Why are women more often imprisoned for minor and first offences than men?

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Women commit less crime than men and less serious crimes, so why should they be imprisoned more often than men for minor and first offences?

Many of these women are also mothers, so the disruption to their families, especially if they are the only provider is great.

It makes no sense at all looking at it from a common sense perspective or even that of simple justice in treating women equally to men.

However, there is a perspective where imprisoning women, especially mothers, for minor crimes, makes perfect sense.

Targets of gang stalking say they think one of the objectives is to bring about their imprisonment. They are offered opportunities to commit crime, they are subjected to extreme harassment tailored to their particular triggers which might incite them to commit crime, and failing that they may simply be framed. Add to that that the majority of gang stalking targets are women and a picture is emerging.

What are the likely consequences of a low-income mother being sent to prison? Men who have been in prison may get employment afterwards. There is greater tolerance of males commiting crimes than women. Men are more likely to be forgiven or given another chance. This tolerance is rarely extended to women. Most women who have been in prison even for a first offence or minor crime become unemployable afterwards – so how can they support their children?

Lies gangstalkers spread about their targets include that the woman is a prostitute. This guarantees that all the sex perverts in the area will take an interest in her. Gang stalking targets have also claimed that they have been set up for rape, and some have been raped.

If gang stalking is designed to push a woman into prostitution, imprisoning low-income mothers for minor offences makes perfect sense. Women resorting to prostitution to feed their children is one of the major things that propel women into prostitution of their own accord.

It would be interesting if there was a follow-up study of how low-income mothers manage after imprisonment – if a significant number take to prostitution to support their families.

As corrupt police have figured among the actors of gang stalking, unfair sentencing against women also suggests complicity within the legal establishment, as there is no rational, even plausible reason for the disparity in sentencing.


Gang stalking method – vandalism of Target’s property and work equipment

I only discovered about gang stalking about two years ago. In the light of the information of the methods gang stalkers use, one being vandalism, I reviewed my experience of broken/malfunctioning equipment both at home and at work over the last twenty years. This is my list. The damage starts from 1994 when I moved to London to be with my late-husband.

My husband’s old iron stopped working. He bought a new steam-iron. His son asked to borrow it. When he got it back a tarry substance covered the ironing plate and the steam function never worked properly again. We never managed to clean the plate completely,  so for a long time using the iron risked staining the item ironed.

My husband bought a new vacuum cleaner. The neighbour downstairs asked to borrow it as he was moving out and needed to thoroughly clean his room. When we got the vacuum back it had been used so badly it never worked properly again.

At work in the postman kitchen which I ran, the hot plate for keeping food warm stopped working.

Our landlord’s oven stopped working. We replaced it.

I bought a steam cleaner for cleaning at home and which I could use for sterilising surfaces in the kitchen at work and also to save money in both places on cleaning materials. It stopped working after being used about three times.

At work the oven stopped working. It was replaced with a larger oven with non-standard larger shelves. An oven shelf – not easy to replace due to non-standard size, went “missing”. I had hoped to increase the amount of cooked food available with the larger oven, but with only one shelf could not do so.

The new oven also frequently malfunctioned in an arbitrary way. When cooking the flame would go out and after the time the items were supposed to be ready they would be partly cooked, cold and gassed through – just what you need when there is a queue of people expecting their breakfasts!

First thing in the morning I would find someone had left the freezer door open overnight, thawing the contents. I put a sign on the door to be careful to close it properly but it kept happening. There was no reason for anyone else to go near the freezer. In the end I would close the door with sealing tape when I left work and only then did it stop happening.

Someone complained that I had locked them out of the kitchen. I explained that I didn’t have a key but the door handle sometimes worked in a peculiar way which meant you had to move the handle in reverse direction, otherwise the door would appear to be locked.

The water boiler broke down. Management said they weren’t going to replace it so I used kettles. The kettles kept breaking down. In less than 12 months 3 kettles stopped working in the office downstairs. I had provided them with the first kettle when theirs broke down out of courtesy. After that I told them it was not the kitchen’s job to provide them with kettles. They replaced that last one themselves and it lasted for years.

