The gang stalking conspiracy of silence


This question appeared on my search engine. It is a fundamental question. The only possible answers suggest state involvement.

Consider these situations. More than forty years ago I listened to conversations among Women’s Aid helpers baffled about how some of their women who had moved across country and severed all former ties to family and friends were still located by stalking ex-husbands or boyfriends who magically turned up outside the shelter, which itself had a concealed address.

Also many women stalked by ex-partners find their stalking by an individual morphs into organised vigilante stalking in their community.

Targets of organised vigilante stalking find moving makes no difference. Even if they move to a different country they are still stalked.

Trade Unionists put on blacklists, (UK) compiled many of them believe with the assistance of police and security services, found they could not get work anywhere in the country, wherever they went. This can only be done with access to confidential records and the existence of a data base, where action against the Target is triggered when their identifying details are located.  In the case of Trade Unionists their blacklisting was triggered when their employer checked their name and National Insurance number with a register of blacklisted workers.  The company that maintained the register, and who were unconcerned whether or not the details on it were correct, collected fees for their information.  That company also included names of environmentalists.

The business which was carried on in secret, meets anyone’s definition of a “conspiracy”.  A conspiracy of employers. Some of the blacklisted Trade Unionists believed the blacklisting business was carried out with the cooperation of the police and security services. The Trade Unionists were not blacklisted on reasonable grounds such as being incompetent or trouble makers. They were usually good workers who took on the role of Trade Union Health and Safety representatives to address dangerous work situations. The construction industry is inherently dangerous with an annual catalogue of fatalities, maimings and long-term health risks (such as exposure to asbestos). It seems strange that a government which has extended Health and Safety legislation in every walk of life is indifferent to real Health and Safety issues in a dangerous industry.

What is going on here?  It is illegal to discriminate  in employment against people on the basis of colour, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation, and as far as I know employers are not allowed to bar ex-criminals (excepting offences of sex or violence from some occupations), yet there is no law which prohibits discrimination against ordinary, law-abiding members of the public, who have been arbitrarily slandered by “somebody”? Such a shame libel and slander are not criminal offences when they can be used to prevent individuals from obtaining employment.

Organised community vigilante stalking must be being carried out in a like manner to blacklisting. That there exists a secret register of targets which is triggered whenever a name appears on official documentation of some kind. Who has access to confidential records in any bureaucracy?

The scale of organised vigilante stalking is such that the only possible candidates for carrying it out are the police, the security services, clandestine companies operating “lists” or organised crime, and any combination of these is also possible.


There are two possible objectives for the targeting. Most targets are women. The second largest category is homosexual men. The result of being denied employment or harassed out of employment is usually financial destitution, which is a major cause in forcing women  into prostitution with or without her consent.  The gang stalkers spread the lie that the woman is a prostitute to help the process along. Some Targets of gang stalking have suggested that surveillance footage of Targets in their own home  is used as pornographic material, made without the consent or knowledge of the Targets, and used to support the lie that the target is a prostitute as well as for financial gain.  And prostitution is a major world-wide criminal racket which supplies an insatiable market raking  in billions – but not for the women.

The other objective appears to be recruiting dupes into the gang stalking cult, where their lives will be controlled and the institutions they work for infiltrated and ultimately controlled by the stalkers. I arrived at the conclusion that Targets are bait when I noticed the large number of people associated with me over a lifetime had suffered huge financial losses, in the case of landlords, lost their houses and in the case of businesses changing their character completely from being well-run businesses offering a good, reliable and reasonably priced service to unreliable, shoddy and expensive. Once the gang stalkers have got their foot in the door they ease out the reliable staff replacing them with their own people. They appear to favour migrants who are more exploitable, accepting harsh working conditions for low pay and are  more accepting of corruption as normal compared with their countries of origin.   The financial bleeding of the individual and business targets is usually carried out very slowly over years. Timing of the final sting is carefully calculated to conceal the process. A lot of attention is paid to disrupting communication between people who might otherwise figure out what is happening.  The end result the landlord loses his houses and the business, after being run into the ground, changes ownership.

Gang stalking  resembles a mafia-run racket more than anything else, exploiting access to confidential records to identify targets to fleece and the means to do it.

Gang stalkers corrupt everything they touch.

Everyone with exploitable resources is the gang stalkers’ potential target.


