Middle class people are vulnerable to recruitment by gang stalkers because of their mind-set of using information as a social commodity

– as in the cliche “the in-set and the out-set”.

The “in-set” are “people like us”, that is middle-class. If you are working class you can never be “in”.  Not being “in” means being socially excluded. Not as blatant as “No blacks, no Irish”, where at least there is evidence that discrimination is taking place. The working class are just subtly kept out of the social dialogue where it matters. The working class person will the the one talked about, but not talked to. Monitored, but not listened to.  A similar situation is how men treat women. In a work situation where the parties are supposedly equal, working class and women will be kept in the dark. Those on the inside track gain power over those excluded. The insiders have the knowkedge which helps them perform efficiently, but the outsider will be left in ignorance, or even jokingly misinformed – confirming their lower status and maintaining it through control of information.  What you know, what you don’t know, and what people believe rather than what is true. The middle classes are the people always whispering behind their hands.

Of course the people on the inside enjoy their feeling of power over their “inferiors” and the advantages they gain with their special knowledge. If the working class person or woman try to break through these invisible and denied social barriers, many tricks will be used to make them look like fools, or trouble-makers or un-hinged. These methods of maintaining middle class social power is part of the definition and identity of being middle-class. Working class people, especially women, are bewildered by it. They know something is going on, but they don’t understand why. People understand and can identify racism and sexism because it is blatant. But classism is subtle. The middle class are psychologically and socially, conspirators. It is their secret which they never admit. It is how they arrange to keep middle class jobs and promotions among themselves.

This mind-set is a gift to the gang stalking recruiters. They use the individual’s psychology, social norms and prejudices against their target – not the original target bait – but the people recruited using the bait.

When a middle class person is approached by another middle class person but of seeming higher rank, someone who is going to put them on the inside track by imparting secretive information which they must not reveal, they fall over themselves to co-operate. Especially when the person slandered is working class this happily confirms that a working class person couldn’t be intelligent, well-qualified, and a decent person. The stereotype that the human race stops at the boundaries of the middle class and everyone beyond is stupid, immoral and probably criminal is comfortingly confirmed. Someone in authority said so, so it must be true.

When lies were told about me to employers/prospective employers, the middle class people fell for it every time. When I worked at a university and for different solicitors  my employers and work colleagues accepted without question what they were told. Only at the Royal Mail where I worked for twenty years were the slanders met with scepticism.  Managers carried out their own checks and concluded the rumours were groundless, and work colleagues viewed the lies with derision.


Baiting – gang stalkers use children, a cult practice

Gangstalkers use staged provocation to make you look bad. In most cases it is best to ignore the bizarre behaviour – don’t respond and move away, otherwise it will look as if you are the “trouble-maker”.

The following are examples from my own experience.


An infant, aged about 4, but a precocious type, advances on me in a supermarket aisle, as I stand in front of the meat section.  His father/guardian is with him and looks and has the mannerisms of a social worker or teacher. The aisle is the wrapped meat counter and the child is sitting on the display. Gets up moves a couple of steps and sits again. This is repeated continuously as he advances towards me. His father says nothing, but is watching me. It seems he is being trained to provoke adults. I don’t respond. When he reaches me he plainly expects me to move out of his way. I remain standing in place. He looks at his father for guidance who just nods at him to walk around me.

You can see any response I might have made could have been manipulated in a number of ways. It could have been used to escalate a situation. Once the situation started the other party could lie to his heart’s content about what happened  and he would have been believed as he was obviously middle class and I am working class. Or what if I complained to a member of staff who did not witness the incident and the father denied that any such thing had happened? This could have been turned into a gaslighting situation where I would look like a weirdo suggesting that such bizarre behaviour had happened while the perfectly respectable seeming father denied it.

It was also a beautifully framed double bind. What kind of person does not find it offensive for a child to keep putting his bottom on products that other customers are going to buy afterwards, in ignorance of the child’s behaviour? But the bottom line is (sorry, couldn’t resist it) a child with a parent is the parent’s responsibility, and after that the shop staff. The days are long gone when any adult could correct any child’s aberrant behaviour. And it has never been acceptable to correct a child whose parent is present. That is their responsibility.

A different occasion a different shop. As before an adult with a child, this time an older child. This time I am in the patisserie section where the cakes displayed are uncovered. The child pushes in front of me and with his father immediately beside him proceeds to push his finger into each cake, one after another. Again the father is silent. I say nothing and walk away.