The frame of the trolley I used for deliveries broke. Wheels coming off delivery trolleys is a common occurrence and easily repaired. Frame damage is very unusual and repairing is often not worth the effort. To my knowledge no-one else in the office experienced frame damage.

Locks on my trolley were vandalised requiring frequent replacement.

Storage food cupboards in the kitchen were broken. They were fixed but it kept happening. In the end it was not possible to close the cupboards properly.

A locked steel cabinet in the kitchen also used for storing food was disabled from being locked when a postman borrowed the key and broke the key in the lock.

My husband spent a lot of time researching which hi-fi equipment to buy. He loved music, opera in particular. The brand-new  equipment kept breaking down. This caused him immense distress and frustration as he had bought highly rated equipment from a reliable dealer and we couldn’t figure out how the damage was happening.

When my husband contracted cancer for the first time I bought a small oil-fired heater to warm the room. I had had to travel to another suburb to the shop and had difficulty bringing it home on public transport, as my arthritis was a problem at the time. It stopped working after a few weeks.

When the nearest laundrette closed I bought a small caravan-type washing machine. It broke down after a few weeks. Although the shop was nearby I had had great difficulty with arthritis carrying it home, bringing the defective machine back to the shop where they told me this machine rarely broke down, and carrying the replacement home.

My mother gave us her very efficient vacuum cleaner as it had become too heavy for her to manage. A necessary attachment just “disappeared”. With great difficulty my husband found a replacement part.

We moved to North Yorkshire when we were priced-out of London in 2011. Within 9 months my husband’s cancer returned and he died within a year. I moved to my current bed-sit address.

I bought a keyboard to use with my IPad so I could type normally rather than finger type. It stopped working.

Someone kept tampering with the brakes on my bike screwing them so tight that the brakes were always on the wheels, so that the wheels would not turn until the brakes were loosened. I don’t have any tools and also my hands were weak with arthritis at the time. As I now lived close to the town centre and couldn’t deal with the hills anyway, I gave the bike away.

In order to get exercise I bought a brand-new exercise bike last Christmas. It seems as if the joint where the pedal screws into the bike, the threads have been filed down. As I said, I don’t have any tools. I gave my late husband’s tools away after his death. I managed to fix the pedal with super-glue but now the gap between the two parts is so great even superglue won’t hold the pedal. Until I can find a solution to this the exercise bike is unusable.


Also I have ongoing, tremendous problems with my iPad. I soon found that upgrades turned working services into unuseable ones. I had a subscription to a newspaper. When I installed the upgrade the service became unuseable. Pages would take ages to load, only half a page would appear, and then the app would close. I stopped installing upgrades. Then one day my main email, photos and camera disappeared. I took the iPad back to the shop and they recovered them but also installed all the upgrades I had avoided. Everything has been a shambles since.

The copy function does not work. The spell checker would change correct words into completely different ones, making sentences nonsense. I disengaged the spell checker. But correctly typed words continue to be changed as if typed incorrectly. Letters are systematically swapped for other letters. The caps key comes on arbitrarily. Spaces, letters and words disappear. The space bar disappears. The keyboard switches causing typing errors. The response time to keystrokes keeps varying, sometimes going so slowly that the letters are typed long after the keys have been pressed. With the iPad function of the keys typed being highlighted this makes using the keyboard very distracting. The brightness on my iPad varies of its own accord. I usually have it set low as I am light sensitive but the setting frequently alters of its own accord  so I have to keep going back into settings to reduce it interrupting whatever I am doing.

Links between my email accounts have been broken with my WordPress blog. I no longer receive email notifications and I cannot access the WordPress settings to see what tampering has occurred. As I am not computer-savvy I never meddle with settings on working systems. My settings are frequently reset in ways I don’t want.

About 6 months ago I disabled my Facebook as it seemed to not be under my control. Articles I had no interest in were appearing and were impossible to delete. Recently I went back to Facebook deciding to only use it for games and discovered it had already been reinstated.