Whether “authorities” are involved, authorities steadfastly deny gang stalking is occurring. This does not make sense that anyone can categorically claim that a wide-ranging collection of criminal and anti-social behaviours which everyone knows occurs, are not happening, when they are all happening together. Wholesale, unified denial across all authorities, all institutions could not happen without overall control.

It is open to conjecture whether or not “gang stalking” is happening. What is not open to conjecture is the conspiracy of silence.






What happened to Tanya?

I am retired now. I only discovered about “gang stalking” two years ago after a combination of what I believe to be mis-treatment of my late husband by medical staff as he died of terminal cancer and the bizarre behaviour of a relative. I enquired on Wikipedia reference desk and was told the bizarre behaviour was “gaslighting” another concept new to me. They also recommended that I check out “mobbing”. In the process I discovered “gang stalking” which explained the stalking by strangers I had been subjected to while at student at Ulster University in the seventies and a cluster of strange events which happened at the same time.

As I reviewed my life in the light of the new gang stalking explanation I found my experiences fell solidly into the gang stalking pattern. Slander, poisoning all my social interactions, causing me to be shunned and subjected to arbitrary mis-treatment such as gratuitous rudeness, bad service and being ripped off at every opportunity. Blacklisting – finding it very difficult to find work and being harassed out of work. At one temp agency a member of staff passed a throwaway comment about my qualifications being fraudulent (A levels, University degree and secretarial qualifications). An interviewer queried an area of unemployment on my CV, suggesting I might have been in prison. At several accommodations the good/normal neighbours moving out to be replaced by extreme noise pests and very odd people exhibiting bizarre behaviour and lifestyles. Tenants being flooded out of their flats by over flowing baths until they left. Frequent arson events including being forced to move from one place (away from an over-flowing bath expert who regularly flooded our kitchen) when a fire in that tenants flat forced us to move. The firemen were brilliant. I came home from work to find all our possessions, including electrical, under taurpaulins to protect from the flood of water directed upstairs. All we lost was a smoked ironing board cover. This was followed by an invitation from the landlord to make an insurance claim under his insurance for items we had lost. My husband and I declined, pointing out we hadn’t lost anything.

The new neighbours were people that no woman would want as neighbours. At times prostitutes who had a habit of leaving the communal doors open and continuously breaking the security gates. (This was London. People get burgled even taking every precaution. Never mind prostitutes or people posing as prostitutes plying their trade from your same address). Or they were wife-batterers or rapists. At one address the Turkish migrants who moved in below – and this was in Yorkshire and five years before the migration flood gates were opened, raped a young woman of limited intelligence that they had lured to their flat. Her brother came to the flat but they wouldn’t answer the door. He stood outside screaming and crying “Why did you do it?”

As I reviewed my life with the new gang stalking model I could see these events, and this is only a small sample, were not accidental but orchestrated. And I was not the only one affected. Neighbours were scared or harassed into leaving or selling their homes. Landlords lost their houses. From going from easy-going landlords, not charging the highest rents, to going after every penny, maxing the rents and utility bills then finally losing their houses which were then converted from reasonable, affordable accommodation into luxury flats.  My first serious boyfriend was swindled out of his life’s savings. It was during the Handsworth’s riots (Birmingham) in the eighties. We lived in the opposite side of the city, but my boyfriend had his own personal riot outside his restaurant for an entire afternoon while he called the police in vain. Hours later when the rioters had got bored and gone home the police arrived and demanded to see all his staff’s passports that they were legal migrants. He was a very calm man, difficult to rile, but I swear as he told me the story steam was coming out of his ears.

And so I come to Tanya (not her real name). Over the years along with work I would volunteer time at charity shops. When I lived in London I volunteered at a local shop with two young manageresses. The shop was tiny but very successful helped by the fact that there was virtually nowhere to buy clothes in the immediate area. But soon they were having problems. I do not know the nature of all the problems as I was only an employee but it seemed to me that they were having more problems than you would expect from a charity shop. I put it down to “Wild West” London, which is nowhere near as civilised as the rest of the country. More criminals and nutters per square yard. Another volunteer joined after me. She was an odd one but it was difficult to pin point. I would have to say “shifty”. I prefer not to work with people nor money so my work was mainly unpacking and sorting and cleaning if there was any spare time. This girl hated me being in the storeroom when she was there. Turned out she was stealing from them and was sacked. One manageress left but “Tanya” remained. Then I started to get glimpses of the problems she was having. Her wages as assistant manageress were low, not sufficient for living in London, so she was under financial pressure. Many charity shops are leisurely environments, but not this one. It was busy, busy, busy. She told me, clearly upset, that her family were becoming estranged from her. She couldn’t see any reason. She was dismayed when she finally found out that they believed she was earning loads of money as a manageress but was frittering it (so they wouldn’t help her financially) but they also believed she was leading an immoral lifestyle. As an Asian who had previously enjoyed warm and close relations with her family, she was very distressed by their distance, lack of support and belief that she was engaged in immorality. I now know that these are gang stalkers tactics -overloading people at work, especially by sending trouble makers and thieves their way; insinuating into family relationships spreading lies – that someone is wealthy when they are poor, and that women in particular are immoral, so as to isolate the woman from her family and family support. I know this now, but twenty years ago I did not know about gang stalking or that I was being stalked.

