looked up gang stalking sites I found listed all the above activities which gang stalkers do, and I had experienced all of them.