Paedophile gang stalkers hide their crimes with larger crimes


My reasoning is based on the assumption that the gang stalkers victim, the Targeted Individual is bait for recruitment. Imagine a pond of medium to large fish. The bait, a small fish is thrown into the pond. A large group of larger fish descend on it and are netted. They are then sorted according to usefulness and then some of these are used as bait for the biggest and most powerful fish.

Valuable assets in the crowd who have been baited are beautiful men and women and homosexuals, who are prime products in the sex industry and are perfect specific bait for the most valuable targets, people of influence and power in society.

As I’ve noted elsewhere people such as business owners, employers, managers, medical staff, bank staff, solicitors,  civil servants, postal staff, and landlords are all valuable recruits, as they directly control people’s lives with their actions, can be used to give or withold work or accommodation, and can lose, alter or reveal confidential records.

But with all this activity going on, why is it invisible ?

The principle reason is the Target Bait, the innocent person marked as a criminal, is used to make the potential recruits believe they are involved in some form of clandestine law enforcement. The recruits are also gagged, so they can’t talk to other people about what is happening and they have probably been threatened with draconian penalties if they reveal the situation.

But why is the harassment of the Target Bait invisible? All the odd behaviour, the noise and anti-social behaviour that the Target Bait is surrounded by would surely make people notice that something odd is going on?

There are two reasons why gang stalking does not stand out. The first has been the trend for the police and other authorities to affect indifference to anti-social behaviour and public nuisance. The police and authorities give limp-wristed responses to complaints of noise, vandalism, groups of vandals hanging about and so on. This negligence in enforcing reasonable public behaviour allows it to flourish and be perceived as a social norm and something which everybody just has to put up with. This provides protective camouflage.

The second reason is along the same lines, but more specific. It is not just the Target Bait who is harassed but everyone in their vicinity too – but they cannot complain because as recruits they cannot talk about the situation.

It took me a while to work this last out. But from the beginning I realised that whoever was harassing me did not care what damage they did to people in my vicinity. The larger crime conceals the smaller crime. That is harassment of everyone near the target and not just the target disguises that the target is being harassed. But also the smaller crime is a distraction from the larger crime – that is, that it is not about harassing the target but about the people who are entrapped by the target and then used for committing  crimes against other people.

So, the small fish, the Target Bait, a working class person who will readily be believed to be a criminal or loopy if a person in authority says so, is used to recruit people in the class above, people with access to records or attractive people with good social presentation and perhaps children, who can be used to sexually entrap people in the highest social class of society, either,  to recruit, or blackmail.

Small fish, entraps bigger fish, entraps largest fish.

Sexual exploitation looks like a strong theme in the gang stalking procedures. Beautiful men, women and children are prized for entrapment purposes. Due, no doubt, to the lax sexual morality which has always characterised the highest social classes. This leads to the disturbing likelihood, that beautiful children of the lower middle class and middle class recruits are trained and exploited for paedophile purposes.

If my theory is correct, for upper-class paedophiles to be trapped, not as paedophiles and exposed, but in order to be blackmailed and controlled, such people due to their high social status do not want mentally disturbed, ugly, gutter children to use. They want beautiful, intelligent, nice children, who will “behave” properly. The children of the highest social class will never be exploited in this way. So the children who will be targeted for these entrapment purposes will be middle-class children, after their parents have been recruited in the “interests of helping national security” in harassing the working class Target Bait who is neither insane nor a criminal.




Why I became a target of gang stalkers

If this account is read alongside the article “Why rulers make allies of criminals” on Citizens, not serfs, it will be more readily understandable.

1.  I only discovered ” gang stalking” last year. I realised I had been gang stalked since attending University in 1976.

2.  Many Targeted Individuals are mystified as to why they have been chosen for this orchestrated community abuse.  The following gives the reasons I believe I was targeted.

3.  My gang stalking started when I was a student at Ulster University ( Coleraine Campus), studying Philosophy/Sociology. My A Level grades would have got me into a much higher rated University. The Headmistress, Miss Savage had suggested I stay on at Belfast Royal Academy to prepare for the Ox/Cam entry exam, but I was not interested. I had virtually no social ambition higher than obtaining a “good” job. I wanted to be close to my parents and having been raised in the countryside, liked the setting of the University in the fields of the wind-swept north coast. I looked forward to several years of quiet study in a peaceful rural backwater, far from the noise and crime of cities. My expectations turned out to be unreasonable.

4. The first odd event was a policeman with an English accent going out of his way to become acquainted, initially through a complaint that my flat mate had parked in the wrong place.  Some time later this was followed by introductions to members of  University staff who were communists or had Republican leanings. They also were English. I was subjected to a wide range of very hostile, including dangerous, gang stalking tactics and I was rejected for studying an MA before taking my final exams. I had been getting high grades up to then.


1. The majority of gang stalking targets are women. The estimated figure is 70 percent. The majority of men targeted are supposed to be homosexual, but also include whistleblowers, and successful lower-class men of  strong character and principles. Also categories of people with minor mental impairments. Where there is an ethnic mix, ethnics are major targets. That the majority of targets are women and homosexual men is suggestive. These are prime groups for sexual exploitation as prostitutes and can be used as tools by espionage agencies for infiltration and blackmail.

2. As a working class woman seeking education to increase my social status and access a good job, my behaviour was lifting myself out of a section of society who can be easily forced into prostitution. While at University I think it likely that among the lies told about me is that I was a prostitute, because strange men started hanging around my remote cottage, frightening the neighbours. This implies the objective of turning me into a prostitute as the community had already been made to believe that was the case. From the point of view of higher social ranks in society, as a working class woman, I was fair game.