Then one day after I had stopped working for the shop, Tanya turned up on my doorstep. She wanted to talk, so we went to a cafe. There she told me she had been raped. She had been having fish and chips with a male acquaintance at her flat, then he had raped her. While at University I had had friends who worked for Women’s Aid, so this was something that did not faze me, and ordinarily I would have moved onto a friendship footing due to this. Unfortunately she followed this with the remark “I am not going to let this affect how I see men”.  The helpers at Women’s Aid often discussed how long it took some women to adopt self-protective behaviour. It seems to be a uniquely female characteristic for women to have a weak sense of survival on their own behalf. A woman’s body and a weak sense of survival is not a good combination. Such women are not only at risk but endanger any other woman close to them. They are predator magnets. So I made no effort to continue the friendship. If I had known about gang stalking I would have acted differently.

I do not know what happened to “Tanya”. I now know she was being gang stalked, quite likely because I was being gang stalked and started working at the shop. I know she was a young, innocent, beautiful young woman from a respectable middle class Asian background, who came from a close and warm loving family. She was a completely normal young woman whose greatest ambition was to have a career. From my experience of the shop the manageresses were getting problems which were way over the top for a small charity shop. Evidently there was deliberate meddling in her personal life in that her family were having lies spread to them about her financial situation and life style. Her background was sheltered and she had no suspicions about men. Gang stalkers set women up for rape. And rape is often a precursor for inducting women into prostitution – along with managed estrangement from their families, friends or anyone else who would support them.

Gang stalkers methods. Ongoing vandalism of the landlords property.

The landlord co-operates with the gang stalkers once he has believed the lie that the new tenant, the Target Bait, is a criminal/terrorist/prostitute/drug dealer/paedophile/mental case. On this basis he accepts tenants which the gang stalkers send, who over time, vandalise his property incurring ongoing financial losses. Where possible blame for the vandalism will be attached to the Target Bait, who is being gaslighted – somebody else does the damage, the Target gets the blame.

The kinds of damage the landlord can expect once he has co-operated with the gang stalkers are as follows:-

1. Arson

2. Flooding, usually by over-running baths.

3. Security gates vandalised, requiring frequent lock replacements.

4. Communal equipment vandalised, such as taking door off washing machine.

5. Gas boiler vandalised.  This might also provide cover for the “accidental” carbon monoxide poisoning of the Target, carbon monoxide poisoning causing symptoms of mental disturbance.

Subjected to these losses, the landlord compensates by increasing rents, any other charges and cutting services.

The  vandalism will be ongoing, intermittent and continuous. I lost count of how many times a previous landlord had to replace the locks on his security gates. Having been burnt out of one flat, the second place I lived in had one internal fire confined to a room, but also two external fires where the rubbish was stored. One of these fires was so great the neighbouring house, a separate building, was threatened. Those neighbours with young children had recently moved in. One wonders if this fire was also to intimidate the neighbour, perhaps to encourage a cheap sale (along with the rumours that people in this house were dangerous criminals).

One immediate neighbour with an autistic child sold up and moved away when the quiet cafe on the ground floor suddenly became an all-night disco blasting music at high volume from 6pm every evening until 2am, every night, sometimes 6am. The house had a large extension added at the back and was converted from a family home into luxury flats.

Neighbours will sell up, perhaps at a loss, and the house will then be renovated and/or extended, to maximise profit for the new owners.


They Want Your Money

There have been occasional strange stories in the press over the years about an odd person just giving money away on the street to random strangers. It raises a chuckle, doesn’t it? If only, you think.

