Targeted Individuals are the canaries in the mine

Believe or disbelieve targets of gang stalking – and yes, I know, 90 percent of gang stalking sites are hyped up balderdash, which is interesting as no other “conspiracy theory” has an equivalent volume of discrediting material attached to it – believe or disbelieve, but listen.

Victims of gaslighting are discredited the moment they open their mouths as a result of the way the situation is framed around them. And Targeted Individuals are victims of a major gaslighting strategy. Look what you are up against when you try to tell anyone the truth about what is happening. Unknown to you, often for years, you have been the target of a slander campaign. Isn’t slander against the law? Yes. But not for the police. So who is going to believe anything a criminal/prostitute/drug dealer or user/sexual pervert/paedophile/mentally deranged person says. After that when the stalkers engage in their weird behaviour and you recount it, your account simply seems to be confirming evidence that you are a nut.

So we are all the targets of con artists. The targets, the dupes recruited to act against them and the wider audience who still believe in the just world fallacy and serious political corruption and conspiracies only occurred in other places and other times, like Nazi Germany, soviet Russia or Korea. But not here. Not now. Not in the democratic, respecting rule of law, freedom-loving West.

The common reponse of anyone listening to a Targeted Individual relating what is happening to them is to ask “But why go to all that trouble over you? You are unimportant”. Some Targets theorised that they were being targeted for security services to practice their skills. Others that they were being used as experimental subjects. That the majority of targets are women and gay men would suggest a motivation for sexual exploitation. Security services are notorious for their sexual obsession and using sex as a trap to blackmail people they wish to control. The easiest place to recruit honey pots with an invisible social identity is from the working class and lower middle class – especially those with the intelligence and personality needed to rise socially.

But here I want to consider the suggestion that gang stalking targets are being used as practice for methods of social control.

Methods of social control include

social exclusion,

creating a pariah status,




obstruction in obtaining the means of livelihood, such as black listing or sabotage in the workplace,

denial of service (the classical “No Blacks”),

bad service,

denuding Target’s financial resources through theft,


identity theft,



con artist tricks,

altering Will’s,

refusal to pay legitimate insurance claims,

refusing to insure,

falsified records,

lost records,

theft of essential documents,

refusal of entitled welfare benefits,

theft of pension,

interference with mail,


and e-mail communications.

As a Target of gang stalkers I have experienced most of the above list. (And note. Most of the above are white-collar crimes).

You can add to this, and there may be an experimental side to it, denial of needed medical services. Failure to diagnose can lead to the death of the person thereby denied the needed medical intervention. And allow other conditions to worsen. In addition stress can kill and hasten the deaths of elderly and seriously ill people.


In the last three months of my husband’s life I believe the medical staff dealing with him ignored obvious and extreme symptoms which resulted in him not receiving the appropriate medical treatment. It is unlikely that in his case that caused his death, as he had terminal cancer with tumours at multiple sites including in the brain and the bones, but it certainly contributed to unnecessary additional suffering. (I believe they withheld treatment for one flooded lung and heart failure as lack of oxygen to the brain creates very unstable behaviour, as in a person who is extremely intoxicated. As I believe the slander was being spread that I was an abusive carer, perhaps they hoped I would not be able to cope with his bouts of extreme, irrational behaviour, thankfully infrequent. He was a very strong man and normally very self-disciplined. They withheld oxygen to promote irrational behaviour hoping to create “evidence” supporting their lies. In the last weeks of my husband’s life he must have felt as if he was slowly suffocating. Insufficient oxygen also causes exhaustion. I only found out about gang stalking AFTER my husband’s death. And then the suspicions I had had at the time about his medical treatment led me to research in detail his symptoms, the consequences and the appropriate treatments. I have no medical background. I only put the picture together months after his death.


The most obvious problem is interference with communications.

Letters for my husband’s hospital appointments arrived the day after the appointment. This happened even when the letters were sent out in good time. Even the Royal Mail should be able to deliver a local letter in a rural town  and a distance of about two miles – in four days.

In general, over the years letters did not arrive or were very delayed. Unimportant letters were never interfered with, only essential communications, which caused problems.

Sending or receiving letters by Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery made no difference. I have had documents lost in the post using both these methods. I no longer allow original documents out of my hands.

Using the phone is generally a great waste of time and money. You are put on hold for ever, often on premium rates, and then fobbed off. The person who can deal with the problem is on holiday. It’s not this department, Hold while I put you through. Or you are passed from department to department in a circle arriving at your starting point. It’s a great game for someone. I gave up using the phone years ago.

