Gang stalking method – vandalism of Target’s property and work equipment

I only discovered about gang stalking about two years ago. In the light of the information of the methods gang stalkers use, one being vandalism, I reviewed my experience of broken/malfunctioning equipment both at home and at work over the last twenty years. This is my list. The damage starts from 1994 when I moved to London to be with my late-husband.

My husband’s old iron stopped working. He bought a new steam-iron. His son asked to borrow it. When he got it back a tarry substance covered the ironing plate and the steam function never worked properly again. We never managed to clean the plate completely,  so for a long time using the iron risked staining the item ironed.

My husband bought a new vacuum cleaner. The neighbour downstairs asked to borrow it as he was moving out and needed to thoroughly clean his room. When we got the vacuum back it had been used so badly it never worked properly again.

At work in the postman kitchen which I ran, the hot plate for keeping food warm stopped working.

Our landlord’s oven stopped working. We replaced it.

I bought a steam cleaner for cleaning at home and which I could use for sterilising surfaces in the kitchen at work and also to save money in both places on cleaning materials. It stopped working after being used about three times.

At work the oven stopped working. It was replaced with a larger oven with non-standard larger shelves. An oven shelf – not easy to replace due to non-standard size, went “missing”. I had hoped to increase the amount of cooked food available with the larger oven, but with only one shelf could not do so.

The new oven also frequently malfunctioned in an arbitrary way. When cooking the flame would go out and after the time the items were supposed to be ready they would be partly cooked, cold and gassed through – just what you need when there is a queue of people expecting their breakfasts!

First thing in the morning I would find someone had left the freezer door open overnight, thawing the contents. I put a sign on the door to be careful to close it properly but it kept happening. There was no reason for anyone else to go near the freezer. In the end I would close the door with sealing tape when I left work and only then did it stop happening.

Someone complained that I had locked them out of the kitchen. I explained that I didn’t have a key but the door handle sometimes worked in a peculiar way which meant you had to move the handle in reverse direction, otherwise the door would appear to be locked.

The water boiler broke down. Management said they weren’t going to replace it so I used kettles. The kettles kept breaking down. In less than 12 months 3 kettles stopped working in the office downstairs. I had provided them with the first kettle when theirs broke down out of courtesy. After that I told them it was not the kitchen’s job to provide them with kettles. They replaced that last one themselves and it lasted for years.

The frame of the trolley I used for deliveries broke. Wheels coming off delivery trolleys is a common occurrence and easily repaired. Frame damage is very unusual and repairing is often not worth the effort. To my knowledge no-one else in the office experienced frame damage.

Locks on my trolley were vandalised requiring frequent replacement.

Storage food cupboards in the kitchen were broken. They were fixed but it kept happening. In the end it was not possible to close the cupboards properly.

A locked steel cabinet in the kitchen also used for storing food was disabled from being locked when a postman borrowed the key and broke the key in the lock.

My husband spent a lot of time researching which hi-fi equipment to buy. He loved music, opera in particular. The brand-new  equipment kept breaking down. This caused him immense distress and frustration as he had bought highly rated equipment from a reliable dealer and we couldn’t figure out how the damage was happening.

When my husband contracted cancer for the first time I bought a small oil-fired heater to warm the room. I had had to travel to another suburb to the shop and had difficulty bringing it home on public transport, as my arthritis was a problem at the time. It stopped working after a few weeks.

When the nearest laundrette closed I bought a small caravan-type washing machine. It broke down after a few weeks. Although the shop was nearby I had had great difficulty with arthritis carrying it home, bringing the defective machine back to the shop where they told me this machine rarely broke down, and carrying the replacement home.

My mother gave us her very efficient vacuum cleaner as it had become too heavy for her to manage. A necessary attachment just “disappeared”. With great difficulty my husband found a replacement part.

We moved to North Yorkshire when we were priced-out of London in 2011. Within 9 months my husband’s cancer returned and he died within a year. I moved to my current bed-sit address.