In a recent story,  the man,  completely sane, and it was his own legitimately earned money he was giving out, was rushed to a mental hospital. This is at a time when mental patients can’t even get into mental hospitals. So, what was the emergency?

That gave me pause to think.  Why? What possible objection could the state have to an honest citizen giving his money away to anyone he wants?

When I put this against my own gang stalking experience a possible explanation suggests itself.

As a gang stalking target lies are spread to the community that I live in, that I am some kind of criminal.

By implication that makes my savings and inheritances from my late-husband and late-mother,  suspect, possibly the proceeds of whatever alleged crimes I am alleged to be involved in. Which would make my own legitimately earned resources subject to seizure by the state.

Over the years I have donated substantial sums to charities and hospitals. Over time I have started to suspect whether these charities/hospitals got to keep my donations. What if my gang stalkers followed up my donations to the hospitals and told them, falsely, that those donations were “dirty” money, the proceeds of crime, and not legitimate donations?

When recently, when my very delayed inheritance from my late-husband came through, I went to my solicitor  to ask how  a Deed of Variation could be drawn up to directly pay the inheritance to the hospital which treated my husband’s cancer. I thought by doing this, this would remove any question of legitimacy and I could be sure the recipient would get the money.

The Solicitor told me I could not do this, as I had already “touched” the money by lodging the cheque in my bank account. I explained that I had done so as I needed to be sure the cheque would not bounce, otherwise there would be no need for a Deed of Variation.

The Solicitor then went on to say, this could be money-laundering and such legal action would make him a party!

In the event I made the donation through normal channels and keep my fingers crossed that they got it, got to keep it and weren’t lied to that they are now a party to money laundering and in order to not get prosecuted for this very serious crime, just need to do the odd “favour” here and there, for the “authorities”.

In the wonderful world we live in today you don’t even have to commit a crime in order to be blackmailed.

In the light of these problems I have first hand experience of unexpected difficulties which can arise when I try to spend my own money, obtained legitimately, where the authorities have smeared my reputation, falsely,  as a criminal. Or even give it away. It looks like the authorities are determined to take my resources from me, hook or by crook and they are not even going to allow me to give my own money away, unless they can get their grubby hands on it or use it for their criminal purposes.

In the light of this the man who stood on the street and gave out money to passing strangers starts to make sense. Also that he was immediately put into a psychiatric unit, which can be the precursor of seizing an inmates resources on the grounds they are not capable of managing their own financial affairs.

And a salutary warning to anyone else with the same idea.



Targeted Individuals – me, me, me, me, me!

Look, fellow TIs. I get it. I know what you are going through. No. No, I don’t. Everyone is getting their own, personally tailored, bespoke hell. Nothing distracts anyone from the bigger picture, than pain. The world immediately contracts to your pain and the particular cause of it. And that tells you nothing, because the cause of the pain are puppets, but the hand inside the puppet remains concealed.

Distraction. You are distracted and focused on such a small part of the picture, you cannot see the picture. Those who are distracting you, are distracted, by the job of distracting you. Any starting off normal person would be in a mess required to do what they do to harass you. Most people are not criminals. Most people are not feral, not immoral. Committing crimes, acting immorally, acting like a crazy-person takes a huge toll out of the psyche of a normal person. And that is the hell the gang stalkers live in, and they think it is because of you. It takes their mind off the person pulling their strings.

Gang stalking is not the only thing going on. It does not occur in a social vacuum. Targets go years without even knowing they are targets. Why is that? Because we now live in a society where gratuitous over-loud noise is the norm everywhere there are human beings. Social norms are dissolved in environments where many cultures having different norms are thrown together, and the mentally ill are no longer cared for but thrown on the street to fend for themselves. Where the norms of feral child rearing of the upper class and gutter class are forced on everyone by the criminalisation of any form of child discipline. Where bureaucracy has become arrogant and aloof and the customer is always wrong. And by the way, you owe us money. No, you didn’t receive any service for it. Pay up, or else. Where govts rob your pension and bank accounts. The new normal. No wonder Targeted Individuals  can go for years before they realise their persecution is deliberate.

Forgive me. I am not blaming you. For somebody/s in charge the unavoidable suffering in the world is not enough. They think more is better. Trash everyone’s environment then the expectation becomes that anyone who wants a reasonable life, noise and harassment free, and enjoying good service, will have to pay through the nose for it. Your misery isn’t meaningless, it is the road to someone else’s higher profit.