Avoiding the phone, letters not arriving, I turned to the internet. Same pattern. My e-mail provider tells me that a correct e-mail address (as written on the bottom of a letter I have just received) does not exist. Or the message fails to send. Or the message is scrambled. Or the message is apparently sent normally but I never receive a reply. It must seem to a lot of agencies that I am deliberately incommunicado. But short of arriving in person on everyone’s doorstep, modern methods of communication appear to have been made off-limits to me. Denial of service and causing huge disruption.

A wedge is driven between you and the larger community. It becomes a monumental struggle to obtain normal service from anyone. You have to cover your tracks. Keep records and not lose them or allow them to be stolen. I have had documents and personal papers stolen from my flat. Nothing else was touched.  As far as possible get written records, as people will lie to your face.

So what’s my bone? What has happened to me is now happening to a lot of people – not necessarily Targets of gang stalking. I see four classes of people affected. The elderly, the ill/handicapped, unemployed and working class. All these groups are finding they are stigmatised on no grounds, being deliberately categorised with the criminal class. They are set up for social abuse. They are denied their entitlements at the same time as being insulted, provoked, fobbed off, lied to and about, misled, and generally obstructed. Gang stalking targets have protested for years that the intention of the stalkers was to render them financially destitute and homeless. This is now happening on a large scale. The groups mentioned are finding increasingly that they cannot rely on any institution to render them an honest, professional, reliable service. Their complaints are ignored or the situation is twisted and they are accused of being the trouble-makers.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You will find a clear account of gang stalkers methods at:-



The Section of interest is in purple “Summary – Gang-Stalking in 11 Min

You might find you are experiencing some of these methods. It does not necessarily mean you are a Target of gang stalkers. But that the methods which the stalkers have practiced against Targets have gone main-stream and are now tactics used by various institutions against selected sections of the populace. I draw attention to the article so you will be aware of  tactics that might be being used against you.




Gang stalkers try to get their Targets to move from safe accommodation to unsafe accommodation where they can more easily be harassed/attacked




The following is from my own experience. I only recently discovered that I was a Target of gang stalking, but all through my life (I am in my sixties) I have had problem neighbours. When I found out about gang stalking I discovered why.


This house was a large old English mansion in a quiet street.  I shared with two other girls. It was peaceful – at first. Then a guy moved in. He took up carpentry as a hobby and he would wake the household in the middle of the night with hammering. One of the girls who was in a steady relationship, developed a “following” on top of that. Weird, strange guys would hang around in the kitchen waiting for her. When you went into the kitchen to make a meal they evidently expected you to make one for them too. The male never did any housework. His attitude was there were women in the house so they could clear up. I went down to breakfast one morning and every plate, bowl, cup, pan, were piled high in the sink, crawling with ants!

Did not feel safe there so I moved.

Shortly after the house was pulled down and a block of flats built on the site.


No longer sharing I needed a cheaper address. I found a tiny terrace beside a shop. It was on a main road and the traffic never stopped. Whenever there was a lull in the traffic the guy in the shop put his offensive music on at high blast. Continuous noise! You couldn’t think. The cottage kept getting infestations of insects. Ants. you would spray, get rid of the ants. then hordes of cockroaches. Spray, and the smell of the spray makes you feel sick – then the ants, and so on. Ants, cockroaches, ants, cockroaches.


The rent was double the terrace but it was worth it. A large flat in a quiet block in a quiet neighbourhood.


Lived with my parents prior to going to University. They moved house when they saw a man hanging around the fields at the back with a rifle.


Another quiet, safe house on a quiet street. The landlady was at the property most of the time as she was a keen gardener. A student moved in who was a non-stop babbler. I was going out to the pub every night just to get away from her. I couldn’t afford this extra expense so moved to a smaller place.


Very safe and quiet until – in a cul-de-sac on the edge of town, in the middle of the terrace with the landlord living next door and an alert neighbour on the other side. Then weird guys started hanging around the place. The neighbour became very fearful,  but the men stopped hanging around when the neighbour nearly shot a policeman climbing over his back fence.  Moved when the landlord died.


Rented a renovated attic room from a landlady. There was no lock on my flat. One night her boyfriend just appeared in my room. Left.


Large mansion type house again, in its own grounds, on a quiet street. Felt safe there, but after I had been there a local student moved in who gave the Warden a lot of trouble with noise. He also – I had very little to do with this person – took me aside to show me some curried kebabs he had made and put in the freezer. A week later he made a great fuss claiming someone had stolen his food. This was divisive. I was the only working class person in the hostel. All the foreign students were middle class. It was like he was saying -if something goes missing you know who to suspect. She’s not the same as us (not middle class).