I bought a keyboard to use with my IPad so I could type normally rather than finger type. It stopped working.

Someone kept tampering with the brakes on my bike screwing them so tight that the brakes were always on the wheels, so that the wheels would not turn until the brakes were loosened. I don’t have any tools and also my hands were weak with arthritis at the time. As I now lived close to the town centre and couldn’t deal with the hills anyway, I gave the bike away.

In order to get exercise I bought a brand-new exercise bike last Christmas. It seems as if the joint where the pedal screws into the bike, the threads have been filed down. As I said, I don’t have any tools. I gave my late husband’s tools away after his death. I managed to fix the pedal with super-glue but now the gap between the two parts is so great even superglue won’t hold the pedal. Until I can find a solution to this the exercise bike is unusable.


Also I have ongoing, tremendous problems with my iPad. I soon found that upgrades turned working services into unuseable ones. I had a subscription to a newspaper. When I installed the upgrade the service became unuseable. Pages would take ages to load, only half a page would appear, and then the app would close. I stopped installing upgrades. Then one day my main email, photos and camera disappeared. I took the iPad back to the shop and they recovered them but also installed all the upgrades I had avoided. Everything has been a shambles since.

The copy function does not work. The spell checker would change correct words into completely different ones, making sentences nonsense. I disengaged the spell checker. But correctly typed words continue to be changed as if typed incorrectly. Letters are systematically swapped for other letters. The caps key comes on arbitrarily. Spaces, letters and words disappear. The space bar disappears. The keyboard switches causing typing errors. The response time to keystrokes keeps varying, sometimes going so slowly that the letters are typed long after the keys have been pressed. With the iPad function of the keys typed being highlighted this makes using the keyboard very distracting. The brightness on my iPad varies of its own accord. I usually have it set low as I am light sensitive but the setting frequently alters of its own accord  so I have to keep going back into settings to reduce it interrupting whatever I am doing.

Links between my email accounts have been broken with my WordPress blog. I no longer receive email notifications and I cannot access the WordPress settings to see what tampering has occurred. As I am not computer-savvy I never meddle with settings on working systems. My settings are frequently reset in ways I don’t want.

About 6 months ago I disabled my Facebook as it seemed to not be under my control. Articles I had no interest in were appearing and were impossible to delete. Recently I went back to Facebook deciding to only use it for games and discovered it had already been reinstated.

When I couldn’t access my 3 account to know how much mbs I had used – I had unexpectedly run out in the last two months, I took the iPad back to the shop. They took 3 hours to sort out all the glitches. I saw they had everything functioning again in the shop. But when I returned home all the faults were back again. Links in emails don’t work. Connections don’t work. Screen areas go dead on otherwise responsive screens – most notably when I press the  Twitter share button, there is no response. Some sites are impossible to access. The page freezes and then goes down, repeatedly. But there is no problem accessing other sites. “The Militant Negro” is the site I have most problems  accessing. The page usually goes down immediately.


All what you might call petty vandalism, except the vandalism is precise and directed. It does not take large damage to render an electrical or mechanical item unuseable. You can still use an iron with tar on the ironing plate – but what is the point? With the bikes, tampering with a vital component is all that is needed to render the machine unuseable. Removing a small component without which the machine cannot work is a favoured tactic.

Breaking locks appears to be a gang stalker favourite. Breaking locks and losing keys. While this was happening at work other tenants at our multiple-occupancy address were continuously breaking the locks on the security gates and leaving the communal door open. It seems gang stalkers have a thing about being able to access any place and access any locked cupboard. They want everything open and accessible.

Disruption on the internet is par for the course.

Criminal vandalism worthy of the feral gutter class. So who are the gangstalkers? Their methods place them squarely among the worst of society’s detritus. Are they just organised criminals? If so how can they infiltrate respectable businesses such as the  Royal Mail and be given free rein to their anti-social activities? If these people are acting with permission and under instruction by some “authority” then which authority and what is their purpose and how do they explain their methods?