When I couldn’t access my 3 account to know how much mbs I had used – I had unexpectedly run out in the last two months, I took the iPad back to the shop. They took 3 hours to sort out all the glitches. I saw they had everything functioning again in the shop. But when I returned home all the faults were back again. Links in emails don’t work. Connections don’t work. Screen areas go dead on otherwise responsive screens – most notably when I press the  Twitter share button, there is no response. Some sites are impossible to access. The page freezes and then goes down, repeatedly. But there is no problem accessing other sites. “The Militant Negro” is the site I have most problems  accessing. The page usually goes down immediately.


All what you might call petty vandalism, except the vandalism is precise and directed. It does not take large damage to render an electrical or mechanical item unuseable. You can still use an iron with tar on the ironing plate – but what is the point? With the bikes, tampering with a vital component is all that is needed to render the machine unuseable. Removing a small component without which the machine cannot work is a favoured tactic.

Breaking locks appears to be a gang stalker favourite. Breaking locks and losing keys. While this was happening at work other tenants at our multiple-occupancy address were continuously breaking the locks on the security gates and leaving the communal door open. It seems gang stalkers have a thing about being able to access any place and access any locked cupboard. They want everything open and accessible.

Disruption on the internet is par for the course.

Criminal vandalism worthy of the feral gutter class. So who are the gangstalkers? Their methods place them squarely among the worst of society’s detritus. Are they just organised criminals? If so how can they infiltrate respectable businesses such as the  Royal Mail and be given free rein to their anti-social activities? If these people are acting with permission and under instruction by some “authority” then which authority and what is their purpose and how do they explain their methods?

They act as if they are above the law, as if they are in charge. Do you want people in charge whose values and behaviour are the same as the most despicable gutter yobs?


The evil of gang stalkers is the evil of human nature

Or another way of putting it – all human evil of human nature rolled into one package and directed at the target.

One Target (stoporganstalking) made the comment that being gang stalked was like being married to an abusive husband when you didn’t marry one.

For me it is like living with a nagging, unreasonable child when you didn’t have one because you know what they are like. Other people forget childhood and what children are like. I didn’t. But never mind, via gang stalkers I get the experience anyway.

Abusive husbands are malign and deliberate in what they do. Children can’t help being obnoxious, it is their natural state until they grow out of it and are trained into socialised adults.

The other category of conveying mental damage to people in their vicinity are the other innocent category of the mentally ill or brain damaged. The normal people usually damaged are those closest to them, the carers, most often women.

And the gang stalkers acts are criminal, and criminals are the major category of causing damage.

Nice species! So some clever people got together and collated all the damaging experiences that different categories of people cause others – abusive men, children, unsocialised and mentally damaged and criminals, and wrapped it all up in one package to be directed at targets – the majority of whom are low-status women.

You know what this looks like?  It looks like someone has defined the female role as being the garbage bin for all society’s rubbish and if a woman should dare to avoid being married to an abusive man; decline to take on the huge social and total handicap of having children; have the good fortune to not be required to be a carer or take every precaution to avoid abusive, stalking, sexually exploitive and criminal men, these “someones” will see to it she gets the handicap anyway, courtesy of gang stalking.

In other words, gang stalkers have taken it on themselves to define every woman’s role into one or another slave category. That women are being prevented from defining themselves, particularly working class women, from being self-determining and controlling their own lives. Women’s role (as defined by men) kitchen, bed and children. Or the Nazi version, “Kinder, Kuche and Kirche”,  (children, kitchen and church) which coincidentally could be shortened to KKK.

As the prevailing theory of gang stalking is that it is government sponsored – it couldn’t happen otherwise – this suggests that regardless of government rhetoric on human rights and equal opportunity, the reality is an underlying fascism, and women are the prime targets. Lower class women are now the Jews of Nazi Germany, the “niggers of the world”.


