There’s no such thing as “gang stalking” the authorities say. Perhaps we are using the wrong word. How about “framing”.

Have the authorities heard of “framing”? That practice of corrupt police sometimes working in collusion with criminals to shelter the criminals crimes.

Consider the methods used against the target. Someone either having or pretending to have official credentials freely criminally defames the target who is innocent of any crime. Coincidentally the police are allowed to slander people. The slanders spread are that the person is a drug user or dealer, prostitute, paedophile, jail bird, mentally unbalanced, terrorist – any combination or all to shock the dupe about to be recruited into cooperating with activities directed at the target.

Example. How do you think shop staff would behave if someone official “tipped them off” that a particular person is a shop lifter? Naturally they would follow that person about. They would scrutinise what they bought and what they put in their shopping basket. It might even be suggested to them that they get in that shopper’s way constantly to “put the wind up them” to let them know they are being watched. Honest shop workers will gladly do this viewing it as part of doing their job and grateful for the tip – except they’ve been lied to. They are the ones being played.

I have never shoplifted nor stolen anything in my life. My parents were honest to the point of being ridiculous. My mother’s father had been a policeman for a time. My mother taught me to always avoid ambiguous situations. Never permit grey areas. Never do anything that an onlooker putting an unfavourable interpretation on it could make out you were doing something wrong. When in shops keep your bags closed and don’t open them. Carry any item you intend to buy away from your body, obviously visible. Stay in the middle of the aisles away from the produce. Don’t wear concealing clothes. ┬áHer training has proved priceless now I have discovered I am a target of gang stalking. I never do anything at any time which would contribute even to an appearance of guilt. So those seeking to frame me have to do all the running.

So the government, authorities, whatever deny the existence of gang stalking. I apologise. I should not have called it gang stalking. I should have called it by its correct name – framing.

Now what advice does the government/authorities have for working class women, people of colour, gays who are being framed, blacklisted, mobbed at work, stalked by perverts, slandered, persecuted by noisy, anti-social, criminal neighbours, denied service, wrongly billed, harassed, and lied to by officialdom?

Don’t be shy, after all, gang stalking does not exist.