They act as if they are above the law, as if they are in charge. Do you want people in charge whose values and behaviour are the same as the most despicable gutter yobs?



How gang stalkers conceal their housing scams – noise

This idea is based on the theory that gang stalkers are engaged in property scams. When the Target Bait moves into a neighbourhood the gang stalkers follow and approach the landlord and neighbours telling them that the Bait is a dangerous criminal – drug dealer/prostitute/paedophile etc. To add credibility to their story they install people who look like, and behave like and maybe are criminals at the address where the Target Bait lives.

Of course the neighbours are immediately thrown into a panic because they fear for their personal safety and the safety of their families, and soon realise what effect this will have on the value of their house. The gang stalkers then offer to buy up the property.

So when a Target Bait moves into an area a lot of houses in the immediate neighbourhood of the address change ownership, sometimes have change of use, and a lot of building work follows as the gang stalkers maximise the value of the properties with extensions and improvements.

We all know from experience that building works, especially in suburban areas are a major noise nuisance and the cause of complaints from neighbours. So you would expect the gang stalkers activity to be exposed by neighbours complaining to the authorities, alongwith enquiring into why the renovations are taking place. But it does not happen. Why not? Because most of the long standing owners have moved away and those that remain have been told the noise is part of a deliberate campaign of harassment with the intention of driving the Target Bait (the person the gang stalkers are pretending is a criminal) out of the area.

So the gang stalkers can disrupt the neighbourhood and make all the noise they want without anyone complaining or drawing the attention of any authority to the situation.

LIES – How the gang stalker controllers get the gang stalkers to carry out despicable acts


A normal, decent person carries out their work with integrity. Gang stalkers, who corrupt everything they touch need to change people’s normal behaviour into not normal in order to persecute their targets – but the real objective is to corrupt the gang stalking recruit, and bend their will to their controller’s.

How do you get a decent person to act in a despicable manner?  It is remarkably easy to do – just tell them lies. Tell the gang stalker that the Target is a despicable person who deserves such treatment and the normal person, believing the lie, will be prepared to act – especially if they have “official” backing.

A small example. I have just about given up eating out, even having a simple breakfast. I recently ordered a breakfast in a prominent department store. The fried egg arrived too quickly to have been freshly cooked and looked second hand. The bacon was almost raw. And the tea was so weak the tea bag must have been previously used more than once.

Petty, trivial, and a lot of bother to go to to insult one ordinary member of the public. But the harm to me was less than the harm to the puppets who followed orders to carry out this farce. Presumably they believed they were doing something right, or useful. Presumably they had been told some despicable lie about me to justify this bizarre response.

Cult conditioning – group think – and false flag persuasion.

What to say? I am only the bait, the distraction in the situation. The gang stalking recruits are under the direct control of insane, immoral psychopaths. Common sense suggests the outcome for them will not be good.

As I have referred to in other blogs, I suffer the bait’s dilemma. Telling other people what is happening gets me nowhere, as I am not believed, not against the word of someone who appears to represent authority.

In the long run, the gang stalking activity will do more damage to those who use it and those on whose behalf it is employed. It is only working now because we have a populace who trust “authority” and respect their “superiors”.  When the truth about gang stalking emerges – and it is only a matter of time – the ruling class will be seen for the despicable criminals that they are, and respect for authority will be lost permanently.

Come to think of it – that could be a good thing.




Living under seige. Self-help for gang stalking targets.

I have been blogging about gang stalking for over a year now. In that time I have been deluged with nonsense which characterises any gang stalking site. But amidst the nonsense several people who came across as genuine victims asked – what can I do about it?

This article, which is going to be ongoing as I add to it, will be an attempt to suggest ideas which might help.


As the authorities deny the existence of gang stalking and there appears to be a media black-out on the subject, and anyone who complains – to any authority – is immediately told they are suffering a delusion, are paranoid, self- help is the only help you are going to get.