Even though on both occasions I adopted a course of action likely to lead to least harm, even that response could be used against me. Gang stalkers spread rumours and lies. They could still lie to bystanders/members of staff that I was the wife of those men, and how disgusting that I did not stop the children’s bad behaviour making me seem to be responsible for behaviour that had nothing to do with me and was staged. A clever gaslighting situation where any response of mine could be used to make me look bad.

I am in the library and a mother pushing a pram and with two young children comes and stands immediately behind me. The children start shrieking and stampeding up and down immediately behind me. This happened on two occasions in different parts of the library, different woman, different children.   In both cases my situation in the library – I was working on a computer – there was no reason for the children to position there. The mother was not talking to anyone. She wasn’t using a computer and they weren ‘t near any books. Also the librarians desk was a few feet away and the librarian ignored them. This library has a superlative children’s section in a separate room.  It was the mother’s job to see her children behaved properly in a library setting, or failing that, the librarian. Any reaction on my part could either have been used to escalate a situation or make it seem there was some connection between myself and those people.

Again in the library working on a computer, a young woman with a girl about 7, sits at the computer beside me. The girl sits on the desk virtually in my lap. Not a lot I could do about it. Perhaps I should carry thumb tacks to spread on my desk or sticky fly tape.

Children, usually boys aged about 10, in school hours and in term time sit beside me at the computers in the library, even though there are many empty seats elsewhere. As I mentioned, this library has an excellent childrens room, also equipped with computers. What can you do to keep children away? As a result of this nonsense with children in the library I bought an ipad with a cheap contract and now work from home.

Gang stalker controllers make their recruits engage in bizarre and anti-social behaviour.  Truancy is harshly dealt with these days but not when gang stalkers take children out of school as actors in their charades. Not only are gang stalkers   happy to exploit children, and train children to be pests and anti-social but you can see in the situations I have described, that other innocent members of the public are subjected to filthy and annoying behaviour too. Brought to you by people in “authority”. It demonstrates clearly the total contempt our elite have for anyone in society, including middle class, who do not belong to their elite group. That they readily treat people and our children as pawns in their sick and perverted games.




Warning to landlords, owners who let residential properties, letting agents and estate agents

Up to this point you have good tenants, working people, retired and unemployed, and nobody is any trouble.  One day a new tenant moves in and you are approached by someone who represents themself as police or some branch of the security services. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but the next thing they tell you IS a lie. That the new tenant, usually a woman or a member of an ethnic group is a serious criminal, and they ask for your cooperation.

The following is what happens when you cooperate.

You allow them to send you a tenant. This tenant will usually be an extreme noise pest, very anti-social and may steal from the other tenants. Some tenants will be harassed into leaving. There might be so much noise that the neighbouring houses sell up. Then more tenants will be sent to replace your good tenants who moved out.

You will get people who engage in weird behaviour and who appear threatening. Some female tenants will appear to be prostitutes. Some of these tenants will be engaged in Welfare scams. There may  be a portable baby who comes and goes. These tenants will continually change every few months so you won’t know who is in the house. Drugs may be posted to the premises. There will be vandalism of the property, fires in or around the premises; flats destroyed by flooding by over-run baths or showers; doors broken down, communal doors and security gates and their locks continually broken.

The end result of a house being taken over by gang stalkers is that the house will be renovated, up-graded, and command luxury rents – but by that time you will no longer be the owner.

I really don’t know how to advise  how you can protect yourself from this. Perhaps if there was some way you could independently verify that the original tenant – the one slandered as a criminal – is not, then that could prove before you get hooked  that you are dealing with con artists. But what you can do then to protect yourself, I have no idea.

LIES – How the gang stalker controllers get the gang stalkers to carry out despicable acts


A normal, decent person carries out their work with integrity. Gang stalkers, who corrupt everything they touch need to change people’s normal behaviour into not normal in order to persecute their targets – but the real objective is to corrupt the gang stalking recruit, and bend their will to their controller’s.

How do you get a decent person to act in a despicable manner?  It is remarkably easy to do – just tell them lies. Tell the gang stalker that the Target is a despicable person who deserves such treatment and the normal person, believing the lie, will be prepared to act – especially if they have “official” backing.

A small example. I have just about given up eating out, even having a simple breakfast. I recently ordered a breakfast in a prominent department store. The fried egg arrived too quickly to have been freshly cooked and looked second hand. The bacon was almost raw. And the tea was so weak the tea bag must have been previously used more than once.

Petty, trivial, and a lot of bother to go to to insult one ordinary member of the public. But the harm to me was less than the harm to the puppets who followed orders to carry out this farce. Presumably they believed they were doing something right, or useful. Presumably they had been told some despicable lie about me to justify this bizarre response.

Cult conditioning – group think – and false flag persuasion.

