Gang stalkers are subversives – but who are they subverting?

Gang stalking behaviour destroys social trust and cooperation, which causes social breakdown. So, gang stalkers subvert society.

But what is peculiar is their actions radicalise non- radicals and generate ferocious class hatred, specifically against the ruling elite and the elite in general. When you are being jerked around on a daily and continuous basis by “people in authority” even the mildest person after a time looks forward to the day they all go down in flames.

So who do gang stalkers represent, really? They WANT the people to get rid of the ruling class and come to despise all law and authority?

Subversion and fomenting insurrection?

(And your taxes are being used to pay for this).



LIES – How the gang stalker controllers get the gang stalkers to carry out despicable acts


A normal, decent person carries out their work with integrity. Gang stalkers, who corrupt everything they touch need to change people’s normal behaviour into not normal in order to persecute their targets – but the real objective is to corrupt the gang stalking recruit, and bend their will to their controller’s.

How do you get a decent person to act in a despicable manner?  It is remarkably easy to do – just tell them lies. Tell the gang stalker that the Target is a despicable person who deserves such treatment and the normal person, believing the lie, will be prepared to act – especially if they have “official” backing.

A small example. I have just about given up eating out, even having a simple breakfast. I recently ordered a breakfast in a prominent department store. The fried egg arrived too quickly to have been freshly cooked and looked second hand. The bacon was almost raw. And the tea was so weak the tea bag must have been previously used more than once.

Petty, trivial, and a lot of bother to go to to insult one ordinary member of the public. But the harm to me was less than the harm to the puppets who followed orders to carry out this farce. Presumably they believed they were doing something right, or useful. Presumably they had been told some despicable lie about me to justify this bizarre response.

Cult conditioning – group think – and false flag persuasion.

What to say? I am only the bait, the distraction in the situation. The gang stalking recruits are under the direct control of insane, immoral psychopaths. Common sense suggests the outcome for them will not be good.

As I have referred to in other blogs, I suffer the bait’s dilemma. Telling other people what is happening gets me nowhere, as I am not believed, not against the word of someone who appears to represent authority.

In the long run, the gang stalking activity will do more damage to those who use it and those on whose behalf it is employed. It is only working now because we have a populace who trust “authority” and respect their “superiors”.  When the truth about gang stalking emerges – and it is only a matter of time – the ruling class will be seen for the despicable criminals that they are, and respect for authority will be lost permanently.

Come to think of it – that could be a good thing.