It is easier to identify the crime than the criminals behind it, but the scope and scale of gang stalking suggests wholesale corruption, which may well implicate the police and security services. The motives are power and money and might not only be organised crime, but may include political motivations.

Whatever. Your problem is figuring out how to live when it appears that society is being turned into your enemy.

You are living under siege.

The methods employed against you are the methods used by organised crime, Mafia, mind-control cults, corrupt police, and all the dirty tricks of espionage. Plus you can throw in the mind bending tactics of  bullies, stalkers, wife batterers, pimps, slavers and human traffickers. And every anti-social behaviour you can think of.

Anything and everything you can learn about these subjects will help you identify the problems and show the best way you can protect yourself.


&.        Never mention “gang stalking”. The term has apparently been flagged so that anyone who hears it will immediately claim that you are insane. When you have a complaint, whether noise harassment, workplace bullying, stick to the event and get evidence. And keep hold of it. Otherwise your evidence will certainly be stolen.  And ignore distractions when the people you are complaining to try to get you to say the g s word, so they can fob you off as a nutter.

&.        You must remain legal, and that includes everyone close to you – partner, children and closest friends especially. Any crime, however trivial, will be used against you to maximum effect.

If you are an honest person, don’t be surprised at being offered the opportunity to commit a crime which appears undetectable.  It will be a trap. You need to get this point across to those closest to you. The people whose “mistakes” could be used to blackmail you into compliance.

&.          You will find books on bullying and whistleblowing have good advice. It’s a grim subject and tedious to research so you can lighten up your research with watching films on the subject, some fiction, some based on real events.  Books on bullying and whistleblowing must be at the top of your research, but books on organised crime, cults, con artists and espionage are a close second. Decent information on espionage methods are very difficult to get hold of, I’ve found, and they might be the most relevant.

Historical information on Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, the STASI,  COINTELPRO, KKK, will also be illuminating.

Basically you need to learn how criminals work, how they think, and how to counter crime. Alongwith counter-espionage.

&.         If you can, move out of a big city to a smaller country town. Try and find one that is civilised and not full of bigots. Big cities are so full of crap these days that many will just shrug off your problems with – well, you live in London, you expect to be surrounded by noise, anti-social probably criminal neighbours, queues, rude people in shops, vandals, thieves, out of control children and nut cases of all descriptions.

If you move to an area where such behaviour is not viewed as normal, it is harder for the stalkers to harass you, as they become more visible.

&.        You will get noise harassment. Get ear plugs. The wax ones are best.

&.          Turn the gang stalker tactic of drawing public attention to you, against them. I found when I started to wear t-shirts with words such as – targeted-individual; exposegangstalking; mafia; cults; fair game; white collar crime; on (I have a lot of t-shirts, and fabric pens are cheap) I wasn’t being surrounded when I went out. These are all concepts the gang stalkers DO NOT want brought to everyone’s attention.

Consider putting a similar sign in your window if you think you can avoid trouble with your landlord.

&.        Start blogging. How you approach this is up to you. Gang stalking blogs cover the spectrum from impersonal, objective accounts of gang stalking methods, to personal diaries giving an account of the persecution the individual is suffering.

There are two main reasons for writing a blog. The first is survival. A gang stalking target who has “outed” themself is harder to “disappear”.

The second is to expose gang stalking and draw attention to those activities that indicate that gang stalkers are working an area. Such as a visible increase in noise, anti-social behaviour and odd people acting in odd ways.

As your attackers are trying to make out you are insane, be careful what you write. We are not dealing with honest people who play fair. Telling the whole truth could be turned against you, and, annoyingly, while you are being slandered right, left and centre, remember libel laws can be applied to you, especially in the UK.

&.        If you are a carer, be very careful and DON’T TRUST YOUR DOCTOR. Gang stalkers infiltrate medical personnel to avoid giving correct diagnosis. Double-check everything that any medical personnel advises. Gang stalkers will try to fit you up as an abuser, and they use denial of correct medical treatment to worsen the condition of the person being cared for, to provide “evidence”.  You need to keep a diary for your own information to record the care of your dependent and access to the best quality medical dictionary, preferably with a diagnostic, that is available to you.

