Middle class people are vulnerable to recruitment by gang stalkers because of their mind-set of using information as a social commodity

– as in the cliche “the in-set and the out-set”.

The “in-set” are “people like us”, that is middle-class. If you are working class you can never be “in”.  Not being “in” means being socially excluded. Not as blatant as “No blacks, no Irish”, where at least there is evidence that discrimination is taking place. The working class are just subtly kept out of the social dialogue where it matters. The working class person will the the one talked about, but not talked to. Monitored, but not listened to.  A similar situation is how men treat women. In a work situation where the parties are supposedly equal, working class and women will be kept in the dark. Those on the inside track gain power over those excluded. The insiders have the knowkedge which helps them perform efficiently, but the outsider will be left in ignorance, or even jokingly misinformed – confirming their lower status and maintaining it through control of information.  What you know, what you don’t know, and what people believe rather than what is true. The middle classes are the people always whispering behind their hands.

Of course the people on the inside enjoy their feeling of power over their “inferiors” and the advantages they gain with their special knowledge. If the working class person or woman try to break through these invisible and denied social barriers, many tricks will be used to make them look like fools, or trouble-makers or un-hinged. These methods of maintaining middle class social power is part of the definition and identity of being middle-class. Working class people, especially women, are bewildered by it. They know something is going on, but they don’t understand why. People understand and can identify racism and sexism because it is blatant. But classism is subtle. The middle class are psychologically and socially, conspirators. It is their secret which they never admit. It is how they arrange to keep middle class jobs and promotions among themselves.

This mind-set is a gift to the gang stalking recruiters. They use the individual’s psychology, social norms and prejudices against their target – not the original target bait – but the people recruited using the bait.

When a middle class person is approached by another middle class person but of seeming higher rank, someone who is going to put them on the inside track by imparting secretive information which they must not reveal, they fall over themselves to co-operate. Especially when the person slandered is working class this happily confirms that a working class person couldn’t be intelligent, well-qualified, and a decent person. The stereotype that the human race stops at the boundaries of the middle class and everyone beyond is stupid, immoral and probably criminal is comfortingly confirmed. Someone in authority said so, so it must be true.

When lies were told about me to employers/prospective employers, the middle class people fell for it every time. When I worked at a university and for different solicitors  my employers and work colleagues accepted without question what they were told. Only at the Royal Mail where I worked for twenty years were the slanders met with scepticism.  Managers carried out their own checks and concluded the rumours were groundless, and work colleagues viewed the lies with derision.