What to say? I am only the bait, the distraction in the situation. The gang stalking recruits are under the direct control of insane, immoral psychopaths. Common sense suggests the outcome for them will not be good.

As I have referred to in other blogs, I suffer the bait’s dilemma. Telling other people what is happening gets me nowhere, as I am not believed, not against the word of someone who appears to represent authority.

In the long run, the gang stalking activity will do more damage to those who use it and those on whose behalf it is employed. It is only working now because we have a populace who trust “authority” and respect their “superiors”.  When the truth about gang stalking emerges – and it is only a matter of time – the ruling class will be seen for the despicable criminals that they are, and respect for authority will be lost permanently.

Come to think of it – that could be a good thing.




The fun of being a gang stalking fashion leader


In other articles I have discussed the gang stalking tactic of mimicking the Target’s  appearance.  You wear red, they wear red. You go out in a brown coat, they go out in a brown coat. It seems the tactic is used to manipulate, to frame other people’s perceptions of you. You do not know or have any dealings with criminals (apart from the unwanted ones with gang stalkers). So the stalkers have to work to create criminal-type associations with you. People accept that people who dress alike may well be connected. The stalkers create a group of look-alikes, who also imply criminality. Those people are perceived criminals. They dress like you. Therefore you are part of their group, therefore a criminal.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

If you are a female Target, like myself, the stalkers will have spread the lie that you are a prostitute. This is hard to credit in my case, given my normal appearance is elderly, rural, dressing-down. They tried featuring some prostitute-looking women in adjacent streets, but they just looked very odd for this area. So they had to go back to the drawing board, how could they make my perfectly normal respectable look, look suspicious and they came up with gypsy. No doubt helped by my Irish accent. (No racism there, then, on two counts!). Wrong kind of Irish accent too, but most English would not know that.

I had to think about that. I went for a crew cut, and wore t-shirts with a Union Jack on, with “targeted-individual”, written on. Suddenly I was no longer surrounded by stalkers. I could even go into a cáfe and have a cup of tea in peace. But everywhere I went, the men were either bald, or shorn to an inch of their life. I remember sitting in a pub and having a drink, when something prompted me to look around.  I was surrounded by baldies, as if I had walked into a secret bald-head convention.

I had done my crew cut myself with trimmers, but I haven’t quite mastered the knack of cutting my own hair. Remembering that some of the postmen  at work had shaved their heads completely, I figured if I shaved it all off, presumably it would grow back at the same length. Well, it was fun, but I had to admit the look wasn’t “really me” and nobody told me how cold your head would feel.

Now it is growing back, I am quite happy with the result, it’s looking better every day. Now the issue is, will I let it stay at crew cut length, or let it grow and be plaited into dreadlocks, and set a new fashion trend in Harrogate next year?


Gang stalkers stonewalling, gaslighting and lies

Gang stalkers employ a combination of lies, gaslighting and stonewalling to frame their victim’s behaviour  as not normal.

All social interactions rely on a degree of trust and cooperation. Gang stalking interference destroys this trust and cooperation rendering everything the Target does ineffective. Which leaves the gang stalkers free to define the Target’s situation anyway they please.

Take a simple example. It is impossible to live in our society without communicating with various bureaucracies.  These communications usually occur at a distance making all of us reliant on the postal service. Interfering with the post, preventing mail arriving  or interfering with it in transit creates huge possibilities for sabotaging a Target’s life.

In my own case, my communications with the HMRC appears to have broken down. While I lived with my late husband who died last year, I received very frequent correspondence from the HMRC constantly adjusting my tax code, as I am in receipt of income from several small pensions. Since moving to this address a year ago I have hardly heard from them, despite my writing to them frequently informing them of every change in my financial circumstances. In May I received a letter from them expressing condolences on the death of my husband and advising that I needed to inform them about just being awarded Bereavement Allowance for THIS year as it might affect the tax I have to pay. This information was completely wrong, as my husband died last year and I was in receipt of Bereavement Benefit last year, a fact I told them of, and which they knew, as shortly after my husband’s death they had written to me informing me of one of his pensions which I knew nothing about. I immediately wrote back to them correcting their error and giving them all the relevant facts, and I have heard nothing since.

I also sent a cheque to make up an incomplete year of National Insurance payments, as this will affect my state pension which I am due to receive next year. Again, no reply.

Further when I moved to this address, I immediately sent back an electoral registration form and only found out a year later that I was not on the electoral register, the form presumably lost in the post.

So what is going on? How can I find out if when I write a letter it disappears into the void and is not received by the addressee. Or if letters sent to me do not arrive?