Sharing a cheap flat in a quiet cul-de-sac. Again, at first quiet. Then coming back from shopping I saw a weird looking guy hopping over a neighbour’s wall. Went on to my flat. As my hands were full with shopping I rang my bell. When my flat mate answered he said “Hullo”. The weird guy was standing directly behind me, I had not heard him following.

When the flatmate moved out and I was on my own in the flat some  migrants moved into the flat underneath. They raped a local girl that they lured to their flat. When they moved out a couple moved in. The guy was evidently an abuser. He spent a lot of time screaming at his girlfriend and yelling at me when I moved around my flat. (I am light-footed). Did not feel safe.


Now in London shared a bedsit in a quiet house in a quiet street. The landlord was a relative and friend of my husband. There were 6 bedsits in the house and we neither heard nor saw our neighbours. The perfect neighbours! Then the situation changed. A weird guy moved in who would sharpen a large knife on the gate post at night. He left for a time and let some friends stay in his room, two prostitutes. The house had a continuous stream of freaks until the landlord ejected them and the original tenant.

A noise pest moved in who drove his immediate neighbour crazy with obnoxious, loud music for hours on end. Then he brought in a noise sensitive girlfriend who complained my husband slammed the front door when he went out. Not true.

A psychiatric nurse moved into the flat above and he would bring his work home – a patient/ex-patient who would cry and moan all night until the guy got fed up with him and put him out into the hall. When this wasn’t happening he was stamping around all night, banging cupboard doors and turning taps on and off.

Somebody attempted to post drugs to the house.

When an IRA man moved into the house all the tenants moved out. The landlord turned the reasonably priced bed-sits into luxury flats, and shortly after his wife left him taking the house.


This should have been a quiet, safe flat. But for the noise pest neighbours upstairs. They played their music so loud we couldn’t hear our television even at top volume. They took turns over filling their bath so that the water poured through the ceiling. When a fire started in their flat the building became unliveable. The building was renovated into modern flats with the insurance.


In retrospect it looks like my husband and I were forced to move from accommodation that was relatively safe and quiet and difficult to harass us in, to a property where our environment could be completely controlled and we could be harassed on all sides.

The flat was on a direct artery into London and the traffic NEVER stopped. At first the neighbours were lovely. A  quiet Portuguese restaurant underneath. The flat above empty. The previous tenant had died. A working man at the top of the house at work all day and a very quiet man beside, a Caribbean pensioner. The house on one side were quiet Indian neighbours.

Then it changed. The Portuguese restaurant closed and was taken over by people running an all-night disco. the music blasting at high volume started at  six pm and went on regularly to  two am, sometimes all night.

The quiet Indian neighbours sold up and moved away and their house was extended and renovated into pricey flats.

The noise pest from hell moved into the flat above. She seemed hyperactive and it was non-stop stamping about, banging cupboard doors, slamming objects onto tables or floors. Continuous intermittent percussive noise.

A woman with an abusive boyfriend moved into the other neighbouring house. He would break down the security door, and vandalise her property.  He could access our flat over an adjacent roof.  I complained to the letting agents about the cigarette ends which kept appearing on the roof outside our window. I thought the guy upstairs was dropping them from his window – a fire risk as a bitumen roof and summers are hot in London. They denied all knowledge. I only found out later about the abusive boyfriend.

Migrants moved in. They left the communal door open at nights and kept breaking the security gates. They would stay for a few months then there would be new faces. You never knew who was in the house.  The police kept calling but they denied knowing anything about the person enquired about. They used the address as a mail drop for people who did not live at the address. They used every variation on their names possible.

They drove another tenant from her flat by repeatedly flooding her with over filled baths.


When we were priced out of London we moved to Harrogate, North Yorksire. A quiet country town where the residents do not view the appalling behaviour you get in big cities as normal. Where odd behaviour stands out.

The stalking has continued, but the noise nuisance and appalling neighbours is not a problem.




LIES – How the gang stalker controllers get the gang stalkers to carry out despicable acts


A normal, decent person carries out their work with integrity. Gang stalkers, who corrupt everything they touch need to change people’s normal behaviour into not normal in order to persecute their targets – but the real objective is to corrupt the gang stalking recruit, and bend their will to their controller’s.

How do you get a decent person to act in a despicable manner?  It is remarkably easy to do – just tell them lies. Tell the gang stalker that the Target is a despicable person who deserves such treatment and the normal person, believing the lie, will be prepared to act – especially if they have “official” backing.

A small example. I have just about given up eating out, even having a simple breakfast. I recently ordered a breakfast in a prominent department store. The fried egg arrived too quickly to have been freshly cooked and looked second hand. The bacon was almost raw. And the tea was so weak the tea bag must have been previously used more than once.