On a slightly different tack I have complained in an earlier blog about WordPress capitalising my category “taxes” into “Taxes”.  They have also done the same with the words “fascism” and “social engineering”, neither of which I want capitalised. Capitalisation if not at the beginning of a sentence implies deference – as in “God” as opposed to “god”. WordPress may have deference to “Taxes” and “Fascism” and “Social engineering”. For the record I wish to make clear, I do not, and WordPress or someone has altered my script.



IF gang stalkers are state spies (financed by the taxpayer) they are fomenting hatred against groups such as blacks, gays and feminists

According to the authorities gang stalking is a myth, but they don’t/can’t deny that all the elements that combined comprise gang stalking do not exist – stalking, bullying, harassment, black listing, slander, vandalism, gaslighting, noise harassment, smear campaigns, lies, cult activities, manipulation, intimidation, police corruption, political corruption, framing, etc.

Also the targets of gang stalking are the same old – working class, especially working class women, black, gay, feminist.

The difference is today our governments have a huge shop window filled with ostentatious displays of  social inclusion, special favours to “minorities” , draconian penalties for unpolitically correct thought and words, and the star of the show “gay marriage” while in the back room the same old persecution is going on as before – only denied. Point this out and you are labelled insane.

Why are our governments fomenting hatred?

They need scapegoats for their bad policies causing destruction to our societies?

They are providing “legitimate” outlets for frustration onto helpless groups”

They are using “harassment by proxy” to get rid of those opposed to, and most likely to be damaged by their policies?

They are following the well trodden fascist agenda of exploiting/eliminating the weakest in society?

They are getting rid of potential opponents before those opponents recognise the need to get rid of THEM?

They are racists and homophobes who wish to eliminate blacks and gays?

Their fascist agenda demands that the working class are pushed into the gutter and kept there?

They want all women confined to domestic, sexual and reproductive roles and denied full adult citizen and socio-economic status? And working clas women reduced to prostitutes?

Perhaps there is no mystery attached to gang stalking at all – called gang stalking or any other name, it is what you get when fascists are in charge.



When you are a target of gang stalkers EVERYTHING is a trap

The world as it really is is far distant from the world that I was brought up to believe.

I was raised to the belief that I was living in a civilised Western democracy, where everyone lived under Rule of Law and those in charge were the custodians and guardians of the values that I and everyone I knew, held dear.

That feudalism only existed in history books and disgusting 3rd world anarchic-fascist dictatorships.

I thought we, by “we” meaning our leaders, were different.

It seems I, and my parents, and their parents, who handed their values on to me and which I totally agreed with, were wrong.

The values my parents passed on to me and which I accepted as true, were simple . It was taken for granted that you lived a law-abiding, moral life. You minded your own business, supported yourself with your work and avoided being a source of complaint to others.  Avoiding crime was easy. You did not commit any and you made a point of avoiding crime venues and disreputable people.

However this perspective on life is only correct providing those in charge are NOT criminals. When they are, everything you do, they simply undo, tarring you with the blame for the crimes that THEY commit.

It works like this.  Say you are a normal, working class woman as I am. When you are young you start out expecting to socialise normally with other people. You do not discriminate against men, you have no opinion about them either way. You go to a normal social venue, such as a pub, with or without friends and some men there either try to pick you up or subject you to some other kind of harassment – verbal harassment or being over familiar.

This causes you to think and you hear stories of girls and women being raped going to such venues, so you change your social style.

You select other venues which by definition should not be an invitation for harassment. Lectures on subjects of interest, night classes. The same thing happens. On the one hand the men either act as if you do not exist, socially excluding you or they pay attention to you and again, it is either to try and pick you up or subject you to unprovoked verbal abuse.

As you are not a masochist and see no entertainment value in being subjected to arbitrary abuse from total strangers, you back off again.

But you still have to work to support yourself. You have to live somewhere.

You go to work and you like your job, and then you get sexual harassment at work. A married supervisor manipulates the situation so as to make sure only you and he are in the office and then comes onto you very strong, combined with verbal insults. So you have to leave a job you liked and were good at because of somebody else’s behaviour. What’s more, you now have to lie about why you left that job when seeking another job. You become very cautious about future work environments, assessing them for the potential risk of something similar happening.

