Are the methods of gang stalking a distraction to conceal its real purpose?

Here I am proposing another speculative theory about the purpose and methods of gang stalking.

Consider this situation. Supposing the “authorities” are behind gang stalking, that is the police and security services, and they wish to monitor and personally and socially “neutralise” a category of people they have no justification in monitoring because those people are not criminals, not mentally unstable and no threat to the public, how could they set about this without drawing attention to what they are doing? That is harassing law abiding members of the public without justification?

The first question naturally is, who would such people be?

This is a speculative theory which is a minority view among Targeted Individuals.

There used to be a page on the UK site targeted-individuals, the site put up by UK Gulf War Veterans, which referred to the historical practice of rulers to employ, presumably also seek out and conscript, “psychics” using whatever term you wish to use to describe them whether witches, magis, mystics, spiritual gurus, etc. From Saul in the Old Testament, to Herod who intercepted the “three wise men” to Rasputin or the Nazi researches into the occult, this practice has a long history and has continued into the present day with the post-war para-normal research carried out both by the Soviets and the Americans. By the way, there is no point in looking for the page. Last time I looked it had been removed.

Some TI’s have commented that people targeted by gang stalkers are often notably virtuous people, people as far from criminals and trouble makers as you are going to get.

Some TI’s have pronounced spiritual tendencies, and complain that their simple practices of peaceful meditation are constantly interrupted by noise and other distractions just as they feel they are about to “make a connection”.

Some TI’s are people of strong religious faith and understanding.

Before I changed my handle to Conartistocracy it was Prayerwarriorpsychicnot. That was because I was a Prayerwarrior. I am not now because I surrendered my gift rather than risk having it be used against its purpose – for evil. Here I am not going to try and explain to you what a Prayerwarrior is or what they do or how they do it. You either have religious beliefs or awareness or you do not. If you don’t you don’t know what I would be talking about. But people who do have religious beliefs and have spiritual awareness will know what I am talking about. And they can understand why a government might wish to search out occult capabilities in order to use them and would also wish to conscript the antidote – the religious prayer people who can counter occult abilities.

As I said, this is a minority theory. But if true it would explain the method of gang stalkers slandering a category of Targets as criminals in order to justify their 24/7 monitoring and on-going harassment in order to make the surveillance activity seem reasonable and distract surrounding people from asking the question – why are the authorities persecuting that law-abiding person?



Why do gang stalkers practice luring Targets to isolated places where they are stranded for hours?

The answer is, I don’t know. This is another gang stalking mystery. I have only known about “gang stalking” in the last couple of years, although I knew I was being stalked while at university in the seventies and was puzzled by other odd events at the time which did not make sense.

After I found the gang stalking formula on the web I realised I had been a life long Target, and gang stalking explained many other odd events which have continuously blighted my life – slander, blocked in education and jobs, and endless stream of noisy, anti-social criminal neighbours, who stole, left communal doors open and broke security gates, etc etc.

Looking back over 45 years patterns became obvious. Some I have been able to find some sort of explanation for – persecution such as blacklisting is obvious. Spreading the lie that a woman is a prostitute then making sure all the sex perverts in the area have her address, plus moving rapists, wife batterers and prostitutes into the same address imply trafficking, setting the woman up for attack and conscription into prostitution.

But there is one pattern I cannot find an explanation for. Other than criminal. And that is the pattern of luring the person away to a remote area where they cannot easily get away from if they don’t have personal transport such as a car.

I am a very cautious person. Not because of gang stalking which I did not know about until recently, but it is my character and upbringing. I have always limited my social life on the basis of safety. I am very unwilling to go anywhere especially in the evenings when I am not absolutely sure how I am getting home. My caution is automatic and unthinking. I always stay well within conventional boundaries in every activity. Adventurous I am not.

Yet looking back over my life in the light of gang stalking I was startled to notice on just how many occasions I was lured to remote locations where I could not leave from without the cooperation of the person who lured me there. So how did this happen to a non risk taking perfectly conventional person?

A bus – a completely standard public bus, instead of letting me off at the last stop close to my home (in the countryside) detoured a mile further out into the country completely off its route and just parked. Just sat there. Then after a long wait drove me back to the correct bus stop.

What does this mean? That public transport is not safe?

Similar things happened with my late  husband and I on our many holidays to Malta. I now realise the heading for this is the “phoney coach tour”.

