What can gang stalking recruits expect?

I suppose there are few people who would wish to be recruited into the Mafia or the IRA, or any other gangster/terrorist group. People aren’t stupid. They know that once you sign up to these types of organisation, there is no way out – you are in for life. Most people are also moral and have no wish to engage in a life of crime.

Also it is only a minority of people who wish to join a cult. Again most people realise that many cults are border line/actual criminal organisations whose prime purpose is to enslave their recruits using mind control techniques,  fleece them of all their resources, get control of their children,  then set the recruits to work recruiting others for the money making con to continue.

No-one in their right mind joins a group where the prospect of suicide as the only possible escape starts to appear a reasonable option.

For those who have never heard of “gang stalking” or think it is a conspiracy theory concocted in the fevered imaginings of the tin-foil hat brigade, they might consider a few historical precedents: Jew-baiting by the Nazis; KKK; the Stasi;  MKULTRA; COINTELPRO; and “Fair Game” courtesy of Scientology.  Facts, not imagination.

But why bother. Nothing to do with you, right? That is until a gang stalking recruiter comes your way, and with total credibility persuades you that a person you just recently met is a dangerous criminal, and requests your cooperation. (Cult recruitment. False flag. Recruits with lies). You will not be told the truth. That gang stalking is a major con racket, and YOU are the target.

But once in, it is death do you part. Have someone you care about? A child, lover, spouse, parent. They are now hostages for your compliance, but even that will not protect you. You see the gang stalking controllers are not content with anything lesser than COMPLETE control over their recruits. They want total obedience. They will force you to betray those you love the most. I expect they even find this emotional torture fun. Ever see the film “Sophie’s Choice?”  Ask yourself how you would feel if you had the choice of betraying a beloved parent in order to protect your beloved child. You make the choice, but just to be sure, at a later date, you will be required to betray your child as well.

It hardly needs to be said that people who use these monstrous, barbaric methods have even less compunction in getting you to relinquish any moral, religious, or law respecting values that you have. You have become a slave. A tool. The loss of all your financial resources which you worked long and honestly for is a small loss beside the destruction of your core values and being forced to betray your loved ones.

And your controllers are laughing all the way to the bank.

As a Target Bait, I know how I would have reacted many years ago, before I got a glimpse of the reality under the facade. If  I had been approached for recruitment, I would have said yes. I would have felt flattered, and pleased that at last I could make a real contribution to the well-being of my community and country. To take a stand against the criminals who destroy people’s lives. To uphold British values.

It might have happened. I was ignorant and naive and trusted authority. But before the invitation came, God spoke to me and said – “Do not join them”.