&.         Don’t get upset. This is really hard. Gang stalkers (like wife batterers, like pimps, like anti-social individuals) destroy normal life for their targets. Every social contact will be corrupted by the gang stalkers activities. Become self-sufficient. All you will get from other people will be trouble. So downplay the social in your life and make the most of whatever else gives you pleasure. And if you can, (difficult if you have family/dependents), put yourself first. Your society is waging war against you. In my book this frees me of any obligation to others.

And if you do not have children or pets, it might be a good idea to decide not to have any. You are just giving your attackers a hostage and you have more than enough problems.


Brazen Lies – Gang stalking Signature

Brazen lies is how I found out about gang stalking. A year ago I was subjected to bizarre behaviour from a relative. Basically, anything I said, she would assert the opposite, even though the factual evidence declared she was totally wrong. Completely bemused by this odd behaviour I enquired on Wikipedia Reference Desk, who answered the behaviour was “gaslighting”. Researching gaslighting I came across gang stalking, and everything fell into place.

I remembered how, years before, I had purchased a large box of cosmetic products at a multiple residency address. The delivery man had probably assumed it was safe to leave it by the door, which was at the end of an alley accessed through a security door. I noticed when I came in, about mid-day (I worked for the Royal Mail) that something had been moved out of its position by the door as if to make room for a larger object. This was about the time I was expecting the parcel to arrive. At the end of the week I contacted the company enquiring when the parcel was going to arrive. They told me it had been delivered. I told them I had not received it, but they stuck to their guns and I sustained a loss of about £35. Three months later, the box, with the company name on, was discarded in the hall, so I had no doubt not only that the neighbour had stolen it, but they were flaunting that fact in my face.

This is what gang stalkers do. They not only lie, but their lies are outrageous, on a level of declaring night is day, and making out that you are in the wrong for sticking to the facts. They deny reality. And accuse you of being mad.

How this pans out, when you are dealing with a bureaucracy, you will be stonewalled and fobbed off with lies. Against such obstruction, when you insist, you will be accused of being mistaken, being abusive and accused of being mentally unbalanced, even though your position is backed by the facts and you have the evidence to prove it. And by the way, evidence. Gang stalkers steal, lose and destroy evidence if they can get their hands on it and this is a major problem for gang stalking targets. Any essential document you send through the post, even by Registered or Recorded, can go missing.

About 7 years ago, the Royal Mail had a huge culling of its long term staff, encouraging mass voluntary redundancies. In London a very large number of long-standing postmen and mail sorters left, to be replaced by migrants, a very large number from African countries. Have you ever posted anything to an African country? Most people use an expensive private carrier, such as DHL, because if it goes by normal mail, and enters the postal system of the receiving country, it is a common occurrence for not all the contents to arrive. In many African countries the wages of a postman are so low that skimming off part of the post is considered a perk of the job. In the year of the mass redundancies of the long-term staff, and the influx of mainly African migrants , and also East European migrants into the central sorting offices, there was a huge surge in parcel thefts. I remember the year clearly. Our men were outraged by the number of packets and parcels coming to our delivery office which had been tampered with, in some the contents entirely removed. The increase in thefts of Mail was a direct result of a Royal Mail policy to shore off large numbers of reliable long-term staff, replacing them with people whose reliability they were in no position to check.  This is not a criticism of migrants, only criminal elements. In the last five years I worked in a London delivery office, only migrants were allocated to our office, and they were mainly African, and you would not have found better workers or men anywhere.

If you hand the documents in at an office, somehow they will “lose’ them. And documents will be stolen from your home. And do not assume that any documents held by a bureaucracy have not been altered. Such as medical records. Perhaps, unknown to you, your medical records now show that you are a drug user. Gang stalkers recruit doctors, bank staff and office personnel for a reason.