When events appear irrational, ask one question. Who benefits? That is the hand behind the puppets.


Gangstalkers infiltrate honest businesses and turn them into rip-off cons

I have been gang stalked since University in the 1970s, but I only found out it was ” gang stalking” last year.

Looking back over more than 35 years I noticed a startling pattern. Businesses and people associated with me had suffered huge financial losses, losing their savings, homes and businesses. I concluded I was being used as bait, the “foot in the door” for gang stalking recruiters, who recruited people , after the style of cults, on the basis of deception. The deception in my case the lie that I was a dangerous criminal and the person approached was needed to assist “national security”. Once the person was “recruited” they were in the hands of the gang stalking controllers, and there was no way to leave. After the style of money-making cults, they would be indoctrinated, enslaved and over time stripped of their wealth.

So for thirty plus years, both myself and my late husband have been unwitting bait for the gang stalker recruiters. Everyone we have had any social interaction with have been affected. And I have also noticed that though the gang stalkers initial excuse for recruiting someone is the claim that I am a criminal, when I move away, the recruit is not released, the business that they have infiltrated is not left alone. Once gang stalkers have infiltrated a business, they never leave.

Living in London, my husband and I took many holidays. It is harder to see what happened to places we had visited overseas, but I do know what happened to some holiday places we visited in Britain.

We used to regularly visit an hotel on the Isle of Wight. At a time when we did not have much money, about 20 years ago, Bill spotted an ad in the newspaper. Three nights, half board for £89. The hotel overlooked the sea and had swimming pool and spa facilities.

It was a great holiday. The en-suite room equipped with bath was much bigger than our London bed-sit. We looked out on the sea. But the food was fantastic. Top quality, good choice, excellent service provided by locals, and generous amounts. The individual cheeseboard was so generous we started having one between us which we shared, and I had a dessert as well.

It was a family-run hotel, who had owned the hotel for decades. They obviously had huge pride in their establishment, and that was reflected in the high morale and cheeriness of the staff. Like many others, we became regular visitors.

Several years ago we were looking for a holiday and rung them for a quote. It was a jaw-dropping £600 for three days. What! We could have a week in Malta for that price, and we did. It is not uncommon for hotels in London to charge £100 a night for mediocre accommodation, or for high quality 5 star hotels outside London, but this hotel was out in the country, in an area noted for its cheapness, and only 3 star, although at the time we had gone we would have rated it 4 star on the food alone.

I checked its reviews on the internet. They were few, and dismal. The major complaint was the food standard was terrible. Equipment such as lifts and jacuzzi were broken and the staff had a couldn’t care less attitude. And customers were furious at paying luxury level prices for rubbish.


Another hotel we used to visit on the South coast followed a similar pattern. Again, my husband had discovered it on the basis of its low tariff. £35 B&B. Again, it was a small, family run hotel, friendly and charging a fair price for a fair service. We had been regular visitors for several years. A member of staff told us, nearly in tears, how they had lost their house ( gang stalkers cheat people out of their houses). I recently checked the place on the internet. It now charges £49 per person, per night, room only. To put this in context, a luxury hotel, with swimming pool and spa facilities, set in the midst of gardens, nearby charges the same for B&B.

When gang stalkers infiltrate a business this is what happens. Initially they might give friendly advice to the owner on ways they can increase profitability for little cost. But as they leach more and more money out of the business, the business starts to go downhill. A hotel relies on a good chef, who requires a good rate of pay and to be treated with respect. You won’t get a good chef to work for minimum wages. Nor will a good chef or cook tolerate serving up inferior food because it is cheaper. Good staff will not tolerate being exploited or mistreated so they will leave. The kind of staff who will put up with rock-bottom wages and exploitation are not going to give a hoot for customer service. A business that is only concerned with taking money and not spending any will not bother with maintenance.

As the prices increase and the service is not worth paying for regular customers will leave.

I speculate about what happens next. My experience of previous landlords losing their houses, and other housing scams involving artificially reducing the price of properties, then buying them cheap, suggest this course of events. The initial businessman provides a good service at reasonable cost. Gang stalkers infiltrate the business and get the owner on their strings. They instigate changes to increase profitability, by increasing charges and reducing services. They drive the business into the ground. When the business has reached its lowest worth, they buy it at bargain basement price, then turn the business around turning it into a luxury establishment charging the highest tariff.

Gang stalkers infiltrate legitimate businesses, take them over, and exploit labour.