Meanwhile you have found a reasonably decent, affordable, safe place to live with good neighbours. The next thing weirdos are hanging around the house and it appears someone has evidently intentionally spread the false rumour that you are a prostitute, when you are not and a criminal when you are not. Naturally, this has the effect that decent people avoid you and every pervert in the vicinity makes a bee-line to your door. Someone has thoughtfully provided them with your address.

Meanwhile the decent people move out of the place you are living – harassed out by noise and the behaviour of anti-social neighbours, so that you end up living with, or appearing to live with,  the very people you have put a lot of effort in avoiding having anything to do with. – Criminals, nutters, rapists , wife batterers – people who are a danger to you.

Do you see what is happening here? First you are harassed out of ordinary social venues on the basis of sexual threat and abuse. Then safer venues. You virtually give up ALL social venues, and trouble makers are channelled to your door, and if you are living at a multiple occupancy address, into the same address.

You move away they come after you.

And the same thing happens at work. When I lived in London I worked in a Royal Mail Sorting and  Delivery Office.  A separate office employed the staff and allocated them to us.  Over time the proportion of migrants employed in the office grew, including a large group from Middle Eastern countries. At one point one of them with reference to my Irish accent took me aside and enquired what I thought about the  English. Many Irish do not like the English. I told him I liked the English.  End of conversation.

I believe it is likely that some of those men had Muslim terrorist connections.  When I discussed this possibility with a friend years later he said “It looks as if you were being used as bait”.








Are the authorities, the police and the security services paranoid and obsessed with the “gang stalking conspiracy”?

The reason I ask is this.

If I wanted to access information on the conspiracy theories of aliens, UFO’s, 9/11, etcetera, not only is there no shortage of material which remains available year after year, but a constant deluge of news material is in continuous production.

What’s more there is a dramatic ABSENCE of any kind of censorship, suppression, denial that any such things exist, or accusations that any who believe such things are urgent candidates for inclusion in a secretive state funny farm.

Contrast this with gang stalking. The methods of gang stalking have the historical precedents of Soviet Russia, the STASI, Nazi Germany, the KKK, COINTELPRO, Scientology’s “Fair Game”, and the Mafia. And the Mafia which has existed since the middle of the 19th century and was a major player during Prohibition, was claimed to be a conspiracy theory up to the 1990’s.

A bit more evidence than exists for aliens.

And most of these state or cult actors denied until they were blue in the face, that what they were doing was happening, preferring to accuse their victims of being delusional or insane, and where possible incarcerating them in mental institutions.

So if gang stalking is a conspiracy theory, why would the authorities feel compelled to deny it, any more than UFO’s?

Credible gang stalking sites rarely last long. If the author is anonymous, the site may vanish in a matter of months. If the author has “outed” himself as a targeted individual, the sites usually last a bit longer, but as one Target has noted – gang stalking sites either disappear or start talking nonsense.

A few months ago I found a writer from the Indian sub-continent who clearly was ignorant of the concept of gang stalking, but in a novelette described perfectly the gang stalking formula, and true to type for a target who is unaware of “gang stalking” was asking many puzzled questions as to why people were acting so malevolently and strangely. He also passed some interesting comments about witchcraft, corrupt police and espionage methods, although he plainly had not joined the dots.  This morning I looked the site up – and it had vanished. This writer was not proclaiming himself as a gang stalking target. He clearly did not know of it. But his description of gang stalking was accurate – his family and work colleagues treating him strangely presumably because of slander, bullying at work, vandalism and sabotage of his property, caused to make financial losses, pet attacked, and so on.

If this was a one off it could reasonably be put down to coincidence, but it happens consistently, strongly suggesting censorship is occurring. If gang stalking is a delusion, alongwith UFO’s, why bother?

The above case was interesting because the gang stalking method was described, but the person did not know what he was describing. Yet the site disappeared.

The clearly loony gang stalking sites NEVER go down, but go from strength to strength.

So are the authorities, the police and the security services paranoid?

I think so. They have reason to be after all.