This tactic, obviously, is grossly aggravating. Not just that the gang stalker lies, but they make no pretence about it. There is no attempt at concealment. I do not know enough about psychology to deconstruct this mind-bending tactic and what it is supposed to achieve. But it is such a bizarre tactic that if you are subjected to it, this is a strong indicator that you are being gang stalked.

Was Patrick McLaw gang stalked?

Gang stalkers tell lies about their targets. Lies include allegations of improper sexual behaviour, violent tendencies, criminal behaviour and insanity.

Targets are mainly women and ethnic groups, working class or lower middle class.  They are often people of intelligence, talent, upright character and with a desire and ability to succeed.

Targets are aware that attempts are made to attach crimes to them that they did not commit,  imply that they will commit crimes in the future and on this basis either get them imprisoned or confined to a mental institution in the absence of having committed any crime or any form of mental illness.

Against this background, how does Patrick McLaw’s situation measure up?

1.  He is a black person, presumably not upper class.

2. The real reason for the retaliation against him was a letter he wrote complaining he was being subjected to harassment. I have tried to find a copy of this letter without success. On this basis alone seemingly, authorities decided he was mentally unbalanced and confined him to a mental institution for assessment.

Anyone who complains of gang stalking harassment is accused of insanity.

3. Patrick McLaw is young, black, intelligent, talented with his career ahead of them. He was marked as a man most likely to succeed. He had published two Science Fiction novels and been awarded a Teacher of the Year Award on the basis of helping a student to publish an e-book.

4. The authorities initially claimed they needed to act on the basis of the subject matter of the book which was about a school shooting event far in the future. Their action involved very public searching of Mr McLaw’s home and the school premises where no weapons nor explosives were found. Mr McLaw does not even own a gun. Parents were warned Mr McLaw might be a danger and his photograph was circulated to three states.

This was done with the maximum publicity.

There is the saying there is no smoke without fire. The authorities are masters at generating smoke. Their dramatic involvement implies guilt, even where there is none. Pre-crime does not exist. Does it?

In conclusion, Patrick McLaw presents a classic Targeted Individual profile, both in who he is and in the gang stalkers modus operandi of harassment,  smear campaigns, unwarranted OTT very public investigations in the absence of evidence, and confinement to a mental institution without justification. All carried out with a circus brouhaha to create the illusion that something important is going on.


In the book “The Poisoned Tree” by Kevin Taylor, Mr Taylor, a successful millionaire businessman of working class origins, recounts how the police arresting him on charges which they had concocted out of thin air, did so in the most public way possible so as to create a public impression of serious criminality.

In the book “Unperson A Life Destroyed” by Denis (one n) Lehain, an award winning young Irish journalist, of working class origins, who looked set for a glittering career, describes how he had his career de-railed before he could get a foothold and was confined to mental institutions on trumped up charges of insanity, where he was tortured, forcibly drugged with brain damaging medications, and told he would only be released if he said his experience of being harassed was a delusion, even though he had concrete evidence of the harassment.

The modus operandi of gang stalkers can be found on the site       the 11 minute introduction.

The site written by first Gulf War veterans (UK)      has much relevant information.

You can sign a petition asking for Mr McLaw’s release from involuntary confinement at:-



Identity Theft – Exploiting Discontinuity

Here I am not talking about the Identity Theft where a distant person accesses your administrative details and carries out fraud. I am talking about your identity being completely stolen and someone takes over your life, in the process helping themselves to every asset and everything creditable in your life, while making out you are the criminal. The criminal becomes you and you become the criminal.

The best illustration of this is the fictional film “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock.

The methods used for substituting one person for another follow:


It is hard to take the identity of a person who has a family, and lives and works in the same community their entire life. Everyone surrounding them knows them from birth. This pattern was commonplace in the past but now it is unusual. Many natural discontinuities occur in people’s lives. When you change school from primary to secondary, you lose a host of people who knew you and are surrounded by strangers with whom you form new social ties. Same again when you enter higher education and start your first job. Your parents may move to another part of the country to work. At the end of your working life you might retire to a different part of the country. People commonly move to find work or join a new partner.