Petty, trivial, and a lot of bother to go to to insult one ordinary member of the public. But the harm to me was less than the harm to the puppets who followed orders to carry out this farce. Presumably they believed they were doing something right, or useful. Presumably they had been told some despicable lie about me to justify this bizarre response.

Cult conditioning – group think – and false flag persuasion.

What to say? I am only the bait, the distraction in the situation. The gang stalking recruits are under the direct control of insane, immoral psychopaths. Common sense suggests the outcome for them will not be good.

As I have referred to in other blogs, I suffer the bait’s dilemma. Telling other people what is happening gets me nowhere, as I am not believed, not against the word of someone who appears to represent authority.

In the long run, the gang stalking activity will do more damage to those who use it and those on whose behalf it is employed. It is only working now because we have a populace who trust “authority” and respect their “superiors”.  When the truth about gang stalking emerges – and it is only a matter of time – the ruling class will be seen for the despicable criminals that they are, and respect for authority will be lost permanently.

Come to think of it – that could be a good thing.




Why do residents keep breaking locks on security gates and communal doors?

1.    There are prostitutes at your multiple -occupancy address, and they want their customers to be able to access the residence as easily as possible .

2.    There are drug dealers at your multiple occupancy address and they want their customers to be able to access the residence as easily as possible .

3.     There are gang stalkers at your multiple occupancy address. They may or may not be committing the above crimes, but the story will have been spread to the neighbours that they are .

This may be in order to induce the neighbours to sell up at a bargain basement price to the gang stalkers.

If you are a female resident it may be to set you up to be raped .

One theory is that the gang stalkers are the police and/or security services. An innocent resident in the house may be being used as bait – lies are spread that they are a prostitute/drug dealer/paedophile, along with their address. Gang stalkers in the house leave the doors open so that potential customers/vigilantes can get in.

The probable intention is not to identify criminals but to recruit them to gang stalking .



The Theory that Gang Stalking Targets are Experimental Subjects

One of the theories of  some gang stalking methods is that Targets are experimental subjects. The implications being what is learnt can then be applied to other sections of the populace.

Techniques used against Targeted Individuals include the following.


Every opportunity is taken to expose the Target to as much low level, but continuous stress as possible.

Noise from the neighbours; bullying at work and awkward customers; rudeness from anyone the Target might have anything to do with; casual dismissing of legitimate complaints; bad service; inefficient bureaucracy, such as incorrect billing, but delaying and obstructing dealing with the complaint; and so on.

Any weakness the Target has will be exploited. People are annoyed by different things. The  Targets particular sensitivity will become the focus of aggravation.

At times in any of our lives events can happen which make us more vulnerable. Sometimes we can be driven to the edge and it will only take a feather to put us over the edge. Gang stalkers practice these techniques – both to amplify risk and stress in the Target’s life and also push them over the edge if possible. Driving a person into suicide is invisible murder.

A person ill or recently bereaved can be very upset by something that they could shrug off in normal circumstances.

Take my situation. My husband died last year. We had been together 20 years and it was a happy relationship. In a recent blog I described the interference I had been getting when typing on my computer. Among the random errors was one specific one. Every time I typed the word “bill” it came up with a capital letter. As “Bill” my late-husbands name. (No, it did not upset me. I grew up in  Northern Ireland surrounded by men whose social style was verbally abusing women at every opportunity, so I developed a thick skin from an early age). But it gives an insight into the mind of gang stalkers. On a scale of low life, how would you rate people who make a point of deliberately trying to upset someone recently bereaved?

I am making this point because it looks as if the practices of gang stalking are now being taken mainstream. The recent treatment of ill and disabled people by the DWP, show a formula targets of gang stalking are familiar with.

.       Letters informing of appointments, changing time of appointments, never arrive or arrive too late, either causing the recipient to miss a needed medical appointment or a DWP interview, with serious consequences for the recipient. . Somehow the law that proof of sending is not proof of delivery is being ignored. It is a gang stalking technique to interfere with mail delivery.

.         The consequences of bureaucratic ” mistakes” which are habitually denied, always have detrimental effects for the recipient, but no consequences for the perpetrator. The bureaucracy is rarely held accountable.

.          The bureaucracy denies receiving your letter or documents, or “loses” them.

.          The individual is treated as if they were a criminal or mentally infirm. When they tell the truth they are treated as if they are lying . They are treated like a piece of human garbage. Legitimate complaints are ignored or fobbed off. The bureaucrat may lie brazenly and when you complain accuse you of inventing the problem. You will be treated in an insulting manner to get you upset, then they will claim you are mentally unstable, or get annoyed, in which case they will claim you were threatening them .