We booked a standard boat trip to the island of Gozo. The trip was supposed to include visits to several places on the island. What happened was the coach took our party to a remote beach – then drove away and left us there for several hours. When it came back it stopped briefly at a church which we could not see because “we had run out of time”.

On another holiday, on another tour we were left at a small village for several hours. On that occasion we had booked the tour the previous day and were supposed to be picked up at our hotel. The coach didn’t come, so we phoned the company and a driver came out and connected us to the coach group – so it appeared, but they were a rum lot whose conversations were a bit strange.

On another occasion after visiting friends who lived in Milieha, the friend took us to a bus stop to get back into Bugibba, but there was no bus for several hours. As the friend lived in Milieha, he knew that.

Just a few examples. The pattern is, you are engaged in perfectly conventional activities with reputable businesses – a bus passenger, a holiday tour with a bona fide firm – and you are taken to an area where you are physically isolated – not having a car to drive away in – for several hours.

What is the purpose? What is the objective of practicing this luring to a remote spot and isolating the target? Can you think of any non-criminal purpose in practising this activity? Because the only purposes I can think of in such an activity are all criminal. Women get raped and murdered in isolated locations. Our usual response to this is – what were they doing there? Perhaps they had done nothing unconventional at all. Perhaps they had acted completely normally and safely, just got on a bus or a standard coach tour and they were brought to that location. People disappear, are kidnapped. Seems this taking people to a remote area  does for that too. People get mugged, robbed and murdered.

What lawful reason could there be for luring people to isolated remote areas?

Why would gang stalkers practise this technique?

In other blogs I have noted the similarity between gang stalkers behaviour and human sexual traffickers. Is this a method for kidnapping women and forcing them into prostitution. A woman goes on holiday to an area she believes to be safe – and just disappears?


Why do gang stalkers target the “upright men?”

If only criminals admitted their crimes. If only gang stalkers would put their hands up and say who they are and why they are doing it. But the victims of the gang stalking crimes are in the same position as all other crime victims. Left sorting out the damage with no idea who is attacking them  or why.

Without any help from the authorities, with the outright denial by the authorities that gang stalking exists (they have been forced to admit that black listing exists. Sometimes they admit that police corruption exists. They admit that stalking exists. That grooming exists. That slander exists. Sometimes they can even be forced to admit that paedophilia exists. They acknowledge while dragging their feet that whistleblower reprisals exist. They admit that Scientologists “Fair Game” whose methods are identical with gang stalking exists. But no, according to the government gang stalking absolutely does not exist even though these methods were historically used by the Stasi and the KKK. And then  they have the gall to accuse gang stalking targets of suffering a delusion. But if you repeat a lie long enough …

So victims of gang stalking, Targeted Individuals are left guessing who is doing what to whom and why.

The Targets of gang stalking are the best clue. No, it is not upper class males of the ruling power elite. Yes it is the same  people in society who are constantly dumped on by their “superiors”.

The majority of Targets are working class women and ethnic groups. The second largest groups are gays. And the smallest group, which stands out because at first glance there seems to be no reason why they are targetted are the unique group dubbed “the upright men”.

That working class women, people of colour and gays are targetted seems no surprise. This just looks like classism, sexism/misogyny and homophobia have just gone underground, officially denied and publicly condemned but now continuing in secret with the same old persecution and denial of full citizen status.  That feminists are targetted also makes sense on a simple women-hating basis.

But as people who know about gang stalking have often noted, gang stalking employs a great deal of resources. How it is being financed has been one question not satisfactorily answered. This is one of the features that imply state involvement.

The targetting of lower class women and gays resonates with a sexual message. These particular targets suggest a sexual motive, and as the criminal sexual industry is very lucrative, this suggests a credible motive for gang stalking. The methods of slandering the woman especially the slander that she is a prostitute, then separating her from her family, friends and social support, denying her work or harassing her out of work, setting her up for sexual attack strongly suggest sexual grooming behaviour and the methods  sexual traffickers use to trap their victims. Gang stalking could be, among other things, coercive recruitment into prostitution. When you consider the insatiable market for porn and prostitutes obviously the major problem for the criminal industry is recruiting women where virtually no woman has any wish to be enslaved, and viciously sexually exploited to make somebody else rich. Coerced recruitment characterises the industry.

The Targeted Individual A K Forwood, proposed the theory that surveillance in the Targets homes was likely being sold over the internet to the insatiable porn market. This would tie in with the sex trafficker theory.

