Middle class people are vulnerable to recruitment by gang stalkers because of their mind-set of using information as a social commodity

– as in the cliche “the in-set and the out-set”.

The “in-set” are “people like us”, that is middle-class. If you are working class you can never be “in”.  Not being “in” means being socially excluded. Not as blatant as “No blacks, no Irish”, where at least there is evidence that discrimination is taking place. The working class are just subtly kept out of the social dialogue where it matters. The working class person will the the one talked about, but not talked to. Monitored, but not listened to.  A similar situation is how men treat women. In a work situation where the parties are supposedly equal, working class and women will be kept in the dark. Those on the inside track gain power over those excluded. The insiders have the knowkedge which helps them perform efficiently, but the outsider will be left in ignorance, or even jokingly misinformed – confirming their lower status and maintaining it through control of information.  What you know, what you don’t know, and what people believe rather than what is true. The middle classes are the people always whispering behind their hands.

Of course the people on the inside enjoy their feeling of power over their “inferiors” and the advantages they gain with their special knowledge. If the working class person or woman try to break through these invisible and denied social barriers, many tricks will be used to make them look like fools, or trouble-makers or un-hinged. These methods of maintaining middle class social power is part of the definition and identity of being middle-class. Working class people, especially women, are bewildered by it. They know something is going on, but they don’t understand why. People understand and can identify racism and sexism because it is blatant. But classism is subtle. The middle class are psychologically and socially, conspirators. It is their secret which they never admit. It is how they arrange to keep middle class jobs and promotions among themselves.

This mind-set is a gift to the gang stalking recruiters. They use the individual’s psychology, social norms and prejudices against their target – not the original target bait – but the people recruited using the bait.

When a middle class person is approached by another middle class person but of seeming higher rank, someone who is going to put them on the inside track by imparting secretive information which they must not reveal, they fall over themselves to co-operate. Especially when the person slandered is working class this happily confirms that a working class person couldn’t be intelligent, well-qualified, and a decent person. The stereotype that the human race stops at the boundaries of the middle class and everyone beyond is stupid, immoral and probably criminal is comfortingly confirmed. Someone in authority said so, so it must be true.

When lies were told about me to employers/prospective employers, the middle class people fell for it every time. When I worked at a university and for different solicitors  my employers and work colleagues accepted without question what they were told. Only at the Royal Mail where I worked for twenty years were the slanders met with scepticism.  Managers carried out their own checks and concluded the rumours were groundless, and work colleagues viewed the lies with derision.


The gang stalking conspiracy of silence


This question appeared on my search engine. It is a fundamental question. The only possible answers suggest state involvement.

Consider these situations. More than forty years ago I listened to conversations among Women’s Aid helpers baffled about how some of their women who had moved across country and severed all former ties to family and friends were still located by stalking ex-husbands or boyfriends who magically turned up outside the shelter, which itself had a concealed address.

Also many women stalked by ex-partners find their stalking by an individual morphs into organised vigilante stalking in their community.

Targets of organised vigilante stalking find moving makes no difference. Even if they move to a different country they are still stalked.

Trade Unionists put on blacklists, (UK) compiled many of them believe with the assistance of police and security services, found they could not get work anywhere in the country, wherever they went. This can only be done with access to confidential records and the existence of a data base, where action against the Target is triggered when their identifying details are located.  In the case of Trade Unionists their blacklisting was triggered when their employer checked their name and National Insurance number with a register of blacklisted workers.  The company that maintained the register, and who were unconcerned whether or not the details on it were correct, collected fees for their information.  That company also included names of environmentalists.

The business which was carried on in secret, meets anyone’s definition of a “conspiracy”.  A conspiracy of employers. Some of the blacklisted Trade Unionists believed the blacklisting business was carried out with the cooperation of the police and security services. The Trade Unionists were not blacklisted on reasonable grounds such as being incompetent or trouble makers. They were usually good workers who took on the role of Trade Union Health and Safety representatives to address dangerous work situations. The construction industry is inherently dangerous with an annual catalogue of fatalities, maimings and long-term health risks (such as exposure to asbestos). It seems strange that a government which has extended Health and Safety legislation in every walk of life is indifferent to real Health and Safety issues in a dangerous industry.

What is going on here?  It is illegal to discriminate  in employment against people on the basis of colour, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation, and as far as I know employers are not allowed to bar ex-criminals (excepting offences of sex or violence from some occupations), yet there is no law which prohibits discrimination against ordinary, law-abiding members of the public, who have been arbitrarily slandered by “somebody”? Such a shame libel and slander are not criminal offences when they can be used to prevent individuals from obtaining employment.