One piece of good advice I saw on a blog was never interact with a bureaucrat alone. Always have a witness.

.          Your rights as a citizen will be treated as if they do not exist. They will attempt to deny you the financial help to which you are entitled.

.          Weaknesses will be mocked. Say you have trouble walking. They will employ some method to imply you are faking the problem . They will set up situations which undermine you dealing with your problem. This is a standard gang stalking tactic – deliberately rigging the situation to cause failure.

But back to stressing. Causing stress to elderly or ill people can worsen their problems and promote premature death.


Sensitising is designing a stressor specific to the Target. It is the psychological equivalent of continuously rubbing a raw wound on the same spot. The actual movement in itself is not violent , but it causes harm. Harming while appearing to not harm is a gang stalking tactic. Another word for this is teasing – like every time I type the word ” bill” the computer changes it to “Bill”, my late husband. The aggravation is specific and only meaningful to me.

The gang stalking tactic is to seek out an individuals Achilles heel, then keep kicking it.

Say a DWP claimant is a totally honest person. The person dealing with them persists in treating them as if they were a liar. The more the claimant protests their honesty, the more the bureaucrat insists they are a liar. As there is no way for the recipient of this technique to solve the situation, they become increasingly upset. And the bureaucrat pushes and pushes until they get a response that is so distressed that they can then claim there is something wrong with the claimant. I am saying, expect to be insulted. It is a tactic.

And it is a dirty tactic. Some people are more vulnerable than others.


An extension of sensitisation are nudges. When you have primed someone to be in a sensitised state, where they are very vulnerable and suggestible, you drop a prompt into the situation such as”Why don’t you kill yourself”.

Gang stalking targets have been saying for years that they think the gang stalking tactics employed against them were to force them to commit suicide.


Gang stalking targets have also claimed that they have been subjected to attacks on their finances – being denied welfare they were entitled to, or a pension, and subsequently driven onto the street.

Finally there is an article called “Autogenocide” which you might find of interest.



Gang stalkers provide their targets with dyslexic computers

Have a gander at this copy.


Somebody just learning to type? Dyslexic? Drinking something other than tea?

Actually, I typed it, or rather my computer did.

When I left school I worked for a number of years as a copy typist, and I was good at it. Fast and accurate. Then I trained to be a Code Desk Operator with the Royal Mail. 200 key strokes per minute, 98% accuracy, or you got a visit from your supervisor.  So, yes. I can type.

The sample above is typical of the garbage I get EVERYTIME I set finger to keyboard. (Fortunately I have also worked as a Proofreader and I was good at that too. )

Anybody hear of a computer fault which scrambles completely accurate typing to exchange correct words with random words, inserts letters, spaces, punctuation and capital letters at random, deletes words, inserts extra syllables (stutters), alters correct grammar for incorrect grammar (randomises prepositions, and alters tenses)?

Obviously typing becomes slow, laborious, and I must carefully proofread everything.

You can read the corrected story on “Tales of Unwise Paths” titled “The Secret of Their Success”.


Right, this is interesting. I put a copy of the link for the story from the story edit page, so you can see the link is accurate. But when you use it, you get “Not Found”. Could it be someone doesn’t want you to read the story? Why? It is fiction. The “true” story of Cinderella.

Nor does it show on Google search.

OK, as it seems you might have problems accessing the story, here it is.






What women targets of gang stalking may experience

Firstly, the woman target will often be working class, ethnic, poor, single and interested in getting an education and career. Heterosexual or gay, makes no difference.

The lies told about her, told to her neighbours, employers, teachers (at tertiary level), colleagues, and prospective boyfriends, will include that she is a prostitute,  drug taker or dealer, lesbian, mentally unbalanced, and paedophile. Some of these lies may also be spread to her relatives.

Naturally this will result in social shunning; prospective relationship stopped in its tracks or broken; termination of educational career;  blocked in getting employment or promotion;  friends “dropping” her and family keeping its distance. On the other hand, every sex pervert in the neighbourhood will make a bee-line to her door, the address conveniently supplied by the stalkers. She may attract vigilantes.

Meanwhile male wife-batterers and rapists will be moved in next door.

If living in a multiple-occupancy house, gang stalkers will come and live in the house and make a habit of leaving the front door open.

The woman target will have her privacy violated, in that surveillance in her home will be used as pornographic material to be used as “evidence” of the lies told about her, and to incite perverts to seek her out.

Attempts will be made to have her raped.

This looks like a formula for human traffickers to coerce women vulnerable due to low social status,  into prostitution.

But the question remains unanswered.  WHO ARE THE GANG STALKERS?