This theory – that gang stalkers are sex traffickers – then makes the choice  of targets perfectly clear. Poor women. Gay men. Feminists because many feminists work for charities which provide shelter for abused and homeless women. They are protecting the vulnerable targets.

And the last, mysterious group turns out not to be so mysterious after all.

The upright men – who protect women and of their nature cannot be blackmailed, coerced or bribed.

Change of title, change of theme

Hey ho, another day, another hassle.

Just brought up my “Gang Stalking Mysteries” blog to discover my header had been altered from the poster “I am also a Russian Spy” to the default theme in abstract garish orange and reds.

I belong to that generation who are not computer savvy. It was months before I figured out how to customise the header, and I thought the result was rather cool and reflected the concept of the blog perfectly.

So I call up the customise tool and try to bring my “I am also a Russian Spy” header back. No go. The set up says my header has been changed, but then doesn’t do it.

So in order to get rid of the garish reds I decide to alter the theme, to something more suitable with fewer options for interference? meddling? sabotage?

I settle on a new theme which looks good, but then find the title is bizarrely presented – Gang stalking myster-    and on the next line  -ies.

Well, that will wow the audience.

After bumbling around trying to find how to prevent illogical word splitting I gave up and decided to shorten the title to “G??G Stalking”. So far WordPress or whatever, have not hyphenated it.

I can console myself  with the thought that “gang stalking” does not exist but so far government writers of our dictionaries  who tell you that words mean something completely different from what they actually do and other concepts that there are words for, don’t exist, have so far not attempted to tell the public that stalking does not exist. Although they are still trying to tell the public despite the evidence accepted by everyone else in the country that “blacklisting” does not exist.

The government still allows the public to acknowledge the existence of bullying in schools (although authorities have the habit of denying it is happening in any particular instance); bullying at work (ditto for bullying in schools with the added oftentimes that the victim is imagining it); harassment by neighbours (keep telling us about it and we’ll keep ignoring it until we get fed up and accuse YOU of being the problem); slander (only for rich people who can afford to sue); sex perverts next door (well they have to live somewhere, why not beside you); corrupt police (we’re working on it); framing (what corrupt police do); gagging (when you are victimised by the authorities you’re not allowed to talk about it, and neither are the press); censorship (same as gagging);  Identity Theft (major growing crime largely ignored by the media. It’s your problem to sort out); psychiatric hospital (not for the mentally ill. Reserved for people who disagree with the government’s version of reality); whistleblowers (don’t need them really); vigilantes (one rule for us, different rule for them); KKK (all gone now, never happened); Nazis (ancient history); Mafia (they live in Sicily, don’t they?); organised and white collar crime ( yeah, yeah but what the public really want to hear about is the spotty adolescent who threw a stone at somebody’s cat); political corruption (we have an excuse); brain washing (no, we absolutely don’t do it, No! No! No! – we’re just sending psych people into Job Centres to help the poor deluded fools who can’t find jobs – they are looking in the wrong place. Try India).

Hell’s bells, I could fill several pages of government twaddle as they assert this and deny that, and tell us they are working on the problem. It will be fixed some time next century, probably towards the end.

A friend once remarked that I was “abnormally” sane. It comes from following the advice a wise old man who really understood Ireland and Irish politics gave me. “If you start trying to understand how mad people think, by the time you understand you will be as mad as they are”.

Mad people can do your head in all at once in a crash course or by slow, gently sliding degrees – the slowly boiling frog. Either way, if you follow them, you end up nuts.

It bothers me when the government is sending psychiatrists to deal with the public in Job Centres at public expense having decided to only remember AUSTERITY when it suits them, when it looks like it is the government who need psychiatric help.

Transactional analysis from the insane – I’m OK, you’re all mad.

Or as an Irishwoman remarked proudly when watching her son marching out-of-step at a parade “They’re all out of step but my Johnnie”.

So, Gang Stalking Mysteries becomes G??G Stalking.

Who knows. Perhaps there are victims of stalking out there who didn’t realise they were being gang stalked.

Perhaps there are victims of blacklisting, slander, neighbour harassment, bureaucratic disservice, dishonest businesses, mobbing, vandals, anti-social pests, bullying, discrimination, prejudice, and general abuse everywhere they go, who do not realise they are being gang stalked. In fact being treated to all the worst features of racism, sexism and homophobia which are not supposed to exist anymore and against which the authorities pretend to take a strong stand. (But don’t mention classism – that doesn’t count).