All these naturally occurring discontinuities involve leaving people who knew you and meeting strangers who do not know you.

The identity thieves I am talking about exploit these breaks in continuity to substitute you with another person who has been chosen and coached to resemble you. The objective being to replace you and seize your assets.

Where discontinuities do not occur they will work to create them. Act so as to force you to move to a different area; make you leave your home; make you lose your job; break-up a relationship; they might even force you to continually relocate, losing social contacts as you do, and act so as to prevent you from forming new social contacts.

The discontinuities can even extend to the physical localities where you lived and worked. A school you attended closes down or changes form or name.   Multiple-occupancy bed-sits you once occupied are renovated into luxury flats and change ownership. Places where  you worked and lived are closed down or demolished. But changes in ownership are common.

Discontinuities of course happen naturally. But they can also be made to happen. As we age the physical evidence which supports our personal history gradually disappears. Some examples from my own life. The primary school I attended has been made into a different type of school and has a different name. The secondary school my sister attended is a completely different type of school with a completely different name. A library my mother worked in changed location. The company my father worked for went bankrupt. Two technical colleges I attended have changed their names, which means when  I show certificates for exams taken at those colleges a person checking my qualifications is likely to say – there is no such institution. A house I lived in was torn down and a block of flats now stand there. A multiple-occupancy bed-sit I lived in has changed ownership and now hosts luxury flats. An associated work place was closed down and demolished.

Over time the evidence that supports your history disappears. Much of my life and educational history now contain large, unconfirmable gaps because educational institutions I attended either no longer exist or have changed name. Places I once lived no longer stand or are completely changed in nature. And when institutions close down or change ownership often records are lost. Most of these discontinuities occurred naturally however I know some of them were manipulated.

I have experienced the following discontinuities.

At University I was blocked from further study. (Interference )

I was prevented from getting work in the same area. (Interference)

I was subjected to harassment where I lived. (Interference) However I resisted being harassed into moving, but a neighbour was frightened into moving.

I was forced into moving when my landlord died. (Probably natural )

After years of harassment from anti-social tenants (noise pests, noise phobes, prostitutes, and mentally disturbed people) myself and the other tenants were forced to move when an IRA man moved into the property. The house was immediately converted from bed-sits to luxury flats and shortly afterwards changed ownership. (Interference)

Forced to move out when there was a fire in the flat above. (Probably interference)

Forced to move out when the rent became unaffordable. (?)

The last move involved moving from London were the rents are extortionate, up North where the rents are more affordable.

Moved from flat to bed-sit. (Natural. My husband had died and I could not afford the flat on my own).

The bed-sit I moved to, most of the long-term tenants were moved out before I moved in. (Interference)

The largest discontinuity here was when I moved from London due to the high rent. It meant I left an area where I had lived and worked for 17 years and was known to a large number of people.  Moving to a new area involves making new contacts. I was unable to do this due to my husband’s illness and my arthritis which was giving me problems at the time.

Moving to the multiple-occupancy bed-sit should have given me the opportunity to form new social ties, but as the previous residents were moved out, that social opportunity was aborted leaving me socially isolated. The result is I have lived here for 3 years and nobody knows me. It makes it easy to spread lies about me because I could be anybody .

Discontinuities occur naturally. Older people will naturally have more discontinuities in their lives than younger. Discontinuities occur naturally but they can also be manufactured. When a person moves to a new area that discontinuity can be exploited to the full by preventing the person from making new social contacts, by spreading lies about them. When somebody else claiming to be that person appears, claiming that they are the victim of identity theft and the real person is the imposter, the scam is complete.

In the same way that the increase in anti-social behaviour – noise, vandalism and so on, being tolerated by the authorities camouflages gang stalking activity, social churn in businesses and institutions accomplishes the same thing . People lives are constantly disrupted in moving jobs , moving location and this maximises the criminals opportunities.