3.  Later, when I lived in London with my husband, as a result of the surveillance I was subjected to, those observing me concluded (wrongly) that I had psychic gifts. Now I became targeted as an “asset”.  To uncover my capabilities my husband and I were manoeuvred into a multiple-occupancy address where they placed people with psychic abilities who harassed us. The principle appeared to be – attack her, and see what she can do about it. I was able to counter their attacks, but not because of psychic ability. Because I was a prayerwarrior I could nullify “magic”. My guess is this increased the  pressure to recruit me as with psychics as a weapon on one hand, and the antidote on the other, they would have had all bases covered. They infiltrated the only place they could get at me – my workplace. I realised if I could not avoid inevitable recruitment then I could not allow my gift to end up in their hands. I found a way of discarding my gift.

A disastrous consequence of their discovery of me is that they now know some religious people, prayer warriors have the gift of countering psychic abilities, which makes unsuspecting religious people targets for recruitment.

I no longer have my gift so I am a worthless recruit. In the circumstances it is in my interests to be as blabby and indiscreet as possible and to do everything I can to expose state corruption and their corrupt methods so that other unsuspecting people will not be duped into situations which will only be destructive for them.


1. My background was highly geographically and socially isolated. Both parents were country people. They were both very intelligent, as educated as possible for people of their social class and generation, and independent thinkers. They married late, both worked but were still poor, mainly because most of my father’s resources had been used to help support his mother’s family. I did not know any of my mother’s relatives as she was Australian. I take after my parents in values and independence.

Gang stalkers were not able to influence my parents as there was no peer group which they could infiltrate to get to them. I also, am so socially independent, it is difficult to get people close to me.

2. By sheer happenstance, I met and married a man who was very strong-minded, independent, had extensive social contacts (was an international sales manager at the height of his career before we met), stubborn and incorruptible.  We were both unaware that I was a target of gang stalking. Because of me, my husband and his family, friends, and professional associates also became targets. But my marriage to him protected me for twenty years until his death last year. Shortly after his death I found out about “gang stalking.


Fish attacks bait. Hook catches fish.

Everybody knows how fishing works. Nobody expects to be the fish.

Consider this imaginary scenario. Imagine, for the sake of argument that the state wishes to completely control everyone of its citizens. That the state does not wish its people to be free and independent, in charge of their own lives and own their own resources that they have worked honestly for. That the state wishes to control everyone. Tell everyone what work they should do, what they should get paid, where and in what conditions they should live, and any surplus value they produce does not belong to them, but belongs to the state. In other words, everyone, except the ruling group, slaves.

How could the state get  control of a populace who are freedom-loving, independent, enterprising, who work hard to produce wealth which they hope to derive the benefits of? How do you get a free people under control?

Direct oppression will not work. The people will rebel and fight to retain their freedom. But an indirect approach, carried out in secret could be very successful.

Cults are the model here. Cults use a range of manipulative techniques to keep their recruits and keep them under control while they strip them of their resources and put them to work for no or low wages. The weak point for cults is recruiting people in the first place. They have to use deception to trick people into joining, but people are wary of cults, so cults recruitment is limited.

However, no such problem exists for the state, whose agents, whether police or security services are accorded unquestioning respect, especially by the middle classes.

Middle Eastern Muslims are volatile, hyper-sensitive about their religion and war-ready. Their form of warfare is generally guerrilla warfare. They are intensely tribal and xenophobic and are permanently on the look-out for excuses to justify attacking others.

In response to these facts, our Western governments have made a point of becoming embroiled in Middle Eastern conflicts, inciting Middle Eastern fanatics to view the West as legitimate targets. Terrorism has been fanned into a real danger. To help this along Western governments have encouraged and enabled immigration from these countries into the West, not even refusing to accept known terrorists and terrorist-affiliates wanted for terrorist crimes by other countries. The prime example is Londonistan.

Our governments then lose no opportunity to advertise the dangers of terrorism on the mainstream media, when despite their best efforts, the risks of dying from a terrorist attack are very low. To deal with terrorism all citizens must now be treated as if they were terrorist suspects, and the populace is no longer treated as citizens but potential criminals.

This is how the situation had been “framed” and it has not happened by accident.

Back to our free citizens which the govt want to completely control.

Against this background of the generated and exaggerated terrorist threat, an apparently high-ranking police or security services man approaches a completely law-abiding middle class citizen. That citizen is told that their new tenant/bank customer/retail customer/employee/neighbour/library user/patient is a terrorist under surveillance by the state, and would they be willing to co-operate? The middle classes trust authority and have nothing to do with criminal behaviour or criminals themselves, and they trust authority. Remember cult recruitment? Why should they believe that a person representing authority should lie to them. Also, the person they were told is a terrorist is plainly working class/ethnic/homosexual, not middle class like them, so quite possibly an associate of a criminal group.

Snap!  They’ve taken the bait.

No normal person would choose to join the Mafia, the IRA nor any other type of gangster. But joining or being affiliated to the security services in any way has this in common. It is an awful lot easier to join than to leave, and don’t think of criticising your employer.

It’s all lies of course. Classic cult recruitment with the perfect recruiter. Who is going to refuse the security services. The Bait, the faux-terrorist was just an innocent member of the public, perhaps even chosen at random from any lower-class group which is stigmatised with low social credibility.

One Target Bait being used to recruit absolutely everyone they have any social interaction with at all, can be used to recruit hundreds of unsuspecting people, who after recruitment will find their lives and all their resources are now at the service of the state.

Without any public fanfare, without any public attention to the situation at all – apparently any mention of gang stalking is verboten to the mainstream media – large sections of society are conscripted into state servitude. Of course any discussion of gang stalking in the media would reveal for every single gang stalking target there will be at least one hundred ordinary citizens under direct orders from the state. And those orders include never ever admitting who you are working for.