Perhaps the gang stalkers who outnumber the gang stalking targets by ratios of hundreds to one will wake up from their cult-induced insanity and realise that they have been conned by people in authority/posing as people in authority, and they are all stalkers.

That our Pied Piper governments are all leading us a merry dance over a cliff.






Gang stalking controllers = hate filled xenophobes. The Fourth Reich?

Like the great man said, “By their deeds ye shall know them”.

And who do gang stalkers hate? You have only to look at their targets. The first apparent targets – women, predominantly working class and ethnic women. Homosexuals. Ethnic groups. These people are the target bait for trapping the main targets, small business people, landlords, businesses of all sizes and professionals such as lawyers and medical staff.

So when you consider ALL the targets, it appears to be everybody who is not a member of the ruling elite – which leaves only one group who can be responsible for gang stalking.

Their agenda then is patently obvious. The process of gang stalking results in obtaining power over people and resources, which coincidentally, are the same over-riding objectives of the ruling class. Taking all power and wealth in society to themselves.

Along with their power and wealth grab their attitude to the people they exploit is reflected in their methods. These are the prime xenophobes in society. the greatest repository of irrational hatred directed at women, homosexuals, working class, ethnic groups, middle class, business class. So gang stalkers are not only misogynist, homophobes, racist and classist, they possess a bigotry unique to themselves – elitist.

Gang stalkers possess a feudal overlord mind-set. In more recent history the Nazi superman mind set. Anyone who is not part of their elite super-class are viewed as legitimate prey. Sub-humans.

Think of the Nazis. Only 3 classes in the world. Themselves, the over-lords. The people they tolerate as slaves. And the remainder – dead – after being robbed, experimented on and worked to death.

The absence of any ethics in gang stalking is a clear indicator. Gang stalkers not only mock people, they mock every value that sustains human life. Trust, honour, decency, honesty, innocence, affiliation, professional integrity, protection, support, parental values.

Many gang stalking target-baits have commented on the gang stalkers exploitation of children. How parents using their own children in a gang stalking spoof will be putting those children at risk of harm. Don’t they realise what this means? A parent who puts their child in harms way in an outrageous sketch can only be doing so because they fear worse harm is guaranteed to the child if they don’t.

Looks to me that the Fourth Reich is on the way.

All those history books are suddenly very relevant.

What happened to Tanya?

I am retired now. I only discovered about “gang stalking” two years ago after a combination of what I believe to be mis-treatment of my late husband by medical staff as he died of terminal cancer and the bizarre behaviour of a relative. I enquired on Wikipedia reference desk and was told the bizarre behaviour was “gaslighting” another concept new to me. They also recommended that I check out “mobbing”. In the process I discovered “gang stalking” which explained the stalking by strangers I had been subjected to while at student at Ulster University in the seventies and a cluster of strange events which happened at the same time.

As I reviewed my life in the light of the new gang stalking explanation I found my experiences fell solidly into the gang stalking pattern. Slander, poisoning all my social interactions, causing me to be shunned and subjected to arbitrary mis-treatment such as gratuitous rudeness, bad service and being ripped off at every opportunity. Blacklisting – finding it very difficult to find work and being harassed out of work. At one temp agency a member of staff passed a throwaway comment about my qualifications being fraudulent (A levels, University degree and secretarial qualifications). An interviewer queried an area of unemployment on my CV, suggesting I might have been in prison. At several accommodations the good/normal neighbours moving out to be replaced by extreme noise pests and very odd people exhibiting bizarre behaviour and lifestyles. Tenants being flooded out of their flats by over flowing baths until they left. Frequent arson events including being forced to move from one place (away from an over-flowing bath expert who regularly flooded our kitchen) when a fire in that tenants flat forced us to move. The firemen were brilliant. I came home from work to find all our possessions, including electrical, under taurpaulins to protect from the flood of water directed upstairs. All we lost was a smoked ironing board cover. This was followed by an invitation from the landlord to make an insurance claim under his insurance for items we had lost. My husband and I declined, pointing out we hadn’t lost anything.