Organised community vigilante stalking must be being carried out in a like manner to blacklisting. That there exists a secret register of targets which is triggered whenever a name appears on official documentation of some kind. Who has access to confidential records in any bureaucracy?

The scale of organised vigilante stalking is such that the only possible candidates for carrying it out are the police, the security services, clandestine companies operating “lists” or organised crime, and any combination of these is also possible.


There are two possible objectives for the targeting. Most targets are women. The second largest category is homosexual men. The result of being denied employment or harassed out of employment is usually financial destitution, which is a major cause in forcing women  into prostitution with or without her consent.  The gang stalkers spread the lie that the woman is a prostitute to help the process along. Some Targets of gang stalking have suggested that surveillance footage of Targets in their own home  is used as pornographic material, made without the consent or knowledge of the Targets, and used to support the lie that the target is a prostitute as well as for financial gain.  And prostitution is a major world-wide criminal racket which supplies an insatiable market raking  in billions – but not for the women.

The other objective appears to be recruiting dupes into the gang stalking cult, where their lives will be controlled and the institutions they work for infiltrated and ultimately controlled by the stalkers. I arrived at the conclusion that Targets are bait when I noticed the large number of people associated with me over a lifetime had suffered huge financial losses, in the case of landlords, lost their houses and in the case of businesses changing their character completely from being well-run businesses offering a good, reliable and reasonably priced service to unreliable, shoddy and expensive. Once the gang stalkers have got their foot in the door they ease out the reliable staff replacing them with their own people. They appear to favour migrants who are more exploitable, accepting harsh working conditions for low pay and are  more accepting of corruption as normal compared with their countries of origin.   The financial bleeding of the individual and business targets is usually carried out very slowly over years. Timing of the final sting is carefully calculated to conceal the process. A lot of attention is paid to disrupting communication between people who might otherwise figure out what is happening.  The end result the landlord loses his houses and the business, after being run into the ground, changes ownership.

Gang stalking  resembles a mafia-run racket more than anything else, exploiting access to confidential records to identify targets to fleece and the means to do it.

Gang stalkers corrupt everything they touch.

Everyone with exploitable resources is the gang stalkers’ potential target.


Whether “authorities” are involved, authorities steadfastly deny gang stalking is occurring. This does not make sense that anyone can categorically claim that a wide-ranging collection of criminal and anti-social behaviours which everyone knows occurs, are not happening, when they are all happening together. Wholesale, unified denial across all authorities, all institutions could not happen without overall control.

It is open to conjecture whether or not “gang stalking” is happening. What is not open to conjecture is the conspiracy of silence.





Gang stalkers War of Attrition

Gang stalkers surround-sound harassment, and infiltration and sabotage of every part of the Target’s life, amounts to a War of Attrition against the target.

No human being is perfect. We all have incomplete knowledge, weaknesses, areas of ignorance, physical failings and mental quirks, lack of expertise and a tendency to make mistakes. And we all have to go through the condition of being children and being young, mistake-prone stages of our lives. But in normal life, we all muddle through. We make minor mistakes often, but we also  correct and cover for them.  Also we experience mutual assistance  with others. We turn a blind eye to other people’s small mistakes and they do the same for us. By the time we are adults a normally socialised adult has too much self-respect to commit crimes, even minor ones, and we have developed procedures for preventing big problems. So we muddle through.

But a Target lives in a Murphy’s Law Universe, where the normal fuzzy logic which allows not quite perfect performance to be effective, applies. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And if there is more than one way for something to go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst possible way.  Gang stalkers are the people who compel their Targets to live in a Murphy’s Law universe.

The core of gang stalkings persecution of the Target  is social sabotage. Have you ever watched a parent trying to prepare a meal with a child harassing them? A task of reasonable difficulty becomes extremely difficult while the parent’s attention is distracted from what they are doing to warn the child to stay away from the hot cooker, or the sharp knife or the hot tap, while the parent is simultaneously concentrating on a particular task, remembering the sequence of events, remembering which ingredients to use, staying aware of timing, and trying not to drop anything while the child gets under their feet. All accompanied by listening to the child’s brainless attempts at conversation and interspersed with asking when is dinner going to be ready.

In such circumstances, mistakes are likely to be made and accidents ranging from the minor to the serious can happen.

I avoided having children because I found  the prospect of living in the permanent environment of chaos which children manufacture, intolerable. But never mind. I didn’t get to miss out on the experience because adult gang stalkers manufacture the same conditions.

