Gang stalker’s Bait – counter tactic

In an earlier blog I told how I discouraged the street theatre by crowds of idiots, by wearing t-shirts with some of the following written on:- BAIT, GANG STALKERS BAIT, CON ARTISTS, PROFESSIONAL LIARS, TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, CULTS. ┬áThe recruits don’t realise THEY are the Targets. We, the people falsely slandered as criminals are only the BAIT to recruit them. All the listed concepts the gang stalking recruiters really DON’T want their recruits to think about. They might realise they’re being gulled.

Some TI’s believe that along with the staging of events in public to support the various lies told about the Target Bait, the Targets are photographed and these photographs may be presented to others to reflect the TI in a bad light.

So do you think the stalker controllers will want to show your photo to someone they are trying to dupe with GANGSTALKERS BAIT written in large letters across your chest?