The new neighbours were people that no woman would want as neighbours. At times prostitutes who had a habit of leaving the communal doors open and continuously breaking the security gates. (This was London. People get burgled even taking every precaution. Never mind prostitutes or people posing as prostitutes plying their trade from your same address). Or they were wife-batterers or rapists. At one address the Turkish migrants who moved in below – and this was in Yorkshire and five years before the migration flood gates were opened, raped a young woman of limited intelligence that they had lured to their flat. Her brother came to the flat but they wouldn’t answer the door. He stood outside screaming and crying “Why did you do it?”

As I reviewed my life with the new gang stalking model I could see these events, and this is only a small sample, were not accidental but orchestrated. And I was not the only one affected. Neighbours were scared or harassed into leaving or selling their homes. Landlords lost their houses. From going from easy-going landlords, not charging the highest rents, to going after every penny, maxing the rents and utility bills then finally losing their houses which were then converted from reasonable, affordable accommodation into luxury flats.  My first serious boyfriend was swindled out of his life’s savings. It was during the Handsworth’s riots (Birmingham) in the eighties. We lived in the opposite side of the city, but my boyfriend had his own personal riot outside his restaurant for an entire afternoon while he called the police in vain. Hours later when the rioters had got bored and gone home the police arrived and demanded to see all his staff’s passports that they were legal migrants. He was a very calm man, difficult to rile, but I swear as he told me the story steam was coming out of his ears.

And so I come to Tanya (not her real name). Over the years along with work I would volunteer time at charity shops. When I lived in London I volunteered at a local shop with two young manageresses. The shop was tiny but very successful helped by the fact that there was virtually nowhere to buy clothes in the immediate area. But soon they were having problems. I do not know the nature of all the problems as I was only an employee but it seemed to me that they were having more problems than you would expect from a charity shop. I put it down to “Wild West” London, which is nowhere near as civilised as the rest of the country. More criminals and nutters per square yard. Another volunteer joined after me. She was an odd one but it was difficult to pin point. I would have to say “shifty”. I prefer not to work with people nor money so my work was mainly unpacking and sorting and cleaning if there was any spare time. This girl hated me being in the storeroom when she was there. Turned out she was stealing from them and was sacked. One manageress left but “Tanya” remained. Then I started to get glimpses of the problems she was having. Her wages as assistant manageress were low, not sufficient for living in London, so she was under financial pressure. Many charity shops are leisurely environments, but not this one. It was busy, busy, busy. She told me, clearly upset, that her family were becoming estranged from her. She couldn’t see any reason. She was dismayed when she finally found out that they believed she was earning loads of money as a manageress but was frittering it (so they wouldn’t help her financially) but they also believed she was leading an immoral lifestyle. As an Asian who had previously enjoyed warm and close relations with her family, she was very distressed by their distance, lack of support and belief that she was engaged in immorality. I now know that these are gang stalkers tactics -overloading people at work, especially by sending trouble makers and thieves their way; insinuating into family relationships spreading lies – that someone is wealthy when they are poor, and that women in particular are immoral, so as to isolate the woman from her family and family support. I know this now, but twenty years ago I did not know about gang stalking or that I was being stalked.

Then one day after I had stopped working for the shop, Tanya turned up on my doorstep. She wanted to talk, so we went to a cafe. There she told me she had been raped. She had been having fish and chips with a male acquaintance at her flat, then he had raped her. While at University I had had friends who worked for Women’s Aid, so this was something that did not faze me, and ordinarily I would have moved onto a friendship footing due to this. Unfortunately she followed this with the remark “I am not going to let this affect how I see men”.  The helpers at Women’s Aid often discussed how long it took some women to adopt self-protective behaviour. It seems to be a uniquely female characteristic for women to have a weak sense of survival on their own behalf. A woman’s body and a weak sense of survival is not a good combination. Such women are not only at risk but endanger any other woman close to them. They are predator magnets. So I made no effort to continue the friendship. If I had known about gang stalking I would have acted differently.

I do not know what happened to “Tanya”. I now know she was being gang stalked, quite likely because I was being gang stalked and started working at the shop. I know she was a young, innocent, beautiful young woman from a respectable middle class Asian background, who came from a close and warm loving family. She was a completely normal young woman whose greatest ambition was to have a career. From my experience of the shop the manageresses were getting problems which were way over the top for a small charity shop. Evidently there was deliberate meddling in her personal life in that her family were having lies spread to them about her financial situation and life style. Her background was sheltered and she had no suspicions about men. Gang stalkers set women up for rape. And rape is often a precursor for inducting women into prostitution – along with managed estrangement from their families, friends or anyone else who would support them.