Where possible I have tried to follow up letters with e-mails, however this facility is not always available, very often there is a failure to send, the e-mail is just scrambled, or there is no reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

Fracturing standard communications presumably to replace them with some other manipulation is just one technique.

When you do communicate with people face to face, these communications are rendered useless by stonewalling.  The method here is when you tell someone something, they smile and nod and agree, then they don’t do anything, treating the communication as if it had not occurred.  And so you get nowhere. Reasonable social interactions become impossible as all social exchange depends on cooperation.  The other party withholds cooperation. A simple example. This house has a communal washing machine. You buy tokens from the housekeeper. On several occasions when I tried to buy tokens, the housekeeper smiled, said yes and then didn’t do anything. So what am I supposed to do? Chase him? But if I do that he could claim I was harassing HIM. Very clever. An attempt to manipulate my behaviour to look as if I am the anti-social individual. The housekeeper is himself being stonewalled by the estate agents and the landlords who refuse to communicate with him, making the job of looking after the house, which should be a simple task enormously difficult.

Another situation is in process and I predict there will be a stonewalling response. The heating in the house has been off since the beginning of August. Payment for the heating is inclusive in my rent, so I am paying for a service I am not getting. The housekeeper has been doing his best to get the estate agents and/or the landlord to respond, but with no result. They are stonewalling him. It is now half way through September and the weather has turned cold and a bad winter has been predicted. No heating.

I predict when I call in to pay my rent and ask the estate agents about the heating there will be a fob off response and nothing will be done. And of course if I follow this up because they have done nothing, this will be recast as I am a complaining, trouble-making tenant.

The situation is framed so you can’t win, a manufactured double-bind, where whatever you do you are made to look as if you are in the wrong even when the entire situation had been manipulated and controlled by other people.



Double-Binds – all innocent acts can be made to look guilty

Is there a school somewhere which teaches how to make innocent acts “evidence” of guilt?

Criminalising the law-abiding takes some work, as the law-abiding don’t commit crimes, avoid crime venues, avoid criminals,  and engage in innocent, law-abiding activities.  However, with a bit of imagination, and tweaking the context, all innocent acts can be used to make a person look guilty.

The first part is the innocent act. The second part is how it can be twisted to imply guilt.

1. A man walking with his son = paedophile

2. Woman dressed as a normal woman = prostitute

3. Dowdy woman = lesbian

4. Friendly, social person = drug dealer

5. Unfriendly, asocial person  = mentally unbalanced loner

6. Working class person = criminal

7. Black, coloured, ethnic = criminal

8. Muslim, especially young male Muslim = terrorist

9. Irish = terrorist

10. Working class person = gypsy

11. Woman who likes children = paedophile

12. Woman who doesn’t like children = insane

13. Poor people = thieves, insane

14. Elderly = senile

15. Handicapped = mentally challenged even when handicap is physical

16. Ill and dying = welfare scroungers

17. Unemployed = work shy, welfare scroungers, criminal

18. Young people  = drug users or dealers

19. Gardener = pot grower

20. Lover of house plants – pot grower and smoker

21. Homeless = alcoholics, drug users, insane

22. Single mothers which include widows and women who have been deserted = promiscuous welfare scroungers

23. Retired person on a pension = the majority of “welfare” recipients, therefore undeserving

24.Dog owner = criminal, drug user

25. Person with gap on their CV due to unemployment  = criminal, jail bird

26. Person with qualifications = liar, fraud

27. Person without qualifications = lower class scum

28. Person who dresses smartly  = only doing that to fool people, con artist

29. Person who doesn’t dress smartly  = lower class scum, gypsy, drug user, criminal, insane

30. Person who drinks  = alcoholic

31. Christian = bigot, deluded

32. Jew = every problem in the world is caused by Jews

33. Black = lazy, drug dealer

34. English patriot  = Nazi racist

35. White person  = racist

36. Feminist  = lesbian, communist, man-hater, insane

37. Middle class person = racist

38. Woman virgin = lesbian, man-hater, frigid, mentally abnormal


This is going to be an on-going list as I think of more. Someone is playing the stereotype game, exploiting and reinforcing stereotypes to maximise political and social rifts, the old divide and rule classic. Stereotyping  stigmatises an entire group with the actions of a few and can be used as a weapon to justify attacking any member of a group with the implication  of criminality and or insanity, where the person is entirely innocent.

Up until recently Western societies had largely shrugged off old-fashioned bigotry, but it seems there are strong forces at work reviving old hatreds and inventing new ones.

We are all being conned and played against each other. We need to resist this toxic trend. It is my dream that the people at the heart of it will be exposed to public view along with their game plan. That is my prayer.