Imagine living in a world where you are permitted no margin for error, even unimportant ones which are standard in life. Where you are expected to be perfect at all times. You, of course, don’t get perfection from others. In time what you give out to people is good, but in return you get unapologetic rubbish. You keep the rules in school, you are a good student and get victimised by the teachers. You go into a shop to buy something, not steal, and for your money you are fobbed off with stale or defective goods.  You treat others with respect and courtesy. In return they exclude you, insult you and lie about you. You play by the rules, but everyone in your vicinity is breaking them “and blaming it on you”. Every mistake, from childhood on, is spotlighted and is never forgotten. Anything good, useful, constructive, successful that you do, is ignored. The truth about you is derided but lies about you are believed. It is like living in a school playground your whole life through. The people around you if they ever reached adult maturity and civilised standards, don’t act as if they have, not when they are around you.

Everybody makes mistakes.  People can be set up for making mistakes by the actions of others. Being overloaded at work. Being denied customary support. Being subjected to harassment by problem people such as noisy neighbours and confrontational people. When that does not bring about that person’s failure direct sabotage can be employed, vandalising the Target’s equipment in the workplace, and their rented accommodation so that they look like an anti-social tenant. The Target’s reputation can be smeared. But a Target who continues to give good work performance despite the sabotage, and lives down the smears can be set up for a crime they did not commit, and if all else fails committed to a mental asylum on trumped up charges.

Of course it is not accidental. It is a war of attrition directed at working class people, women and ethnic groups who show the potential to succeed. People who play by the rules and could win if the rules were upheld can only be made to lose by those around them breaking the rules. To keep you “in your place” they don’t play fair. There are a lot of vested interests supported by prejudice and discrimination in society. Men are protected from competition from women with social exclusion, social marginalising, sexism, bullying and stalking. The middle class are protected from competition from the working class by stigmatising all working class people as criminals (whereas middle class white collar crime makes the middle class society’s major thieves). Also social exclusion, social marginalisation, bullying and open patronage and mockery. Ethnic groups also experience all of these, but the social sabotage is primarily directed at the best people within these groups, not the groups in general. When you target the whole group the  group will develop a collective reality appraisal of their situation and band together and help each other. If you don’t target the whole group you can pretend that discrimination is not occurring and the individuals who complain of it are “deluded”. So you have isolated them from group protection and can pick them off as individuals.

To keep an entire group/class oppressed you only need to destroy the relatively small number of intelligent, talented and those with leadership potential.

The strategy of taking out the competition before it becomes competition.


A site with many insights on state persecution, the establishment  and classism is http://www.targeted-individuals.com created by British first Gulf War veterans.



Gang stalking makes perfect sense

– If you assume that gang stalking is a criminal racket.


Firstly, the main categories of people chosen as gang stalking targets are working class and ethnic women (70 percent); most males are homosexual and ethnic groups; people with minor mental impairments; whistleblowers and successful working or lower middle class “upright” men with protector characteristics.


Women are targeted because they are soft targets and have less social support. The objective is sexual exploitation. What the women are subjected to could be a preparation to forcibly recruit them into prostitution. In the meantime intrusive surveillance provides pornographic material for sale and to provide ” evidence” that the woman is a prostitute when she is not. Women as prostitutes can be used to frame and provide blackmail material for higher class, more lucrative targets, who might also hold influential positions in society, who will then end up under the gang stalkers control. In the process it also keeps working class women oppressed. Also used as bait to recruit middle class people into gang stalking, who can then be exploited.

Older people, especially women – to steal their savings and inheritances.

The children of gang stalking recruits will be used to frame people as paedophiles.


Similar to women, a group that can be sexually exploited for many purposes. Again intrusive surveillance provides sexual material for sale, revelations of which can be used to terminate the man’s standard professional career. Once coerced into recruitment, a male prostitute can be used to infiltrate, blackmail and defame other lucrative and/or socially powerful targets. Both prostitutes and gay men can be used to stigmatise Targeted Individuals by association, by hanging around in their vicinity. Pre-recruitment staging for the Target. It also serves to keep gay men ” in their place”.


More soft targets. Very easy to steal their resources and render them helpless and dependent. They can be used to frame other targets with the stigma of mental illness by being seen in the vicinity of the Target. Such people are mostly harmless, but their slightly off-key social responses or appearance make people wary.


Self-explanatory. To discredit and silence.


Lucrative targets for stealing their businesses, homes, and savings. Denies them any possible political or social power on the basis of their achievement. Removes protectors of women and other vulnerable groups which gang stalkers target for exploitation.

All these groups, including the last, include ethnic groups. A major factor in targeting all these categories is not only to exploit and rob but also to “keep people in their place”.